Tianlan took out his tablet and didn’t know what he was doing, but it didn’t look like he was concentrating on playing games.

Squatting in the center of the earth with his head in his arms at night has long regretted death.
"If only I hadn’t been greedy." Burning night bit his lip. Lu Zhan didn’t get angry with him. Let him know Lu Zhan’s mind. This mind made him fold him more and more towards Lu Zhan.
It is always a long time to wait. In fact, after a few minutes, Xiao Shengqiang and them have spent a long time.
Li Xiuyue just walked past the door in three minutes with the omega meter minute hand in her hand.
"Who is it …" Xiao Chengjiang immediately stopped pacing and looked at it intently.
Come out is a youth training camp.
A few people are relieved.
"Look at how you scared Brother Lu Zhan to be eliminated first!" Sky blue wave its own tablet.
Xiao Chengjiang smiled wryly, but immediately realized that the sky blue was not much better than him and could not help but stare at him.
Sky blue vomitted to stick out tongue.
At this time, the youth trainer with his eyes above the top has come to Smith’s side.
You don’t need an inquiry sheet to know that the man lost by looking depressed.
"This guy’s reaction is so fast that I, Leona, just smashed me when I went to his hammer stone. My skills are tailor-made!" The man said bitterly
Leona’s e skill can refer to a person and then go to him. The hammer stone e is to hit the target in front of Leona. Being hit by the hammer stone in the process of e is equivalent to losing one control but being controlled by the other party.
Leona e is not slow, but it sounds amazing to be hammered every time.
Everyone in the house looked at each other and wondered if they could do it.
You know, Lu Zhan didn’t practice hammer stone specially. He just knew it.
"Hum is not as good as people, don’t say it." Smith ignored him and called a wild player directly.
"You have to be careful that this guy is a hard hand. It’s not surprising that I made a big move, but W exploded all over him, just like knowing how long it takes me to explode. I can’t explode him after my skills are finished!" Nai theory of youth training assistant
He doesn’t know that Lu Zhan is not very familiar with the hammer stone, but he knows Leona very well. Leona W’s effect is not only to bomb people, but also to extend the effect for three seconds if he hits the target. Once his armor magic resistance continues to increase for three seconds, the hammer stone will become very difficult.
Suo Zhanli’s own accurate grasp of skill D cheated him out of W.
"Idiot, I will be like you? My blind monk is the strongest in our youth training camp. "The second dequeue turned over.
"See how long you can be arrogant!"
Xiao Chengqiang waved his fist after he entered the door, and Lu Zhan won the first game, which reminded him that Lu Zhan was not so worried about going bad in the game.
Three minutes later, the first blind monk in the youth training came out.
"What happened? How did it happen!"
His face was livid and he didn’t believe what happened before.
Whirlpool kick or all kinds of displacement is usually sharper than blind monk’s. This time, it seems to be cursed. Generally, the close-fitting Q has played W, and it has not played its due role. By the time the kick is kicked out, the widow’s skills have been played.
He is not at the same level as Lu Zhan in both hand speed and reaction.
He thinks he’s perfect enough. Actually …
"One mountain is more than one mountain. Be careful!" There is a man awake in his eyes.
But this man didn’t eat a few lessons in front of him and went in with his head held high.
He is Shan Ruiwen.
He persisted for 2 minutes.
“Fu、k! Just a little bit of blood, that is, 15 points of blood, but lost to the other side when it was a general attack! " This one filled Riven’s eyes with remorse.
"Hey, playing Riven and losing 15 blood is equivalent to a complete defeat." Xiao Shengjiang said contemptuously.
He knows best that Riven and Riven pk need to have a precise grasp of the sense of skill distance, hit each other and escape each other’s skills, and every exercise should be carefully selected and hesitant.
It’s 15 points short of blood evidence. Lu Zhan has surpassed him in damage calculation. It seems that he is ahead. These people are not fuck!
The fourth predecessor was not as arrogant as them. He saw the single play in the land exhibition, and the monofilament in the land exhibition was no less than that in the four odd classes. He was the most stressful one among the five people in the first round.
In fact, he is indeed the shortest one.
He hasn’t been in the door for two minutes since the defense suit is rarely used in the single six gods suit.
After killing one in five, Lu Zhan knocked out four.
The fifth ad is impatient.
Chapter 695 finale ad showdown
"You losers!"
For a long time, his pride seems to be stronger than the first four combined at the core of the late ad group battle.


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