Song Danfu don’t talk eyes swept a circle finally positioning walked to the coffee table with her storage box.

Leaning against the desk, I took a shallow look at my mouth. "I have to ask others to bring you Song Danfu when did you become so lazy?"
What did Song Danfu think in his heart? She didn’t say it before she entered the door. She ordered herself not to talk to Gu Qingyi before turning around and Gu Qingyi had reached her. "I’m really angry."
Song Danfu left without looking at him, picked up his storage box and left.
"Where to go" Gu Qing shallow stretched out his hand and stopped her Song Danfu frowning clear water eyes looked at him as if to say where else to go besides class.
"Well, I allow you to be angry." Gu Qingyi compromised and withdrew his hand. "Don’t be angry after work. Come in and call me and let’s go home together."
Song Danfu was surprised by Gu Qing’s shallow compromise, but surprised by his willingness to let her go, of course, she left with the storage box.
The president’s office is very busy. Song Danfu is an assistant. Because she doesn’t have any work experience, both of them take care of her. Both of them are older than her and know that she is the president’s fiancee. She naturally takes care of her and lets her do some simple things.
For example, at this time, she is holding a pile of approved documents to distribute to various departments. I am very grateful to the two secret errand boys, which is perfect for her, but it is close to the 32 nd floor from the launch.
The last few documents are the general manager’s office. Although she doesn’t want to see Gu Yanchen very much, she has to finish Song Danfu’s work. I still have to take the stairs and think that it is good to put the documents in the secret place. She may not be able to see Gu Yanchen.
Unfortunately, Gu Yanchen came out of the general manager’s office before she got to the secret place, and was surprised to see her face flash by.
Once again, in the general manager’s office, Song Danfu was too busy to hear her prayers and let her be swept away by Gu Yanchen again.
"He asked you to do such a thing." Looking at the folder in her hand, Gu Yanchen was more angry. He was a treasure girl, but she was a grass and asked her to be a document delivery runner.
"It’s none of your business" Song Danfu’s tone is extremely cold
"It’s my business if you want to marry him." Gu Yanchen shook Song Danfu’s shoulders tightly with his excited hands. "What’s going to do this to me":
Chapter seventy-one Don’t marry him
When Song Xiaoling left, she told him that Danfu would marry Gu Qingqian, and grandma was already choosing a date. Gu Yanchen’s heart was always in hot water, so it was hard to catch Song Danfu. He must ask a question.
"Gu Yanchen, you let me shake my head." Song Danfu felt dizzy and pushed him away with his hands.
"Sorry" realized that Gu Yanchen immediately let go of frustration and explained "Danfu I"
"Don’t talk nonsense. Let’s talk honestly." Song Danfu looked at Gu Yanchen with calm eyes.
"Good." Just pull Gu Yanchen into the office. Don’t let anyone disturb him and talk to Danfu. "Sit on the sofa and talk about what you want and order."
"No, I’m still in class." Song Danfu refused to drink, but agreed to sit on the sofa and talk for two days. Song Danfu said first, "I really want to marry Gu Qingqian. I think you should know very well that even if there is no betrothed person, it’s not surprising that they are engaged."
"You" paused Gu Yanchen lonely asked "all remembered"
Remember what Song Danfu is not very white and asks, "Is this an admission of lying to me?"
Perhaps Song Danfu has been able to calmly face the fact that Gu Yanchen lied to herself. I knew that Gu Yanchen and Song Xiaoling were married, and she ran to the bar and got drunk. It was strange that she didn’t feel anything this time.
The human heart is really complicated.
Song Danfu’s words made Gu Yanchen’s heart show signs of resurgence again. Danfu seemed to know that he had lied to her, but he still didn’t remember anything else.
"Danfu, please listen to my explanation." Gu Yanchen looked at her carefully with deep eyes. He made two preparations. First Danfu listened to his explanation, saying that Danfu still didn’t remember much. Second Danfu probably didn’t listen to his explanation, saying that Danfu remembered everything and didn’t need to listen to his explanation, so he could tell Danfu that he was also a victim and let Danfu decide their future.
