"I am the minister of research, a member of your research department, so are you my hand?"

"Is my hand equal to mine?"
"Then are you me?"
"That’s it."
Seven nights shrugged.
Instead of biting your nails, you got up and cleaned up.
At the same time, I wonder if I should make the table higher and make some stools. It’s always too much trouble to sit up.
However, it seems more troublesome to sit on a stool and always have to move around.
Sure enough, it is better to maintain the status quo, otherwise it will be more troublesome.
Mitarashi Anko, who was bypassed by seven nights over there, still seems to have no reaction, scratching his head.
The seven-night talk sounds reasonable, but it always feels like something is wrong.
"Let’s go, Little Red Bean"
I didn’t even think about hearing the seven nights’ propaganda, so I went out after seven nights.
Several robots in the back room are still busy copying and binding books.
He was alone when he went out seven nights ago.
This time, I really feel a little unaccustomed when I think about it with a little girl behind me.
In particular, this little girl seems to have a lot of problems with him.
The streets are still busy.
Seven nights requires one edge to cross the block and walk to the other edge.
It seems that many people know Mitarashi Anko, and she was greeted all the way.
I haven’t come yet, but I suddenly thought of something after seven nights.
"Little Red Bean heard that you have an uncle named mitarai Zixiao or something, right?"
"So what?"
"No, it’s nothing. Just asking."
Seven nights shook his head and didn’t continue to struggle with this problem.
Anyway, I don’t know each other. It’s nothing if I ask.
And it seems that they are all dead.
Speaking of it, it seems that there are many talented people in Konoha who died young. If they can all grow up, Konoha might really be able to crush his several forbearing villages to unify their forbearing circles.
However, even if you grow up, according to Konoha’s external style, you may not be unified in forbearance unless you hide that guy as a shadow.
Konoha’s foreign strategy and what happened before crossing are a bit like three world wars, in which others attacked Konoha first and then fought back, and they all won.
Anyway, I haven’t seen Konoha take the initiative to attack Tarun Village.
Maybe it will really change this style if the group is hiding as a fire shadow.
But Tuan Zang wants to be a naruto …
Let’s wait for our peers.
Chapter X Temporary
"Speaking of which … can I ask a question, Lord Seven Nights?"
After greeting an aunt, Mitarashi Anko suddenly ran to Seven Nights and looked at him curiously.
I’m curious to be exact. I watched seven nights with my right eye closed.
"Why do you always close your right eye? Blind? "
This question asks …
It’s really direct enough. Maybe careless personality has begun to develop.
But in this case, others might be directly angry.
But seven nights is nothing.


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