I hope the heads of the fathers’ families’ move is just a big luck, or even trouble today.

The real overlord of the hall of souls and the island of souls
The recruitment of younger brothers in the Hall of All Souls is mainly based on the selection of the Lord from his clan.
The appearance of the soul airship here is more symbolic.
But this time the situation is slightly different.
The airship was watching with great interest as he recruited his brother, the Godsworn of the Hall of the Soul, and suddenly he found that three people were coming straight at the airship.
Soul airship height is not low, strength is not enough, don’t come at all.
However, the three people quickly approached, and one of them even sent a message saying that "Wang Yuan and Zhong Xiaohao, Wang brothers of Thunder Soul Island, want to take part in the assessment of the Soul Hall"
Suddenly, the news came to the airship, and the friar of the Hall of Soul was a little in a hurry. I felt that there was no thunder soul island for many years, and this place started the assessment of the Hall of Soul, but I didn’t respond at the moment.
The message quickly entered the airship.
Fang Wangjiadi was also welcomed into the airship.
At the same time, the airship sounded a melodious bell.
When the bell rang, Fang Da’s ships, warships and airships seemed to vibrate at the same time and quickly returned to normal, but the younger brother was slow to recruit, so he looked up at the blue-light shining bully.
Someone else started the soul hall examination.
I just don’t know if anyone can go straight to heaven.
Westbank > Except for a few airship schools, the proportion of outstanding brothers from Thousand Clans of Soul Island entering the Hall of Soul is pitifully low, and there are only a handful of cases in which they directly join the Hall of Soul from Soul Island.
Chapter four hundred and twenty All souls nuclear
The fourth elder was very nervous, and the sweat on his forehead was so big that he went straight out.
Wang Yuan was no longer lazy and refreshed, but Sun Hao found that this guy’s legs trembled slightly when he walked.
There is a quiet face with a faint smile in Sun Hao’s heart.
The airship is bigger and bigger, but for Sun Hao, who has experienced the baptism of the battlefield, this kind of awe-inspiring pressure and atmosphere in the airship really have little effect
Perhaps it is rare for someone to take part in the assessment of the soul temple directly because there has been no activity for many years. The airship actually attaches great importance to this assessment.
The assessment of the monks is huge.
Four monks from the Jin Dan period and six monks from the Foundation Period lined up with strange tricks. Generally speaking, they came to take part in the examination. Two of them were little and insignificant.
In front of the four elders, they were stunned and stammered, "Ray, King of Thunder Soul Island and Wang Hui have met all the seniors."
Wang Yuan looked at Sun Hao Sun Hao with a smile on his face. Wang Yuan’s heart must have handed over to the other side and said, "Wang Yuan, the brother of Wang Clan in Thunder Soul Island, has seen all the predecessors."
Sun Hao then saluted "Wang’s younger brother Zhong Xiaohao of Lei Soul Island has seen your predecessors"
The Godsworn in the Hall of All Souls just nodded slightly and didn’t introduce himself. In one of them, then he directly announced the assessment rules.
Step-in procedure of assessment horse
If these two brothers are strong enough to complete the assessment, they will know each other from time to time. If they are barely strong or simply confused, there is no need to know each other.
Initial display of the first step of assessment
Primitization is the foundation. If the friar can’t do it, don’t try at all.
Wang Yuan said, "I’ll come first", stepped forward, shook his body and drank a "drink". As he drank this, a black halo appeared on his head, a little toad.
Four elders closed their eyes in shame.
He already knew that Wang Yuanchu was a toad, and even this time he would make a fool of himself.
But after half a ring, no one spoke to the airship. It was very quiet. Imagined ridicule did not appear.
When the four elders opened their eyes, they found that the predecessors of the airship Hall of All Souls were staring at Wang Yuan, the lazy toad thinker, with surprises and confusions.
Four elders can’t help but look at Wang Yuan’s head.
At first, I feel good. This is the black soul ring.
The second feeling is that this toad is very strange.
Three-eyed dragon horn
Why don’t you look like a normal toad?
After half a ring, the first monk then slowly asked, "This soul?"
After several exchanges in the Soul Temple, I think this thing should be very powerful, but no one actually knows the origin.
Wang Yuan devoting himself to "seeing the eternal dragon toad in Kyushu vertically, this is the dragon toad with vertical eyes …"
Sun Hao.
Four elders … Wang Yuan this little also don’t know go easy lazy toad yawning good breath.
Dragon toad with vertical eyes!
On the opposite side, Sun Hao felt great pressure. A monk then suddenly stood up. "Is it really a dragon toad with vertical eyes?"
Wang Yuan didn’t speak and drank a "Oh" in his mouth. The little dragon toad in the soul ring on his head opened his eyes and yelled "Just Ang …"
This monk then smiled and gave a hand to Wang Yuan. "No, no, it’s really a dragon toad with vertical eyes."
His first brother then smiled and asked, "Brother Liu, what level of soul is this?"
Brother Liu’s belly is round, his face is chubby and he smiles like a Maitreya. "The dark soul of Four Holy Beasts’s top class is not as bad as that of the ancient soul."
Four elders got a fright.
Brother Liu gave Wang Yuan a bright smile. "Well, you’re a good soul. Go first and wait for a while to enter one."
The first person to take part in the test, Wang Xiaodi, was a blockbuster. Even if this soul didn’t pass through, palace examination joined the Four Elephants Sect, so the airship clan door was ironclad. The attitude of the Godsworn in the Hall of the Soul improved a lot.
Look at the second brother’s soul.


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