Look at thin, short, gray clothes, gray trousers and toy sword Essien. This is simply the contrast between the emperor and the mouse. Is it really necessary to fight like this?

The audience laughed at the referee Gao and announced that now I would like to introduce a champion named Essien, the third-order flurry warrior, the third-order treasure hunter, the third-order thief and the third-class thief to participate in the death contest for the first time.
Wow, the audience was amazed at the referee’s introduction. From Essien’s age, he was only 12 or 13, but it was such a little guy who not only reached the third grade, but also became a third-class professional. This was a bit exaggerated.
But anyway, children are children, but they can’t beat adults. The most important thing is that this guy is actually taking part in the fight for the first time, and no one cares about him.
People clamored that the referee introduced the situation of the shining golden knight again, but in the noise of the audience, no one could hear who he really was, probably a third-order flurry warrior.
Looking at the other side with contempt, the warrior Isin Golden Armor sneered, Hey, if you give up now, I can make you die happily, otherwise.
Facing the threat of the shining armor warrior, Essien raised his head coldly and locked his eyes with cold eyes. The shining armor warrior vomited a few landing characters. You are not as fast as me.
What? When you hear Essien, the shining golden warrior doesn’t know the heart. What a joke! You’re just a kid. How dare you come faster than me? I’m here. You attack first.
Facing the challenge of the shining golden warrior, Essien turned his head and looked at the referee. At Essien’s watch, the referee nodded his head and announced the game.
Hearing the referee’s voice, Essien turned his head and took a cold look at the shining golden warrior. His right hand gently rested on his waist and said, You are stupid.
Hearing Essien’s words, the shining golden warrior was stunned at first, and then his face was ferocious. He has made up his mind to let this little boy die a natural death for a while.
Wind walk in shining armor warrior secretly curse Essien whispered a moment Essien figure eerily disappeared in front of the flurry warrior, when shining armor warrior with a big sword ready to fight back, a cold light like Leng Yue flashed from his throat.
With a swish, Essien’s figure is now in the shining armor warrior’s side, waving his arms gently, shaking off the sword and blood, then gently inserting it back into the waist and turning back to the center of the ring. Behind him, the body of the shining armor warrior who lost his mind collapsed.
In the face of this eerie scene, the audience was quiet. No one expected that the direction of the battle would be this difference, but the knot was the opposite.
Staring at the ring in a gray suit and trousers, Essien was stunned by the speed, which made people numb. The speed of ten meters was flashed by, and no one knew that Essien was cutting the sword.
Essien’s style is not the same as Ye Tian’s. Ye Tian’s battle looks ordinary, which means that everything seems to be a coincidence, and everything seems to be a miracle.
And Essien’s different theories of moving or attacking are all so fast. Looking at standing in the ring, Essien people are consciously remembering the scene just now.
When Essien’s body moved from extreme static to extreme dynamic, the strong visual impact made people unable to breathe, and the strong stimulation made people even forget to breathe.
Speed, speed, speed, in addition to speed, speed, Essien’s every move gives people a sense of speeding. Just standing there, he could swing that shadow sword from the extreme silence at any time.
After a long silence, a fire warrior finally jumped out of the ring and faced Essien. No one dared to be careless anymore. Essien just said that I was faster than you.
Looking at the fire warrior Isin coldly, he shook his head and said, you shouldn’t have come in front of me. You don’t even have a chance to attack in this environment.
What? When I heard Essien’s words, the audience got up. This is too exaggerated. How dare you say this big talk? It’s too much to tell the other party that there is no mobile phone before fighting.
This is not the fact that any one person thinks or the audience thinks. This is also the common heart of the third-order warriors in the player area.
The one who doesn’t believe most is the Fire Warrior across the street. Although he is not fully sure of defeating Essien, there is at least a 50% chance that he won’t come, but now the other party tells him shamefully that he doesn’t even have a chance.
Hey, hey, a gloomy smile. Don’t trust the fire warrior’s vagina too much. I’m not sure I’ll come either. Come on, let me see if you want me to make a move.
Gently raise your right hand. Essien calmly put his right hand on the hilt and said, You attack first. If I attack first, you may not even have a chance to draw your sword.
In the face of Essien’s words, the fire warrior smiled with anger, smoked the big sword behind him, and the whole body was full of quarrelling, and he didn’t talk. He directly slammed the epee in his hand with amazing arrogance and chopped it at Essien’s pledge.
Almost at the same time as the other party’s action, Essien also moved, and his body was like a phantom. An instant bullet of an iron sword sprang to the throat of the fire warrior.
A strange scene appeared at the moment when the audience watched the fire warrior move stupidly and slowly, while Essien moved like an elf. The iron sword in his hand was light and light, and he picked it at the fire warrior’s throat.
Plump fire warrior’s body hit Luo heavily on the ground, and a lot of blood spread from his body instantly. Essien said that he didn’t even send a photo.
There was silence in the arena of death, and everyone was stunned by the scene just now. The fire warrior’s violent attack was so slow and stupid in front of Essien, but Essien was flexible and quick like an elf.
In the eyes of the audience, it seems that the big sword of the Fire Warrior will take a century to fall. Before the big sword falls, Essien can have a leisurely cup of tea and then pick up the bench before he draws his sword and attacks.
Everyone knows that it’s not that the fire warrior is too slow, but that Essien is too fast. When he makes a move, Essien can finish two moves. At this speed gap, Essien said that the fire warrior can’t even send a move.
Chapter 1718 Deputy Armed Forces
Looking at Taiwan with admiration, Aisencia was surprised and said, Oh, my God, he is so powerful. Isn’t this the enemy?
Ye Tian smiled proudly at the words of West Asia, but Essien’s current strength is in the third-order range, so it is difficult to meet his opponent.
Oh, I’m curious to see Nina next to Ye Tian. You’re still a third-order speaker, so can you beat Essien?
Hearing Nina’s words, Ye Tian smiled and nodded, saying, Essien is fast, but there is still too much difference. We have no chance to fight him.
Hearing Ye Tianxin’s words, he kept frowning and meditating. Barty Baggio turned his head and looked over. Since seeing Essien’s performance, they have been worried about Essien’s strength, which is really shocking.
Although Essien is hurting them now, both of them know that it is because Essien’s strength is too low. Once Essien’s strength rises, the knot will be different.


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