It’s a bit mean, but he can’t care so much. Anyway, it’s impossible to let him go.
Song Danfu chuckled, "Well, I also want to know what I forgot when I got out of prison. It is said that the day I got out of prison was also your wedding day."
Gu Yanchen’s heart is overjoyed, and he still has the possibility of saving Danfu.
"I’m sorry" Gu Yanchen bowed his head and sincerely apologized for not showing joy in his heart.
He even said two sorry Song Danfu felt faint and replied, "Gu Yanchen, do you know that these three words are the most nai and the least in the world?"
"I know" suddenly got up and Gu Yanchen used to pull Song Danfu up. "Would you like to go somewhere with me?"
"Where" Song Danfu asked in surprise.
"You’ll know when you get there." Gu Yanchen wanted to pull her away, thinking that she hated being controlled the most. He had cheated her once, and he couldn’t make her unhappy again. He stopped to ask her if she wanted to go or not.
Song Danfu thought of Gu Qing and said that she would look up at the quartz clock on the eye wall together. She said, "Some other time."
"Not today" saw that she moved Gu Yanchen and said, "I won’t keep you too long. I’ll tell you what happened."
Song Danfu thought for a moment. Today, he simply and Gu Yanchen made it clear that he would not be able to get involved again in the future. It’s still early to get back before class, and Gu Qingyi also agreed to find fault with her.
President Gu Qing lightly pressed the line to let Song Danfu carry a cup of tea in and meet the person who sent the tea. He frowned and asked, "Where is Song Danfu?"
"To send documents" Secret A replied that Gu Qing’s old god was not sure what he was thinking. Secret A was very upset. The president wouldn’t blame them for letting his wife send documents, would he?
No, the president didn’t make it clear what kind of work to arrange for his wife so that they could give the easiest job. It would be a great injustice if he was cut off again.
It is very suitable for Song Danfu to send documents after a brief meditation. He waved his hand and said, "Go out to do things."
Secret A walked out of the president’s office and patted his chest to spit out a sigh of relief.
"Why?" Secret B asked with a smile. "It’s like escaping."
"It’s not escaped." Secret A looked at the president’s room and lowered his voice. "Just now, the president asked me where Song Danfu went. I replied that I sent the documents to the president. The expression scared me to death. I also said that he would blame us for getting his wife to run errands."
"What’s his expression?" Secret B asked the brain to make up for it. There was really no expression except that the old god was in control.
"It’s just the lack of expression that scares people." Secret A asked cautiously, "What kind of work do you think the president wants us to arrange for his wife?"
Secret B took a look at his colleague. "You can come out alive and say that it is right to arrange the delivery of documents."
Is that so? Secret A is still confused.
After listening to Gu Yanchen’s narrative, I revisited the old place. Sitting in the car five years ago, Song Danfu was very upset. How could she imagine that Gu Yanchen didn’t visit her in prison for five years because he was hypnotized and didn’t remember her?
For five years, he didn’t show up and said that he never complained that he was fake. She loved him so much that he was willing to go to prison and bet his name to bury his youth in prison.
It’s all over. He finally told her that he was hypnotized and didn’t remember her.
She doesn’t doubt that Gu Yanchen’s words are well-founded and clear. The only reservation is that he didn’t say who hypnotized him.
Even if Gu Yanchen didn’t say Song Danfu, she could guess that it was the old lady Gu.
If there is anyone Gu Yanchen cares about in this world, there is the old lady Gu.
But why did Mrs. Gu do this?
"Danfu, I know it’s hard for you to believe that when I know the truth, I was shocked. I can’t believe that I have to believe it again and again." Gu Yanchen held her hand with a serious and sincere expression. "Danfu, I hope you can believe me again."
"I don’t doubt" Song Danfu’s voice is very weak. "What is the world wonder without hypnosis?"
"You believe me" Gu Yanchen’s face lit up. "Will you believe me?"
Song Danfu nodded. What is he happy about?


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