"I think I won’t buy your company this time. If possible, we can cooperate with each other!"

"I … how can I not understand you?" Manager Jin really doesn’t understand what Lu Xiusi says.
Lu Xiusi smiled and looked at the hands around him. "You go first!"
"Yes," they should retreat.
Lu Xiusi looked at Mr. Jin and said solemnly, "Mr. Jin invited you to become a shareholder in our name this time!"
Lu Hughes stretch out his slender hands.
"Into a stake in …? Manager Lu, I can do this … "Manager Jin couldn’t help but stammer when he heard Hugh Lu speak.
"Yes, let’s sit down and talk about it!" Lu Xiusi invited General Manager Jin to sit in the chair.
Manager Jin is like a clown who has lost his soul at this time. He didn’t expect that he could be so lucky. He didn’t sell the most profitable company and still have a chance to be on an equal footing with Lujia.
"Mr. Jin, I take a good look at this company that will be acquired, but because you are in urgent need of money, I think it would be a pity if this company were in the hands of others." Lu Xiusi said to Mr. Jin seriously
"So … you want this company to become your company?" Manager Jin recognized it as soon as he got there.
"Mr. Jin deserves to be a experienced white man in the shopping mall. You will understand as soon as I say it!" Hugh Lu couldn’t help laughing.
"Manager Lu, I am really …" Manager Jin felt that he was a jerk before, so he simply slapped his ears.
"Manager Jin, don’t let things go like this!" Lu Xiusi quickly got up and stopped General Jin from harming himself.
Manager Jin was ashamed to say, "I’m such a jerk. You Lujiajia are really a big company!"
"Isn’t the ultimate goal of the general manager Jin to make money? To put it bluntly, it is mutual benefit!" Lu Xiusi comforted General Manager Jin.
"Manager Lu" looked at Lu Xiusi with admiration. "Manager Lu, no matter what conditions you talk about, I agree that you not only didn’t hurt me, but helped me and my children."
"It’s also good for me that Manager Jin helps you!" Lu Xiusi can’t bear to see manager Jin blaming himself so much.
"Thank you, Manager Lu!" Gold always say that finish suddenly give Liu Xiusi knelt down.
"Jin Zong, don’t do this!" Lu Xiusi hurriedly helped General Jin up "Go and take the money to the casino to redeem your child!"! Let’s talk about the conditions later! "
"Manager Lu, you and Lu Qingzhou … are really different!" Gold always looked at Hugh Lu and said with a sigh.
"I don’t need to care so much because the roots of Lu’s family are the same!" Lu Xiusi said
"Thank you, Manager Lu. Then I’ll excuse myself first!" Manager Jin thanked Lu Xiusi and left the room after Lu Xiusi saw him.
When Liu Fu came out, Lu Qingzhou had not walked outside the door, waiting for landing. Qingzhou saw Liu Fu coming out and quickly greeted him.
"Grandpa, I …" Lu Qingzhou wanted to talk but stuck in her mouth and didn’t say it.
"Don’t say anything. Manager Jin has told me the general situation. Lu Qingzhou, have you really done such a disappointing thing?" Liu Fu looked at Lu Qingzhou in disbelief.
"Grandpa, you have to believe me. You can’t believe an outsider saying that I am your own grandson!" Lu Qingzhou said painfully
"It is with this factor in mind that I decided to personally investigate the cause and effect of this matter to ensure that everyone will not be wronged!" Lu Fu looked at Lu Qingzhou. "I hope the result won’t let me down!"
Lu Qingzhou heard that Liu Fu wanted to investigate it himself and looked even more depressed.
"Why? Feel more depressed, "Liu Fu detected Lu Qingzhou little mood and asked.
"No grandpa, you must do this, otherwise my innocence is really gone!" Lu Qingzhou pretended to be very heart, but his heart was depressed.
"Well, Qingzhou, you can go back now. I’ll wait for them here for a while!" Liu Fu said to Lu Qingzhou
"No, I also want to wait here! I’ll see how this man who planted me came out! " Lu Qingzhou looked at Liu Fu resentment and said
"Qingzhou sex, when you see him, I’m afraid your emotions are out of control!" Liu Fuzui said so, but actually he didn’t want manager Jin to come out and get hurt by Lu Qingzhou.
"No, I will wait for you here. If you don’t let me follow you here, I will feel that you are a little biased today and I will tell grandma!" Lu Qingzhou moved Lu Mu out when he had to.
"All right," Lu Fu compromised at the time when he heard Lu Mu’s name. "You wait here with me, but don’t get too excited when Manager Jin comes out later!"
"Ok, I know!" Lu Qingzhou at the request of Liu Fu eyes staring at the door.
When Manager Jin came out, Lu Qingzhou looked at Manager Jin as if he were going to see through him.
Section 117
As soon as Kim went out, he saw Liu Fu behind him. Qingzhou looked at his eyes, and Kim was scared.
"Thank you, Master Lu. I really appreciate your kindness!" After seeing Liu Fu, Mr. Jin couldn’t help kneeling on the ground and kowtowing.
Lu Fu quickly lifted General Manager Jin up. "How can we get up with such a big gift?"
Manager Jin thanked Liu Fu for saying, "I did such a heartless thing before, but you not only didn’t punish me, but also helped me …"
Lu Qingzhou was very curious when he heard that General Manager Jin said to help him.
"Help you?" Lu Qingzhou a face of surprise to ask the total gold.
At Lu Qingzhou, Mr. Jin bowed his head. "Mr. Lu said he wouldn’t buy my company and let me take a stake in me …"


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