Up to now, Mu Mu has been turned for five rounds.

Mu Mu is a real player. Although Zuo Tangtang is a little white, he also knows that the false mother can defeat the people with amazing fighting power, but Mu Mu can win the false mother. Every time he makes progress, it is more severe than every time. From the enemy’s dumping quantity and remaining blood, it can be seen that Mu Mu broke out and the damage value was high.
Even the fifth round can beat them.
But in the end, they joined another person.
Watching Mu Mu fall down again, Zuo Tangtang couldn’t restrain his anger and sadness.
The most powerful thing in her heart is that she is hurt by these people in this place and at this time!
He works so hard! He’s that good! He’s not wrong!
But what? What could be so trampled on!
If they fight each other, it will be a win! But with this despicable means, I insulted Mu Mu again and again, insulted the one that made me hide and bathe again and again, insulted the one that has been taking care of me, and insulted it again and again. I brushed it so many times, but I was too tired to tell me anything about Mu Mu!
Is this game so unfair?
This game can be completely arbitrary and?
This game can be so insulting and so good?
If so, then I don’t believe it! I don’t want to believe it!
There is black and white in this world. I don’t believe that black can be better than white?
Zuo Tangtang walked firmly in front of that group of people step by step, even though she was not skilled, she wanted to do so at the moment.
"Hoof hooves! Come back! " Mu mu is yelling in her eyes.
Hehe, gentle mu mu would be so yelling.
"Don’t worry about mu mu to see me" Zuo Tangtang said steadily and firmly in front of mu mu at the moment.
Until a long time later, Mu Yunxian still can’t forget Zuo Tangtang’s straight back in front of him at that moment of frustration and indignation.
[24 Chapter 25 Consciously Training]
Zuo Tangtang knows that he can’t learn from others, and he can’t attack them in groups like Mu Mu. It’s a declaration of war to simply hook the person who has just arrived there with a red hook.
I don’t know whether Zuo Tangtang played at a high level in anger at this time or the last person had a low level of learning. Zuo Tangtang successfully flew a kite in the open field of the Royal Guards. He always tied his skills and pulled him to the windmill when he didn’t fight.
When this man named Xuanyuan bully fell to the ground, Zuo Tangtang took a deep breath and didn’t care about the other five people next to him, so he meditated in situ and returned to blood.
Haven’t back to full blood Zuo Tangtang was a strong pull in the past, turned out to be the Xuanyuan bully days full of blood after the resurrection of direct ghost claw agent you will guard against Zuo Tangtang’s side.
Zuo Tangtang’s method is still thinking that the fake mother once told her to confuse the enemy and then hit the game with a hard blow while the whole map is kite-flying in Xuanyuan.
Xuanyuan Batian fell to the ground for the second time
[Nearby] Xuanyuan Batian will come again!
Zuo Tangtang glanced coldly, although she didn’t say anything, she did it.
After waiting for Xuanyuan Batian to get up and resurrect, Zuo Tangtang directly stopped it and dragged it to the front with ghost claws. The ending was the same as once, Xuanyuan Batian lost.
[Nearby] Xuanyuan Batian, you are taking advantage of me unprepared! Shame!
Seeing this, Zuo Tangtang smiled angrily. They are the opposing enemies. Maybe she said when she attacked him that I was going to fight? This is not a contest. You should be prepared when you get up and resurrect!
Now you should be prepared, thinking that Zuo Tangtang called again.
Xuanyuan Batian’s reaction is very quick and sensitive. Hum, is this also called not ready? Zuo Tangtang thought about knocking down Xuanyuan bully again at the same time.
[Nearby] Xuanyuan Batian, I said that you idiot didn’t see it. I said don’t take advantage of me again!
Before Zuo Tangtang could react, the other five people gathered around and killed Zuo Tangtang as if they had got any news.
Later, I will talk about how Zuo Tangtang resurrected these six people again and again, as if they had found new fun, and they died again and again.
Until the number of resurrection in situ has ended.
Zuo Tangtang’s eyes are full of gray world. She looks at those people walking around her arrogantly. What Xuanyuan bully left a message on the nearby channel that bitch is melodramatic.
Zuo Tangtang is lying on the ground. Does she think that everything is so absurd and ridiculous? Is it that the other party’s mistakes come to her and she is accused of being a bitch? Accused of winning or not? So many people have killed her again and again without any guilt.
This is the game?
In Zuo Tangtang’s stupefaction, the group of people left.
Zuo Tangtang left without saying hello to Mu Mu.
Chengdu jietou
Standing quietly in the bustling crowd, watching everyone in a hurry, Zuo Tangtang’s thoughts have already gone somewhere.
Even if I’m not around, Mu Yunxian seems to feel Zuo Tangtang’s low mood and is very cooperative in saying nothing.
It was a long time before the silence was broken.
Mumu looked at the brain screen and Zuo Tangtang said softly, "I’m sorry, but I’m okay."
MuYun idle smiled a "silly hoof hoof what are you talking about is I bring trouble to you and I didn’t protect you, how can you be you? Are you letting us do this? "
"Not like this!" Zuo Tangtang quickly said, "I am …"
[Private chat] Let’s go to the station with Wan Li hoof. Today we are in the station pk.
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters. Mm-hmm ~ Good horse.
Because Zuo Tangtang forgot to add a gang station to send a point, he could ride a horse and wait until he finally arrived. Zuo Tangtang had already seen the false mother waiting for her in the crowd.
It’s the crowd. Zuo Tangtang looks at this group of people with a black line. She doesn’t know what soy sauce gang is doing. Are they still in favor of them for nine days without pulling darts?
Playing soy sauce to help the public see Zuo Tangtang’s eyes lit up, and they stopped fighting and chattering. They all greeted their sister-in-law papers before, and they were all beaming. I didn’t expect to meet their sister-in-law papers at the station. You know, they haven’t seen their sister-in-law papers for a long time these days ~
Zuo Tangtang watched in horror as the soy sauce gang rushed over like a scourge and wanted to yell at the pseudo-mother who was watching, "You did it on purpose!"
A bean has something to say. In fact, a bean has been coded long ago, but it has never been overheated because it was sold now. Hey, hey, I wrote it for a few hours today and felt the good feeling of having a draft in the box. But it’s 11 o’clock now and I still have to hand it in!
[25 Chapter 26 The elder brothers want to gamble]
When the soy sauce gang learned that their sister paper was coming to cultivate combat effectiveness, they calmed down their excitement and consciously retreated to both sides of the venue. Zuo Tangtang was about to take a long breath, but this tone could not be smooth, because she saw that the soy sauce gang was very lively watching her and the false mother just sent melon soda in the front row.
Ah, hey, I said, if you look at it so boldly, I’ll kill myself for you in minutes!


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