Lift up your face and sip your mouth at Saunders. Compared with a middle finger, Zhao Li is also secretly proud of Li Mengdie, but his body has fallen into multiple orgasms in a row. Although it is not necessarily direct to make peace with this, it is still something to be proud of after all.

Christine has been listening to Zhao Li’s voice outside, and she rushed in and stared at Zhao Li as if she were looking at a bitter enemy. Her angry eyes seemed to have been able to kill people.
See this rage Christine Zhao Li also embarrassed, but still crustily skin of head pointed to the "butterfly is much better and sleeping, why don’t you go in and have a look"
Christine took a hard look at Zhao Li after hearing the news, and snorted a face of dissatisfaction, which fully expressed her attitude before she rushed inside.
Watching Christine enter the intensive care unit, Zhao Li turned to Sanders’ side. Sanders shrugged at Zhao Li and held out his hand to signal this and him.
A move makes Zhao Li smile and can’t be with him? Thanks to Saunders, he can make such a koo expression, but after all, he got a cheap kiss and tell. Some words are really hard to say, especially this guy listened to a game at the door, and the sound insulation effect in the intensive care unit was not good enough. I may not be able to say that this old rascal is better than to eat immediately.
A sign for the corpsman to walk out of the door. He’s still waiting outside, and he doesn’t know how to go in to help. But Li Mengdie can’t wear anything at this time. Don’t let him in.
"If I had known you had this thing, I would have tortured you carefully." Zhao Li looked at Sanders in an empty corner and looked at him with some surprise.
Prison life still has an impact on Sanders. After hearing this, I know that he is telling the truth. He smiled slightly and didn’t talk back. He has been once. It is not surprising that Zhao Li would say so.
"Is there him in this thing besides this accident?" Although Zhao Li hasn’t felt any difference yet, Li Mengdie has been rescued by this, so how to ask clearly before talking? Zhao Li always feels a little refreshed and moves from time to time.
I haven’t found anything so far. Sanders looked at Zhao Li and moved his hands and feet at will, but he didn’t feel strange at all. It’s good for your health. After recovering from injury, it will definitely make your heart laugh in your dreams. Seeing Zhao Li seems a little unbelievable. Sanders added, "Why can you and I continue to fight with you without rest?"
When Zhao Ligang went to prison, Saunders and I also had a contest with each other. At that time, Saunders showed fierceness and taught Zhao Li a lesson. Zhao Li had dislocated his arm, but Saunders found a wall and installed it conveniently. He almost rested for less than ten minutes and continued to fight. This impressed Zhao Li very much. Unexpectedly, it was actually related to this.
It’s strange that I always feel a little excited when I talk or think. I don’t know if it’s because I lost my true qi and there are still some changes, or the sand is always very strange
And to Zhao Li’s surprise, it seems that at the moment, he is full of energy and always wants to find a place to vent, but at the moment he can’t find that kind of hearty feeling. There is a feeling that the surging river is endless but blocked in a small river ditch, which is as depressed and uncomfortable as flowing freely.
No matter whether it’s touching or not, before he asks carefully, there has come, and the steps are straight towards him
Chapter one hundred and nine Breaking into the enemy camp alone
"Zhao Li, what on earth did you do to her?" People haven’t appeared yet. Christine sounded like nature to Zhao Li and Sanders. Even when questioned, there was an indescribable attraction.
When I heard this question, Zhao Li knew that there would be such a time to hide, but I couldn’t bite the bullet and face Sanders before I left, only to see that this guy made a helpless expression at himself and then disappeared in a threatening gesture.
"What’s the matter with you recently?" It’s very sad to see Zhao Li-ke Christine’s face expressionless. A lot of things have happened recently. Christine doesn’t know what’s going on. Whether it’s people who come out inexplicably or do these things, there is always a mysterious feeling. Especially, she doesn’t know who these people are and what they have done
If Christine swears or blames Zhao Li once, it doesn’t matter. Now she is such a delicate and touching expression. After the recent revision of Christine in You Ke, this temptation is even more difficult for Zhao Li, a teenager, to resist, although he just got rid of his status as a teenager.
"Military secrets can’t be said" has such a best excuse. Anyway, Zhao Li has been exposed to high secrets from prison, but there are one or two that can’t be said to be very normal.
