A few minutes later, the camel ran in front of Zhu Feng and said excitedly, "Big Brother, I’ve picked the night gang card."

"What?" Several people heard his words and asked with different mouths.
Camel smiled and explained, "didn’t we kill all the NPC guards on the wall?" I went from the city wall to drag their plaque. "
Zhu Feng was surprised and asked, "How did you get into their compound?"
Camels looked at themselves with their mouths wide open and said proudly, "I have a skill called stealth to hide my body from the enemy. I squatted outside the door and found a block, so I went in, and then climbed to the wall and pulled the plaque, and it fell off. I also showed my true identity and was killed by the face mage."
"I rely on strong" several people are amazed at the same mouth.
The hero muttered, "It’s a pity if you take photos and send them to the official website."
Before he finished talking about the camel, he said, "I took a picture of my eldest brother. Didn’t you say you wanted to start a gang attraction? I recorded the whole set-up video of picking their plaque. "
"I depend on this … that …" Zhu Feng shook his head and didn’t know what to say. He was imagining how cold-blooded Mo would look when he saw his gang sign being picked.
Hero color quickly said, "Send me the express line and send it to the official website as soon as it is slightly modified."
"Well, I’ll send you my horse," said the camel and quit the game.
At this time, cold-blooded Mo arrived at Qinglong City with thousands of troops in the gang. Now he is depressed and has given up his heart. More than 7,000 people have beaten more than 1,000 people for two hours. Although they wiped out their department, their gang signs were finally picked. It can be said that this battle was really timid. He can still remember those onlookers laughing.
Cold-blooded Mo came to Zhu Feng with a few people on the rampage. He cursed "farmers go to town, you garbage, and you play dirty with us."
"What is Yin? You got a broken board to hang on the wall, and we picked it. What’s wrong? " Zhu Feng angry don’t want to tone say.
Cold-blooded, don’t gnash your teeth and say, "If you have the guts, call someone out and fight us again."
Zhu Fenggang was about to answer when he saw a large number of troops coming in the distance. The uniform pace was very imposing, just like an army. Mo Ye saw the players coming in the distance and he smiled when he saw the leading players. At the same time, he wondered when these two rich brothers got such a regular army.
The dragon gang boss came over and said politely, "Long time no see, boss Leng."
"Ha ha, it’s been a long time." Cold-blooded Mo said with a smile, but it was a bit bitter.
Fu Hu helped the boss fight a decisive battle and came over to ask, "Why is Cold Boss making such a big noise?"
"Alas," Cold-blooded Mo sighed and continued, "We can handle some small things ourselves. I wonder what the two of you are doing here with a large number of people?"
Two people pull cold-blooded mo said "a word" and then walked to one side.
Chapter ninety-two Policewomen Visiting Prison
The bottle has fallen for four chapters today. Alas, despise me.
The decisive battle and the embodiment of power took cold-blooded Mo aside and said, "The contradiction between brothers and peasants entering the city and your gang has not been lifted yet?"
Cold-blooded don’t listen to the tone of the two people as if they want him to plead. Suddenly, the black face asked, "The new injury and old pain can’t be lifted now."
"The Night Gang is a big gang after all, and it has to be given a new chance in life anyway." The avatar of power said with a smiling face.
They really want farmers to intercede in the city, and they don’t want to know how this guy can tell more about his alliance gangs. Thinking that he looked back at the farmers entering the city.
Zhu Feng was also confused at this moment. He said to several people around him, "When the three people come back, we will go out and kill the cold-blooded Mo and then hurry back to Heping District."
Cold-blooded mo then asked the two men, "What do you want to intercede for him? You also lost a lot in the city. "
"Ha ha, we are in love to see that he is still the number one person who wants the cold boss to let him go." The decisive battle day explained with a smile
After listening to the two words, don’t sneer at them in cold blood, thinking about love and talent in your heart? Are you two MD liars?
"What if I refuse to let him go?" Cold-blooded mo asked two people with a smile.
The decisive battle between heaven and the embodiment of power immediately changed a face. The cold weather said, "If the cold boss refuses to let him go, then our alliance gang can be lifted."
