"What suddenly fell asleep?"

"What about the charming flute? But it has no effect on you."
Naisha Naisha said that Orpheus is very cute and crooked. She seems to hear something, but she doesn’t feel anything.
When Naisha communicated with Orpheus, the lizard people leaned over and surrounded the two girls.
"There are no people worth caring about yet. I didn’t expect there are two talents here. Does it mean that it has become our master’s thing?"
Dressed in revealing clothes, Latine floated slowly from the sky. She had gathered a large number of red-eyed salamanders, and their departments were controlled by her flute.
"Lord? No, it doesn’t seem to be. "
See la ting naisha naisha slightly leng for a moment, and then reveal a lack of interest after discovering each other’s identity.
At present, the woman is not the devil, she has no host limit.
"I’m not interested in playing with you. I’m going back to rest. Come on, Orpheus."
Naisha Naisha said this and waved at Orpheus behind him. He didn’t intend to ignore the meaning of Latin in the day.
"Want to go you think you can go? Catch them and be careful not to kill them. "
As Latina reached the command, a lizard man spewed flames and launched a charge.
Naisha Naisha didn’t look at the lizard man, but Orpheus behind her gently raised her hand and immediately put out the half-flame, letting the lizard man moan and fall to the ground.
"Oh … it’s interesting. No wonder you can be unaffected by my flute."
Latin show some care about look to immediately a wave of his hand to those lizard people together to attack two women.
However, after the Latina command was reached, none of the lizard people moved Latina, and all the lizard people crouched there shivering.
"Some bastards with meager dragon blood are just brave enough to be in front of us."
Look at those lizard people Naisha Naisha with a contemptuous smile. She hasn’t shown her breath yet. It’s just that Orpheus has given off a breath that has made them crawl to the ground in fear.
"Interesting. Were you two originally dragons, too? I don’t know what it’s like to be with the’ Salandra’ leader or the little girl class dominator."
Latine showed some interest, and now she wants to get these two girls more.
Originally, there was not one person worth caring about in the whole’ Salaandra’, but I didn’t expect to meet two people here.
"Hum bloodline coercion? It’s unrealistic to expect these lizards." La Ting said this with a enchanting smile on her mouth and immediately raised her flute.
Before the stage, high and low sounded again … wonderful magic flute timbre.
This timbre is different from the dissonance just now. The sweet and attractive tone stimulates the senses of Naisha and Orpheus.
However, Latina’s proud gift is that there is no spark for the two women in front of her eyes, and Naisha’s face is also more and more pondering
"Nice music. Have you played enough?"
"How can what can’t afford to you? !”
Latina’s face looked surprised. This time, the flute sounded very different from that not long ago, but it worked for two women in front of her eyes.
"Well, it seems that you haven’t figured it out yet. We are definitely far behind."
Looking at his front, this is something that I don’t know about the so-called devil member Naisha said, and soon her appearance began to change.
"Is this breath dragon … pure blood? ?” The original was a little surprised, but now it’s a fear. Latina can’t believe it. Looking at the girl in front of her, she looks at the spiral dragon horn and long dragon tail coming out of her head.
Dragon horn and dragon tail may not be the symbolic features of dragon pure blood, but the girl’s breath in front of her is even more terrible than her master’s. What else can it be besides dragon pure blood?
What, what, there will be dragon pure blood here? Where does this strength appear in such a layer? !
Shouldn’t the strongest ‘Salaandra’ be the young leader?
"Devil’s servant, right … Then let’s play a game."
Looking at a face of horror, Latina Naisha smiled gently and immediately leaned slowly toward each other.
Chapter 368 Naisha Naisha
"Yeah, it’s not going to be solved early, but you owe me a big favor."
Said so lazy immediately Naisha hand toward Latina reached over.
"Since it’s the devil, let’s solve it by the devil’s game."
While saying this, Naisha’s mouth slowly raised and immediately painted black contract documents slowly fell to Latina’s hands.
Latine wants to escape and stay away from the contract document, but she can’t do anything about it, and she can watch the contract fall into her own hands.
Because this is the devil’s organizer, it is exactly the same compulsory game as her master made not long ago!
The game of grace is called the game of death
Organizer Naisha Naisha
The contestant Lating
Victory conditions kill each other.
Bet everything
The oath of respect is based on honor, and the flag organizer is limited to holding gift games.
The game of death has no gorgeous cover-up and naked sacrifice of life!
Root, there is no room for resistance. When you come into contact with that black contract document, the contract has been established in an instant.
"… what since the same is the devil! What’s going to kill me? We should have no conflict of interest! I’m sorry if our trip upset adults, and please come out if you want to make compensation! "
Bite a tooth unwilling to be killed by Long Chun’s blood in front of her eyes. La Ting raised her hand and made a gesture to meet them for the first time.
"Are you mistaken about something? Don’t you know what the devil is? The so-called devil ….. is to do whatever they want. Do they need a reason for what they do and what decisions they make? “
With a wicked smile Naisha Naisha said this, and immediately the palm of her hand continued to slowly lean toward Latina, trying to dodge, but she found her body moving completely. Latina just watched the other hand stab into her body with brilliant blood.
"You …" The spat spilled blood words haven’t finished yet, and the terrorist force is from Naisha Naisha’s palm to Latina.
It’s a kind of law, and the terrible power seems to be in power simply for destruction and destruction.
Lating knew that she was finished, and she was so easily killed by the other side without the slightest resistance.
Is this the real devil’s power? Dragon pure blood power?
It’s a desperate gap … It’s so terrible that we are just as small and ridiculous as ants in this box.
I’m sorry, master Latine can’t stay with you. I hope you can finish your grief and revenge.
The body function has been completely destroyed by Naisha Naisha, and Latina’s eyes have also lost their vitality. The flute has been slowly broken by her in her hand. Latina quietly closed her eyes and turned pale white light and slowly disappeared.
"Oh flute is the body? But it’s a pity that you met me. "
Look at the disappearance of La Ting Nai Shanaisha, slightly skimming the pie mouth, looking up and looking around, people who are stunned by flute control are slowly waking up.
"Let’s go, Orpheus, now that you’ve made moves, then a good man can do it to the end and solve the other troubles together."
Naisha Naisha looked up to see the sky at the boundary wall, where there were two battles going on.
For Lating’s death, Orpheus’s face look hasn’t changed at all. For the dragon god, it’s not necessary to sympathize with the weak when they die.


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