By the end of the grand event, Mad Dog Dragon and Xiao Zhou had already set foot on the Star Ship and the Federal Legislative Yuan Ma was about to redefine the case of Gao Tianfeng.

Can Xiao Wu Shen Tong do justice and get justice? This is the last step. All the hardships and efforts have come to this day.
Li Dalong was called by the victim’s family to land in Tianxing and officially go to the Legislative Yuan. It was the fifth afternoon.
Xiaojia personally drove Li Dalong, Jiang Hua, Xiaowen and Yan Yuhua to the Federal Legislative Yuan, accompanied by Wang Lin and three media reporters with gold medals.
In the solemn and solemn Legislative Yuan Square, Li Dalong finally met Gao Tianfeng. If Xiaowu Shen Tong was not killed, Li Dalong would think that he was a handsome man.
Gao Tianfeng was also surrounded by a large group of people. Before entering, he first gave Li Dalong a cold stare, and the warning and bitterness in his eyes were extremely strong, and then he showed disdain and ridicule.
On Li Dalong fist immediately pinched, but on the side hold down his shoulder "so many days to endure, don’t worry at this moment".
Li Dalong can nod, and now he can control himself if he wants to do it.
The lobby of the Legislative Yuan is also similar to the federal court. On the left side is the accused seat, on the right side is the accused seat, surrounded by bailiffs, and on the periphery is the audience podium, the dean and the assessor.
The procedure is not complicated. On behalf of Li Dalong, Wang Lin filed a complaint with the Dean, who announced the acceptance result.
"I want to reiterate that this is not a federal court, but a federal legislative yuan. This is a place to discuss, implement, improve or amend laws. Please respect the acceptance results and safeguard the prestige of the legislative yuan!" Dean looked at Wang Lin and Jin Zhengyuan.
Kim Jong-won seems very confident. "I voluntarily respect the acceptance result!"
Wang Lin is also very confident. "I also voluntarily respect the acceptance results!"
Dean nodded and picked up the scroll and read word for word, "The prosecution statute of Gao Tianfeng’s rape case in Guanghui City of Happy Star has been accepted by the hospital, and the case body, new evidence chain and new files have been accepted …"
The hall was so quiet that everyone was highly nervous.
As time went by, the dean announced the result that "Gao Tianfeng’s rape case was extremely bad in nature. According to Article 1462 of the Federal Criminal Code, anyone who sexually assaulted a woman and caused the victim to lose her life should be severely punished …"
I heard that Wang Lin was really relieved.
Dean continued, "However, according to Article 1322 of the Federal Civil Code, the first-class citizens who have made great contributions to the Federation have a good attitude of pleading guilty, and they can be appropriately given a light sentence. They think that the Supreme Court’s judgment on Gao Tianfeng’s case is very in line with the relevant laws and regulations. There is no need to amend the relevant laws and regulations, and the court will not accept the prosecution’s suggestion and will not submit the application to the parliament for reconstruction …"
As soon as his voice fell, a large group of people cheered behind him, while others glanced at Li Dalong with color.
"Such a terrible murder case * * you actually think it’s reasonable!" Wang Lin lost her temper and rushed over. "Did you eat the evidence of Dean Nader?"
It’s a pity that she was blocked by the bailiff. On the stay where she was, he never dreamed that this was the result. He remembered Yuan Zheng’s warning that the Gaos were too powerful and you couldn’t beat them!
It is true that the Gao family even controlled the Legislative Yuan. The great efforts they have been making now seem like a joke.
At this time, Li Dalong couldn’t control himself any longer. Dial the crowd and rush to Gao Tianfeng. Even if he sacrificed himself, he would have to personally avenge the blood feud with Xiaowu.
But unfortunately, the bailiffs around are intelligent robots, and the police immediately stretched out their mechanical arms to hold him down, and it didn’t help how they struggled.
As soon as the Legislative Yuan fell into a huge chaos, everyone quickly swarmed with high winds, leaving Li Dalong alone to roar wildly. "Bastard, you murderous demon, don’t leave. Come back, come back."
But yelling at him, his eyes suddenly closed, and he fainted with anger … to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Last hope
In the early morning, the sky was extremely low, and the glorious city was shrouded in a gloomy atmosphere, as if it were surrounded by a gloomy atmosphere.
However, the weather did not affect Gao Tianfeng’s mood. He is in a very happy mood now, because he won another beautiful game in the Legislative Yuan yesterday.
Although his father Gao Yimin is no longer in office, he still has considerable influence in the legal profession and hierarchy.
"Hum with that a few poor wretches also want to bring me down? It’s just a dream! " Gao Tianfeng paced happily in the hall.
"I advise you to keep a low profile in the near future!" Gao Yimin also appeared in the living room. He looked at Gao Tianfeng with an expression on his face. "Do you think you have less things to share?"
"What can I do for Afeng?" Gao Tianfeng’s mother also came out. She looked at Gao Yimin with blame. "Isn’t it the past?" Feng just drank too much. Who hasn’t been young? Did I care when you were young? "
Gao Yimin said coldly, "It’s not easy for people to dig up the evidence again. I advise you to go out for a holiday with me these two days and stay in Tianxing, which may make others gossiping."
Gao Mu said, "Where’s Afeng? Are you with us? "
Gao Tianfeng hasn’t come to answer yet. The servant has quickly walked into the living room. "Gao always sits at the gate of our house. Many people are demonstrating. That’s Li Dalong."
"Oh?" Gao Tianfeng turned and said, "Show me!"
"Don’t go!" Gao Yimin is very experienced in this kind of thing. "Go to the police and let the police handle it!"
There are 70 people sitting in the middle of the street at the gate of Gaos Villa Courtyard. These people are Xiaowen calling from the slums. Because of these people, they have not lost their conscience. They know that the sense of justice left in the misery of life drives them to come.
However, they showed neither sadness nor anger, but silence and calm. Everyone sat in a row neatly, and they were protesting.
Li Dalong held the portrait of Xiaowu and Tong Shen in his chest and looked straight at Gaos thought gate.
Soon a police car with alarm arrived, and hundreds of police officers armed with riot shields and batons were equally neat in a row, eyeing the demonstrators and two large riot cars on both sides.
These policemen are personnel of Guanghui City General Administration, and the Federation does not allow the necessary manpower to stop the intelligent robot police from treating ordinary people who have not violated the law.
Led by a senior riot expert, he is shouting at the poor people with a megaphone.
"This is the Federal Police Headquarters, and it is now informing all citizens that the ongoing meeting has violated the first item of Article 20 of the Federal Demonstration Law, which is to illegally occupy public roads and bring harm to good citizens. I hope you will dissolve immediately …"
No one got up, and all these people looked around him coldly, and there were more and more people, and no one knew what was going on.


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