When he heard his words, he was cold-blooded and silent. He never thought that the two of them would turn against themselves because of a small person. Then he thought that he had picked up the plaque of his gang and said angrily, "Dissolve the alliance? The two bosses want to break the alliance with my night gang because of a piece of garbage? "
They didn’t answer the cold-blooded words. In his surprised fire-breathing eyes, they went to Zhu Feng’s side for a decisive battle and said to Zhu Feng, "Don’t be afraid, buddy. We support you."
Zhu Feng looked at the two people in front of him in disbelief. He didn’t know each other was sacred. He just showed that he was familiar with cold-blooded Mo. Now he’s helping himself? The hero saw the bearer’s arm badge walk up to Zhu Feng and wrote, "These two people are the leaders of the Dragon-falling and Tiger-fu Gang. It is said that they are alliance guilds with the Night Gang."
Conspiracy When Zhu Feng heard the heroic words, his first thought was conspiracy. He smiled and thought,’ You three grandsons are still playing tricks with me?’ Then he smiled and said to them, "Aren’t you two the night gang guild?" Why do you suddenly want to help me? "
"I’ll tell you about this later. Now let’s go out of here. If we dare to touch you in cold blood, we will do it." The embodiment of power will pull Zhu Feng to the outside of Heping District.
Zhu Feng saw the cold-blooded Mo coming over and quickly shook his hand and said, "No, I’m familiar with the road inside the city and I know how to get there." Then he winked at camels and sheets.
Several people immediately rushed out to sneak attack on cold-blooded Mo. At this time, cold-blooded Mo was still considering what would help him in the decisive battle. He didn’t pay attention to someone coming out to sneak attack him. Zhu Feng and nine people worked together to hang cold-blooded Mo back to the city in the camel ending technique.
On the day of the decisive battle, the two men shook their heads when they saw them like this, and the power around him incarnated the novel, "Dude, this little guy is really a big man, and he will sneak up on him when he is in a big meeting."
Zhu Feng several people sneak attack successfully and quickly returned to the safe area and burst out laughing. Zhu Feng squeezed his eyebrows to the decisive battle day, and you were like me.
The members of the Night Gang saw the boss being attacked by people, shouting and cursing around them, and some people even exaggerated the release of magic into the security zone.
"Did the wind blow their medicine money?" See color forget righteousness asked with a smile.
Just as Zhu Feng was about to answer, he showed that someone was touching his body. He quickly said to several people who had forgotten the righteousness, "Dude, I’m here. You play first." Seeing the righteousness nodded and urged him to quit the game quickly
After Zhu Feng quit the game, he saw Lin Siyu beside him and kept pushing himself. He sat up and said with dissatisfaction, "Don’t push it."
"You play games in prison?" Lin Siyu was surprised to see Zhu Feng happy and asked, when she walked into this room, she felt wrong. A prisoner like Zhu Feng should be put in a large size. Besides, when she entered the room, she was even more surprised to see a cigarette butt and food packaging bags filling beer bottles …
"What are you doing here? Can a policewoman come to a men’s prison? " Zhu Feng asked with a frown
Lin Siyu is still thinking about the question and mechanically replied, "Nothing to see you. Your prison guard was brought in by my brother." She doesn’t know that if Zhu Feng is not a special person, she won’t let her in. Another reason is that she is also a policeman.
"Corruption" Zhu Feng muttered and got up and asked, "What would you like to drink?"
Lin Siyu felt very uncomfortable when he heard what he said. Why did he feel at home in prison? It’s ironic that the guests also ask what to drink. Every night during this period, she can think of Zhu Feng’s evil smile and the dozens of scars on her body. Zhu Feng will be moved by pain and tears when she sees herself visiting him. Unfortunately …
She smiled and said, "It seems that you have a good life. What do you have to drink?"
"What kind of beer and white wine do you drink?" Zhu Feng insidious smile said with a smile
Lin Siyu stared at him and then asked doubtfully, "How did you get such high treatment here?" She thought that judging from the situation of Zhu Feng’s family, it doesn’t look like he is rich and powerful. Why did he get such treatment?
When Zhu Feng heard her question, she didn’t know what to answer, so she mysteriously said, "The cat is not to be leaked."
"Die!" Lin Siyu criticised. She decided to ask her senior brother for a while.
Zhu Feng sat on the edge of the bed and saw her laugh. His voice couldn’t help but move. He hasn’t seen a woman for more than a month. He wants to see female animals and has an impulse to smell her fragrance. The mood is even higher.


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