Mo Yifan hit his medicine chest again and said, in this case, I will give you a tentative treatment now. If you can stand it, I will continue your treatment in a few days.

Ten minutes later, the senior suite came to the hotel with an earth-shattering tragic number. The security guard of the hotel heard it very hurriedly and came to ask, but it was blocked by two strong men with angry eyes.
After more than twenty minutes, Mo Yifan asked with an expression, how do you feel? Can you stand it?
Not bad.
Liu Donghai is lying in bed, talking in a fragile way, but it makes people feel immortal. I think the FBI will be able to make the dumb talk if you become an expert.
At this time, Mo Yifan doesn’t seem to have any sense of humor, and he doesn’t respond to Liu Donghai’s jokes at all. He just said simply that he can stand it. This time it will be more painful for the first time, and it will be a little stronger for the second time. Well, now I feel that your legs are not responding.
Uh-huh. Oh, my God, really.
Liu Donghai exclaimed in surprise, my legs. My knees seem to feel a little hot.
It’s good to stand it. Let’s call it a day. I’ll see you again in a few days.
Mo Yifan was in a semi-mechanical state when he walked the Pearl River Hotel. His body and mind suddenly felt a heart smile that had never been tired, but his face was flushed for a while.
In any case, this first thing has finally passed safely. He believes that he has been slack today. The arms smuggling gang doesn’t want to lose the Chinese mainland market, so he is one way, and because he gave Liu Donghai a renewed hope, I believe he will do his best to promote this.
However, he doesn’t want to be led by the police. He doesn’t want to be controlled by others, and he has to choose his own future.
He beckoned for a car rental, but before the car rental came, he saw a silver-gray car brushing up and stopping beside him, and the window shook to reveal a familiar face.
How are you Mo Yifan leng yi?
What can’t be me?
The driver took off his sunglasses and showed a beautiful face. Gently push the door and say don’t stare blankly at the express train.
Mo Yifan hesitated for a while and finally got into the medicine cabinet. When the car was waiting for the sports car to move gently, he finally could not help but ask Miss Fu, where are you taking me?
shooting site
What’s taking me to the set?
The camera crew is waiting for you.
Uh, but didn’t I quit my job? What are you waiting for me for? I don’t think there is a shortage of an stuntman like me on the set.
Fu Diejun gave him a white look while driving, saying that you resigned. Has anyone approved it? Besides, you’re not an stuntman now. You didn’t shoot the play that day. You’ve already shot more than half of the film. You know, you can find body double to shoot a lot of shots in the past two days, and you’ve also shot them. Now you just need to be there in person. Otherwise, you won’t be so irresponsible in the later stage of the play.
Wait, what does this mean? Didn’t we agree to change people that night? How can we return it?
Fu Diejun pursed his mouth and said that it was my fault that day. I shouldn’t say that I apologize to you with a big star frame. You are not so stingy as a big man. Besides, Du Dao also said that if you can’t finish shooting that shot and get off the ground that day, you will be replaced, but in fact, the shot we finally shot has passed, and the viewing effect is perfect.
Here, she said, her face turned slightly red and bit her rosy lips gently, and she said, besides, you took away her first kiss on the screen. You won’t just forget it, will you?
First kiss on the screen
Mo Yifan couldn’t help feeling intoxicated when he thought that he had kissed this pure Asian beauty on camera on a whim that day.
Chapter seventy Provocations
Mo Yifan is not a cold and unkind person. He has long since given up the contradiction between Fu Diejun and filming that day. Moreover, although he doesn’t point to filming to make money now, he can play a role in the film. After all, it was once a dream in his heart that he could not help secretly knowing that the performance had been approved that day.
The most difficult thing for him to refuse was that Fu Diejun would let her come to him, which satisfied his vanity.
But he soon began to wonder what made this smash hit actress come to look for him. Then he said that even if the film crew really wanted him to go back at most, it would make Kang Dao or the film’s face theory should not be Fu Diejun. A big star theory like her would attract attention wherever she went. Generally speaking, economic people would follow her closely. Where could she be such a person?
Is it that day when I shook the tiger’s body and kissed her with a kiss of the earth, so that the jade girl star was drowned in my overbearing gentleness? Well, that’s true. Of course, it’s a beautiful thing. I’m willing to believe it.
In addition, how did Fu Diejun know that he would be in the Pearl River Hotel at this time? It so happened that when he left the clinic here, Liu Donghai’s two bodyguards didn’t seem to remember where he was going, so even if Fu Diejun could find the clinic, he could not find it.
Mo Yifan wondered in his heart but didn’t ask, because he knew that Fu Diejun wanted to explain, but he didn’t ask her, and she would say that she didn’t want to talk, but she had to ask a lie at most. But Jin Yong’s old man said that the more beautiful a woman is, the more deceptive she will be.
Fu Diejun glanced at Mo Yifan from the side of his head and smiled and said, Is it strange that I will come to you?
Mo Yifan nodded honestly and said something.


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