However, this is actually a constant sentence of ancient seal script, which makes the ancient writing skills not so good. Aoki bodhi old zu is a little depressed, but he still insists on reading while consulting ancient books, but it takes twenty years to read and read, and it is hard to read thousands of words, but it is actually a secular experience. Aoki almost vomited blood for three liters, and finally simply threw this upside-down school into the Sutra Pavilion.

Later, the world changed, and the morning glory sutra completely fell from the top floor of the sutra depository, and now it has become a corner of the sutra depository.
I have to say that Aoki’s ancient prose is really poor.
Sun Hao arranges thousands of words, most of which are worldly experiences.
At the time of 15 million words, there appeared "Jing Li Pai", saying that Petunia boy had contacted Xiuxian-Sanxiu identity and walked on the mainland, followed by Petunia boy’s long life as a low-level monk.
Sixty million words bring the cowherd into the foundation period.
70 million words bring the cowherd into the golden elixir period.
Then, how can a petunia sutra with knowledge and experience reach the stage of then?
Sun Hao thought of the Classic of Mountains and Seas, which is well known in the secular world. Sun Hao read the Classic of Mountains and Seas and the Classic of Petunias with the help of his mother when he was five years old. Perhaps it was the revised Classic of Mountains and Seas that Sun Hao gave such a position.
With the deepening of sorting out, the great guidance of the Petunia Sutra to the monks began to stand out, and Sun Hao also made one major discovery after another in this sutra.
First of all, this scripture is a treasure. According to the morning glory, Sun Hao has compiled two interpretation books, Morning glory classics and mineral classics, which have filled a lot of white value compared with Zongmen’s existing mineral records of spiritual plants.
Then Sun Hao compiled an Addendum to the Petunia Sutra based on the Petunia Sutra.
There are some solutions to the problem that it is difficult for several handmaids to guide qi.
Petunia boy remembered a semi-panacea for guiding qi.
Secular Qi-promoting Pills, Three Thousand-year-old Honeysuckles and Two Auxiliary Roots, Ebony charcoal, can be refined with slow fire to obtain Qi-guiding Dandan at Xianfan level, but those with spiritual roots can successfully guide Qi into the body and knock on Tianmen.
Sun Hao thinks that this Qi-guiding Dan may really have started his career as a gas refiner because the Petunia boy has become a junior monk.
Sun Haodan’s Addendum has collected more than 20 strange prescriptions, all of which are difficult for Sun Haohao to find out from the classics. In addition, he also collected the morning glory children’s knowledge of various techniques in alchemy. The identification method of alchemy furnace, the method of flame formation of alchemy, and Sun Hao thought that it was a struggle.
Finally, according to the morning glory sutra, Sun Hao also compiled a "Interpretation of Difficult Diseases of Low-level Godsworn", in which Xiao Wan is a barren woman who is suitable for flattery and has the ability to cultivate children’s strength.
Compiling four books wants to change the contribution of the clan. Sun Hao decided to take the master road.
Give these four to master.
Young and old people have leafed through the morning glory classics and the morning glory classics and minerals, and found that many of them have filled Aoki Zongbai.
The value is not small. Of course, young people are always dull, and talking in their mouths is just "ok"
Picking up the third place "Addendum to Petunia Sutra" means alchemy.
Calm, young and old, slowly open the addendum
On the first page, the effect of the first Dan Fang Qi-guiding Dandan medicine-grade semi-Lingdandan medicine helps those who live in Linggen to guide Qi into the body
The horse’s surface is still dull and shocked.
Qing Lao took a deep breath and looked at his brother in front of him. He thought that this little boy must not know that the value must be calm, and he must not be too proud.
Keep looking.
The first page is all about Xiao Dan Fang in the gas refining period. Well, there are a few good folk prescriptions, and there is no record to make up for the shortcomings of Zongmen.
The second page Dan Fang Xiao Zhu Ji Dan
Hmm? The spirit of youth and old age is another vibration, involving the word Tsukiji, which can’t help but affect his nerves. Aoki Sect, this kind of Sect, has only two monks in Tsukiji, but there are more than a dozen elders in dzogchen who refine gas.
What are they short of? I don’t know what effect this little Zhu Jidan has.
I didn’t look at the effect of Dan Fang Qinglao directly.
Dan Xiao wrote that Xiao Zuji Dan Zuji Dan had half the effect.
Well, Dan Xiao-xing is also very simple, but young Lao almost shouted out what this is. This is the rhythm that a Sect is about to revitalize.
Seeing this Dan Fang Qing Lao Bai one thing.
I, the precious disciple, have found the treasure.
After thinking about it, Qing Lao got up and played a note and said to Corleone airily, "These are a little valuable, but I am your master, so I’ll ask Xu Zongzhu to come and have a look."
Chapter 16 Synchronous Pre-cast Superposition
Sun Hao was kicked out of the sutra depository. Of course, he was careful. Qing Lao once again told Sun Hao to pay attention to confidentiality and not to tell anyone, and repeatedly told him that low-key, low-key and low-key is king.
Sun Hao misjudged Zongmen’s emphasis on the Four.
In the afternoon the next day, Qing Lao ran to the South Yard and threw Sun Hao a jade bottle containing four air-guiding Dan. "Sun Hao gave this to the patriarch who just refined the air-guiding Dan and asked them to try the effect of this Dan."
Call several brothers and their handmaids in the south yard, including Xiaozhu.
Moments later, the aura in the sky began to gather together, and the small body of Xiaozhu was already in the first floor of refining gas.
A moment later, Xiao Zhu opened his eyes and saw Corleone at first sight. He was in tears and jumped up and hugged Corleone. "I refined my gas …" Then he burst into tears.


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