When Dong Yijian’s sword clears up, Xiao Qiushui tries his best to call "Hello". Xiao Qiushui goes over. Lan Qingqing shouts, "You go over there and kill them. If he flashes to the left, you will have a white tiger rushing to thunder. If he flashes to the right, he will take his life-saving officer. If he flashes to the right, he will walk with the five-ring mandarin duck step and the right" flower-picking lamp ",and the left bow and arrow tip will fight with the sword. If he backs up, he will stop the sword and you will wipe it away." "

Xiao Qiushui listened unconsciously, and the four people, such as blue and clear, were exhausted, so they could give directions and could not push.
Xiao Qiushui deeply felt that this trick was clever and poor. At this moment, the chapter was full of residual gold. "Hey, young man, if you make that trick, I won’t retreat or flash my right palm, cut my left palm, and put pressure on the sword body and abdomen to stab you back. Isn’t all the tricks taught by that old ghost broken? !”
Xiao Qiushui felt that the move of Dong Jian’s sword "Rising in the East" was exquisite and poor. Now, after listening to Zhang Canjin’s fist move, I realized that it was a crack in the sky and it was amazing to fight back.
Listen to Zhang Canjin’s cry, "This trick is called’ Canjin Broken Soldiers’, which is cheap for you!"
When the four men were struggling for a moment, they heard the West Sword Bai Dan cry, "I’m not afraid that your right elbow will bump against nave’s afternoon horse, and then turn the lantern step to suddenly get out of the sword. Nine swords and flowers will seize the’ mountain root’. Remember to get out of the sword quickly and straight, but the sword means like Tai Chi, which means round first."
Bai Dan generally said that Xiao Qiushui was busy thinking and memorizing. At this moment, Zhang Qiushui suddenly heard the look of Xiao Qiushui, and he jumped up for joy several times. This move is indeed the best way to stop the move just now.
"What’s the name of this trick again?"
Bai Dan said, "The sword is enmity!"
It turns out that the blue sword in the east and the white sword in the west are helping to expand the method. For decades, they have fought to the death with the old chapter and the broken jade of Zhu Tianwang, and each of them has become a diamond in the diamond, that is, almost restraining the other side from recruiting, and setting up the blue and white sword chapters, while the ten thousand ones pay attention to the palm style, so that they are equally matched and all have the essence of the sword palm.
Chapter residual gold was sad and broken, but after a little thinking, it was Xiao. "With his inspiration, he retreated seven feet and flashed six feet …"
Xiao Qiushui was puzzled and asked, "How can you inhale and then avoid a total of 13 feet?"
Broken jade is very angry when it is interrupted. "Fool, you can do it twice, once through your nose and mouth, once through your pores, and then you can control your toes when your ankle capacity flashes." It will take 30 years of hard work. "
Xiao Qiushui is very clever at listening, but this palm posture is very retrograde. Xiao Qiushui also wants to smash the jade for a while. "You take his left wrist in the wrong hole, but your elbow sinks and your right palm is interspersed with his right palm at Qimen Point … This trick is called’ Jade is destroyed’"
Xiao colchicine slightly a stay way "can’t be both" tiger jump "such as" flag gate "…"
Wan Broken Jade thundered, "Why don’t you just sink your knees and take the Yuhuan step when the little rabbit jumps?" !”
When Xiao Qiushui heard it, he thanked him with great joy. "Thank you for teaching me this trick. It can really break the’ sword enmity’!"
Listen to Dong Yijian’s scolding, "Nonsense, I’m going to take the lead in starting the earthquake …"
The four men took turns to argue with each other, although they had to fight for a length in front of a young stranger, regardless of how much others had learned. At the end of the day, the four people were afraid that they would confess their enemy’s tricks, Xiao Qiushui could come and kill themselves, and Xiao Qiushui was born with wisdom and four masters pointed out that there was no point. Four people rushed to correct the four people like mud feet, and more and more secrets were revealed, which was out of control.
These four masters’ swordsmanship and palm technique are really the best. Xiao Qiushui’s memorization and absorption really benefit a lot.
The voice of the straight four people gradually faded away, and each of them had exhausted its fuel and exhausted its energy, and most of their unique skills had been granted to Xiao Qiushui.
At first, they pointed out very quickly, and then they spoke more and more slowly, because they had done their best in general or familiar twisting moves, and they had to do their best or innovate their skills to crack the opponent’s brilliant moves
But this is even more frustrating. The four men are on the verge of death. At this moment, I was about to think about raising money to stop Bai Dan’s fast sword from attacking hard. "… I’ll open the iron bolt door with my left hand first, and then I’ll just force it out of the hole … in the last three swords …
The last three swords … "
Bai Dan Lian Jian has a total of 17 styles of the last three swords, especially "the sword is like a dragon, if it is loose", and the momentum is exhausted. At that time, I can’t think of the cracking method. The three of them also have the residual gold to say, "I’m good … I beat the right horse with the right crane top method … and then I will start again after I left the horse … Daqing is a tiger-sucking potential … and I’ll die together …"
Zhang Canjin said that all three of them were "ah", but they all tried to save themselves even if Bai Dan gave up his sword.
The four men’s faces turned miserable. Xiao Qiushui has been listening carefully and seeking accuracy than the moves. Now suddenly, he said, "If you don’t take Danyang’s double sword to cut the bridge and kick Youlong to cut the sword, you can bring it back to life."
Four people at that time the epiphany murmured "is … is …" Chapter residual gold side side face frown way "huh? No, what if you cut the bridge with two swords? "
Xiao Qiushui laughed and said, "It is perfect to put Shaolin Tieqiao horse into Wudang circular arc potential and force it in the waist."
Four people can’t help but suddenly realize that all broken jade metamorphoses, and his face becomes bitter and astringent. "You … who are you?" !”
It turns out that all four people are addicted to fighting each other, and they don’t feel anything. Xiao Qiushui, a young guy, is now eclipsed when he first hears that Xiao Qiushui can understand and solve their obsession!
But at the moment, Xiao Qiushui is pregnant with Shaolin, Wudang, King Zhu, and the director of the Great Helper. It is no longer the enemy of one person. What’s worse, this person is close to paralysis and dying!
Xiao Qiushui said, "I am Xiao Qiushui."
Dong Yijian’s face turned pale and froze for a long time. Suddenly, he asked, "If the nine-ring sword goes to the official position and throws the moon with one star, your left foot forces your right toe sword to take the seal hall, how can you crack it?"
Xiao Qiushui did not hesitate to answer, "It’s a’ flying star stabbing the moon’ style to break the sword by flying the tip of the sword and stabbing the body of the sword."
Dong Jian blue suddenly cleared up and laughed for three days, then vomited blood and smiled miserably. "Very well … I really … didn’t think that before I died … it was not white … I received such a … enlightened disciple …"


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