Seeing Zhao Li offering the magic weapon of military secrets, Christine can’t do anything. Everyone is a soldier, and there are more secrets in the genius school. You can’t ask or say that Zhao Li’s move just makes Christine do nothing.
Understanding is understanding, but it doesn’t mean that Christine can understand. She has always looked at Zhao Li with the same expression that she has been wronged greatly. This kind of gaze on Zhao Li will soon be defeated.
I grabbed Christine’s shoulder, but the horse felt that it was inappropriate. I was clumsy and put it away, but I didn’t know where to put my hand. The funny appearance made Christine across the street laugh at once, but she immediately realized that Zhao Li couldn’t relax at this time and stretched her face.
Looking at Christine, Zhao Li will know that it is not so easy to fool the past today, but it seems that there are still some residual effects after eating sand. Seeing Christine’s charm in the bones, no matter how much she suppresses her thoughts, there are still some desires rising.
Although I know I shouldn’t think so, Zhao Li’s eyes can’t stop Christine from turning around. I have to mobilize the basic body-building exercises again. It’s better to endure for a week, but my body is still excited.
Zhao Li has never looked at Christine with that kind of pervert’s eyes, and Christine is used to his clear eyes. Suddenly, he seems to have become a pervert, and he can’t help but giggle when he stays but the horse, which makes Zhao Li very easy to suppress his desire and almost burst into flames.
Fighting back the urge to push Christine to a huge desire, Zhao Li was at a loss. Christine looked at him more impudent and took a step forward, almost leaning against his chest.
Ambiguous fragrance looms from Christine’s body, and I can still feel her amazing elasticity. Even with the help of basic body-building exercises, I can’t bear to hug her hands.
Christine’s body is like a fish. Zhao Li gently turned around and then she emerged. He mastered the charming smile and avoided a distance. She still maintained that amazing temptation. Her red lips moved. "You really don’t want to tell me what happened?"
"Christine, don’t make me. It’s a military secret!" Having endured his secret for many years, Zhao Li has amazing talent and long-term exercise for this stunt of keeping his mouth shut, even if he is burning with desire, he has not forgotten to keep the secret.
"Do you want me?" Christine’s eyes turned to Zhao Lishen, and Zhao Li smelled that if-if aroma, though a little faint, made Zhao Li almost erupt.
"think!" Zhao Li, who was stimulated by sand particles, didn’t even want to say this sentence. He never dared to say presumptuous words before, but he seemed to feel relaxed after saying it.
"Then take your time!" Christine passed by Zhao Li lightly and attached it to his ear, saying that her red lips kept touching Zhao Li’s earlobe, which made Zhao Li even more embarrassed. Finally, she threw a sentence, "Come to me when you want to say something to me!" I took a hard bite of Zhao Li’s earlobe and floated away, leaving a message "I will tell her what you did to Adie, and you can explain it to her slowly!"
The hook witch disappeared, but Zhao Li was lured up, but her desire could not be released. She could just stay where she was and constantly mobilize the basic body-building skills, and it took almost ten minutes for several weeks to relax a little.
When I turned my head, I saw Saunders appear not far away, looking at his ear with a mysterious smile. He had just been bitten by Christine, and his earlobe turned red.
"What a great opportunity!" Saunders looked at Zhao Li with a smile. "Is it rare to let a stunner go like this?"
Hearing Saunders’ teasing words, Zhao Li couldn’t help but become angry from embarrassment. "It’s all for you to cover up!" The tone of voice is urgent, but the voice is not high, and I am afraid that someone around me will hear it.
"Thank you!" Saunders didn’t say anything to stimulate Zhao Li this time, but he thanked him sincerely.
I feel that in addition to the desire for fire, there is another way to suppress the desire to fight and vent Zhao Li’s feelings. "Are there any new trends in those black jails?"
"They control a processing plant, and it is estimated that it will be a big one." Sanders just got the news from Kang Hongyuan when he saw Zhao Li being teased by Christine.
"Go and end them!" Stimulated by desire and hormones, Zhao Li is ready to leave with a wave of his hand.
"I’m going to join the team" to see Zhao Li is not like a joke. Saunders promised to be stopped by Zhao Li as soon as he was about to leave.
"No, just the two of us!" A burst of excitement made Zhao Li say the words "Dare?"
Saunders looked at Zhao Li dumbfounded as if he saw an unknown person. Finally, he vomited to the ground, "Mom, eat this again and find more women for you. Mom’s kidney gland secretion is so strong!"


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