Mr. Mo slowly flew down and stood on the board, saying, "Try to send an order back to let people pick us up and search the nearby waters to find the whereabouts of Mu Yu and the ghost servant. If anyone finds it, he will be rewarded!" In addition-if you see a sea monster, kill it. "

Chapter 24 Drifting on a desert island
Don’t say that Mr. Mo was worried and anxious to contact his men here, but he almost didn’t turn all the nearby waters upside down. Instead, he said that Yang Muyu instinctively put the magic sword in the starfish soul and floated with the tide in the sea water, and finally he was dizzy.
I don’t know. After a long time, he felt in a daze that the sun was hurting his face. It seemed that something kept rubbing on his face, which made him itchy and uncomfortable.
"Well …" Yang Muyu groaned and instinctively wanted to turn over, but just moved, he felt a thread in his stomach and suddenly spat out big water.
"Ouch …" Instinctively, he began to vomit loudly, but all he spit out was seawater. Obviously, he was floating all the way. He really drank a lot of water in the sea.
"I’m still alive?" This is Yang Muyu’s first consciousness. He struggled hard and rubbed his eyes. He looked up at the past round of bright sun hanging high in the sky, which hurt people’s eyes, but his body was soft sand. Spit out the water in his stomach, and he regained a little strength, struggling to climb up and look around.
Yang Muyu immediately blindsided here … What is it? Should be a desert island? From a distance, not far behind, there are dense Woods and some waterfowl flying by the beach. In the distance, the blue sky and the sea are pure and bright blue, and they are lying on the beach by the sea.
Just as he was in a trance, a fat little animal jumped up at his feet-
"Hissing ….." Rabbit medicine slave kept spreading joy on his feet.
"Rabbit, you didn’t die? Ha … Your life is as strong as mine. " When Yang Muyu saw the drug slave rabbit, he was so busy that he picked it up and held it in his hand and kissed it hard.
The rabbit wiped his face with its claws and gestured, "Uncle, where is my life so long that it is so easy to hang up?"
Yang Muyu squinted and looked up and looked around. Although it is a desert island, it seems to be extinct, but this year it’s nothing but death. Everything is easy as long as you are alive.
Looking at the rabbit’s smug look, he couldn’t help but want to hurt it: "I didn’t see who was hiding around me when I saw the sea monster." Hum, if you hadn’t hidden in my pocket, you would have been cut into seventeen or eighteen sections by the sea monster. " It turns out that rabbits are habitually lying in Yang Muyu’s pocket to sleep and eat snacks these days. Where did the sea monster dare to come out when it attacked the ship? Hiding in Yang Muyu’s pocket.
Later, Yang Muyu fell into the sea, and it naturally fell into the sea with him, and almost drowned like Yang Muyu.
But it should be said that their luck is really good. The rabbit flattened its three-petal mouth and gestured at Yang Muyu.
"Ah?" Yang Muyu was taken aback and asked, "You mean the ghost servant is here?"
The rabbit medicine slave nodded again and again, pointing to the Woods not far away with a small paw. Yang Muyu nodded knowingly and said, "You mean he went to the Woods to find food?"
The rabbit medicine slave nodded. Yang Muyu couldn’t help but feel relieved that the ghost servant was even here, so things were much better than he thought. One person always had more strength.
Now that the ghost servant has gone to the Woods to look for food, Yang Muyu naturally doesn’t worry, just lying on the beach again and starting to bask in the sun quietly waiting for the ghost servant.
But wait-wait for half an hour, and the ghost servant hasn’t appeared yet. Yang Muyu can’t help but start to worry. Who knows what ghost servant will be in danger on this desert island?
After thinking about it, Yang Muyu picked up the rabbit medicine slave and said, "Let’s go find him. Do you know which direction he went?"
The rabbit nodded again and again. How could it not know that the ghost servant had entered the forest? A man and a rabbit walked towards the Woods. Yang Muyu just walked into the Woods with a rabbit in his arms, and soon he felt something was wrong. On the surface, the trees in the Woods were not lush, but the trees inside were obviously very large and covered the sun for a certain period of time. Now the sun is just outside, but it is much darker inside.
Yang Muyu was afraid of encountering a beast and poisonous insect. He still put the rabbit in a small bag around him. His Bi had dropped. He looked inside the starfish soul and found a green scabbard dagger. He didn’t know where this sword came from. Anyway, he didn’t care about anything else except destroying the magic sword accident.
It is obviously a good sword to pull out the dagger and see the cold light shining on the body. Of course, the weirdo’s collection seems to be top-notch.
Yang Muyu smiled self-deprecatingly. The weirdo died too fast, and all the explanations were given, but he forgot to tell him who he was.
Walking along the forest for a while, Yang Muyu clearly saw that several big trees were marked with knives, and the direction was obviously made by ghost servants. The rabbit also poked its head out of the bag and kept gesticulating at Yang Muyu.
Yang Muyu looked at it and smiled: "You don’t have to tell me, but I also know that this was deliberately left by the ghost servant for fear of getting lost."
The rabbit smiled with a flat mouth and Yang Muyu stretched out his hand to play a nail on its head and suddenly thought of a problem-something was wrong in this forest. Just now, on the beach outside, he clearly saw many waterfowl flying nearby, and there should be small animals in this forest, but … It seems a little too quiet in this forest.
Even the footsteps he stepped on the fallen leaves came from far away, listening to the unspeakable strangeness.
"What’s wrong with the rabbit?" Yang Muyu instinctively consulted with the rabbit.
The rabbit was busy tidying up the hair smell on its ears with two claws. He looked up at his eyes and asked, "What’s wrong?"
"Why are there no other animals here? You see, we’ve walked a long way, but we haven’t even seen a worm … "Yang Muyu frowned.
Rabbits bow their heads. Why are there no other animals? If it’s not sealed, it’s easy to explain. Now that it’s sealed, it can’t even speak. What kind of coercion can make all animals dodge automatically? Even if you meet an ordinary tiger and rabbit, I believe it can definitely eat it in one bite.
Thought of here, it began to wilt. Why is it so unlucky?

