Chui fook said, "I left a few people to stay there. There are few people going today. I’m afraid we can’t keep them even when they appear."

Chui fook Zhang Tong only brought 200 soldiers today, all of whom are ordinary soldiers.
Master also has Zhang Tong Xu Fu Bai Sheng three people. If the remaining black skull mountain thieves appear together, this team is really unlikely to keep them.
Unless you don’t want to run, you have to fight to the death with the officers and men. Otherwise, if those black skeletons are bent on running, the soldiers brought by Chui Fu Zhang Tong today can’t keep them.
"Ok, I’ll go with you." Lingyun said.
County official middleman confessed a few words lingyun went to the barracks with chui fook GongSunYing wind dance is also accompanied by around.
In the barracks, Zhang Tong picked five hundred chosen men and they went out of the city again.
None of the 500 elite soldiers is a former black skull mountain thief.
Besides Bai Sheng, Lingyun, a former member of the Black Skull Mountain Thief, brought a three-leader.
Lingyun also knows that it is impossible for two people to deal with the big leader.
He doesn’t need Bai Sheng to deal with the big leader either. If we let them do the ideological work of the big leader, we can say that the big leader has defected.
Lingyun and others soon returned to Aoki Mountain with five hundred chosen men.
The former left-behind soldiers found nothing in this period.
Lingyun and others found a hidden place nearby and ambushed for him.
This place is now regarded as a treasure place by Zong Ma Xiao Xi Feng and others.
They won’t come here without new money to put in or to take it away.
Therefore, Lingyun and others ambushed and no one came at night.
Lingyun and others discussed a choice to continue the ambush after dark.
Lingyun Chui Fu continues to stay here. Zhang Tong is going back to adjust five hundred chosen men to come over day and night and prepare to take turns to ambush.
In this way, no matter when longitudinal Ma Xiaoxiao and others come back, they can ensure the first discovery.
This ambush is three days and three nights.
Fortunately, 500 elite soldiers were called back, and everyone took turns to ambush the soldiers, so they were not very tired.
At noon three days later, Lingyun finally saw someone come to the front of the villa.
Longitudinal Ma Xiao west wind is not knocking him out, and the big leader is not here. There are fifteen people in total, but none of them is known by Lingyun.
Lingyun didn’t know him, but he knew people when Bai Sheng sang three songs around Lingyun.
It was their former companion.
Six of them carried three boxes.
Lingyun waved and said, "Surround them and don’t let them get away."
Suddenly, 500 soldiers who were hidden in the dark ran out in succession.
Six mountain thieves carrying boxes were suddenly surrounded by officers and soldiers and scared to lose their boxes.
Other mountain thieves are no better.
Although they are strong, they are obviously being ambushed now, and there are so many people in their hearts that they feel that their vitality is slim.
Although they are very powerful as thieves, they seem to be fearless, but most thieves are very afraid of death
Many people died at their hands, but they feared death in their hearts.
Leading the dozen mountain thieves is the four leaders.


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