Chapter 25 Python
The rabbit is silent and Yang Muyu doesn’t expect him to provide any useful information. Just be more careful, holding the dagger tightly in your hand and walking towards the depths of the jungle step by step-
But at this time, Yang Muyu suddenly heard a loud roar from the depths of the jungle. It should be a ghost servant.
"Ghost servant … did something happen?" Yang Muyu ran to the source of the sound without taking care of so many things. He followed his father from childhood. When he was in Muxin town, he collected herbs many times near Qiangmao Mountain, and he was a little more familiar with places like the jungle than ordinary people.
Caught a few ivy leaves hanging from a big tree and swung quickly towards the source of the sound. Among them, I heard the roar of the ghost servant several times, and I was very scared. Yang Muyu was in a hurry. He knew that the ghost servant’s temper was always cold, and he would never have been so hasty if he hadn’t met the extreme danger.
Soon he followed the source of the sound and found the ghost servant. By the way, with the help of the green vine, he climbed a big tree commanding, but at this sight, he couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat … What monster was that?
It should be a snake? Or should we use python to describe its huge body, which is four or five feet thick and covered with dark scales. Only under the abdomen is snow white, black and white, which is absolutely strange compared with the visual conflict of adults. Now, with its mouth wide open, the python’s two tusks are painted black, presumably with a poisonous forked tongue sticking out as bright red as blood.
How long the python is, Yang Muyu is not clear, because half of his body is outside and the other half is in a pool not far away.
The ghost servant, who is tough among human beings, has been entangled in the python. However, although the ghost servant is entangled, it doesn’t mean that he has no resistance. He still wields the long knife and cuts it on the python.
It’s just that the python is covered with thick scales, and the long knife in the hands of the ghost servant can’t hurt him even though it’s filled with spiritual power, but it’s also cut that python roars several times and opens its mouth to bite the ghost servant, but he cleverly dodges it.
Ghost servant naturally knows that Yang Muyu has come, but he has long been injured and is also at a disadvantage in the fight with Python. How dare he be distracted?
But what shocked Yang Muyu was not that there were python ghost servants and python fighting in these jungles. These were not accidents. After all, it was common for a python to appear on such a desert island.
But the surprise is that there is a big pool behind the python, and there is a huge tree by the side of the pool that he can’t name. This tree is so big that no other small trees can grow near him, so there are only some short shrubs and grass near the pool, but the tree itself is entangled with countless parasitic vines, not only vines but also some other parasitic plants, which have settled in this big tree.
It’s not surprising that there are countless parasitic plants on the big tree. This is the survival law of the jungle. Yang Muyu naturally understands, but these vines parasitic on the big tree hang down from the branched branches of the tree and form a natural rattan net hanging in mid-air, which actually binds a person in the middle of the net.
Yes, it was a man, but I don’t know why he was entangled in vines and fell on the top of the pool in the big tree. Because the distance is far away and the forest is dark, Yang Muyu can’t see clearly the man’s appearance and age at the moment, and naturally he doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead now.
It’s just unexpected that there are others besides him and the ghost servant on this desert island, and they are hung from the tree. Of course, he couldn’t have hung himself from the tree by himself, and it’s unlikely that a python hung him up, so there should be someone else here.
Yang Muyu bowed his head and looked down while thinking. It was only for a moment that the ghost servant and the python rolled over and fought for several rounds. Suddenly, the python could not eat him, but the ghost servant could not kill the python.
The python was covered with scales all over its body, and it was helpless to be invulnerable for a while. Yang Muyu tried to remind him several times that these pythons and snakes are of the same race. Don’t look at its boss. In fact, they also have weaknesses. You have to cut them seven inches. In fact, the ghost servant is an expert, so don’t you know that the serpent hits seven inches?
But such a behemoth, Yang Muyu, doesn’t know his pain by standing and talking.
It is said that the ghost servant tried to rush to help Mr. Mo in the sea that day, but he was surrounded by a group of sea monsters on the way. Although he cut down countless sea monsters with a long knife, these sea monsters were not afraid to advance wave after wave, but they surrounded him and refused to let him go round with Mr. Mo.
Ghost servant has no choice but to fold up and kill the sea monster first. But at this time, some sea monsters actually chiseled the bottom of the ship and the whole ship sank.
Mr. Mo is impatient and desperate, and the ghost servant also wants to go back to save Yang Muyu, but he can’t help being entangled in the sea monster. Originally, I was only worried about it. But at this time, the sea monster was afraid that Mr. Mo had called all the little sea monsters to make a meat wall to stop Mr. Mo’s attack.
Ghost servant freed his hand to save Yang Muyu, but suddenly he saw that Yang Muyu was swept by huge waves without this, but he panicked and didn’t want to follow, so he dived into the water to catch Yang Muyu. He was trying to rush out of the sea with Yang Muyu in one hand and driftwood in the other.
It happened that the red tide came at this time-
Everything on the surface of the sea is as calm as death, but there are huge eddies under the water, which abruptly pull the ghost servant down.
If the ghost servant is the only one, it’s easy to rush out, but he has to protect Yang Muyu who has fallen into a semi-coma state.
In desperation, he was dragged down by the red tide, and under the red tide, it was actually a strip of crimson algae that entangled him now. Ghost servant struggled to cut off countless, but the recovery of this thing was too fast …
It wasn’t long before the ghost servant was almost strangled on the spot because he had to protect Yang Muyu and was caught in a red tide.


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