So he nodded. "Then do as you say … Mom, this Valencia … bureau is not good!" "

Rudy Gonzalez also left, and Chang Sheng sat in a chair thinking about where to find a physical fitness coach.
He can’t just find one. It’s better to keep Rudy Gonzalez as well.
So he hopes to find a qualified physical fitness coach.
He thought about forming his own coaching class before, but he didn’t expect to enter the concrete implementation stage so early.
Anyway, if you want to find a physical fitness coach now, you should simply find a physical fitness coach who can enter your own coaching class, so that you can take it with you wherever you go in the future, and you will have to encounter this situation in Valencia now.
At that time, even if the opposing team has as many physical coaches, it is always right to have a physical coach.
It’s this physical fitness coach. Where can I find it?
Chang Sheng discovered that [Golden Pupil] can see the player’s ability. It would be nice if you could also see the coach’s ability … Then you might know who is an excellent physical coach by a glance.
Now … it seems that there is really no way to find a suitable physical fitness coach.
Ever-victorious will lean back in the chair, close your eyes and quietly think about the solution to the problem
Where can I find a fitness coach?
Where to …
When he was sad, Lin Moyin suddenly sounded in his mind, "Always wins, you are new."
"What’s the matter now?" There is no game in the new season. What’s new?
After he led Hertha to win the King’s Cup, he now has 5.116 million experiences and 1.7 thousand points of energy, which is still far from upgrading to 12 million.
"This is a big one, and there are many small ones," Lin Mo explained. "The big one is to set up your own coaching class, and the small one is to find candidates for various positions. When all the small ones are completed, nature will be completed. Now you have a small one-find a suitable physical trainer."
Ever-victorious while listening to Lin Mo’s explanation, he entered the unified logging.
Sure enough, it turned out to be a white log with an extra mark "unfinished"
The first puzzle
It is the most important and safest thing for you to set up your own coaching staff so that this force belongs to you instead of the team, but you have brought in Rudy Gonzalez. If you two can’t be regarded as "coaching staff", the physical fitness coach will be the first puzzle. If you can find an excellent and suitable physical fitness coach, it will be a very beneficial step for your coaching staff plan, because everyone knows what physical fitness coach means in the modern football calendar.
Target find a qualified physical fitness coach.
Reward 300 thousand experience!
Energy 50 points!
Training skills [secondary physical fitness and strength training]!
[Secondary Aerobic Training]!
Changsheng saw a question here, "How do I know if I am qualified to find a physical fitness coach?"
"This is judged by the system. If it is qualified, it will be completed automatically. If it is unqualified, it will not be completed."
"I depend! Isn’t this a lie? So I’m not looking for someone to buy lottery tickets? Does your lottery center have the final say if you don’t win the prize? "
"How can you say that? You can judge whether a person has real talent or not by knowing his resume and observing his past achievements carefully. Of course, if you sometimes do a test, for example, ask the other person to write you a physical training plan. "
Changsheng thinks this idea is reliable.
He quit the system and Lin Mo was silent.
He continued to think about where to find a reliable physical fitness coach.
Even if he can’t do this, he needs to find an individual energy coach.
But after seeing the reward, he now feels that he must finish this as soon as possible.
Because rewarding two training skills is what he needs most now!
[Secondary physical fitness and strength training] is the training skill given by Lin Mo at the first level. [Primary physical fitness and strength training] The upgrade means that the effect is increased from 3% to 5% on the basis of primary skills.
The same is true of [secondary aerobic training]
For Chang Sheng, the physical training before the new season comes first. At this time, the effect of physical training is better than that during the season, because the players will not be too tired, and the intensity of physical training is acceptable. If the league is played in the middle of the season, the players will be easily tired, and a lot of physical preparation training will easily lead to injuries to the players.
The best time to prepare for physical fitness is now.
With these two skills, the effect will be greatly enhanced.
Winning Valencia’s design tactics really needs a good physical foundation, otherwise he can’t play crazy running tactics.
The tactic of winning is called "mad dog", but have you ever seen a mad dog lying on the ground with your tongue out and panting after a few steps?
You can only be called a "mad dog" if you don’t stop until you die, or you are a dead dog.
But it’s not easy to complete this character. Where can I find it?
At this time, winning mind suddenly flashed some pictures.
He feels familiar with these words, but he is a little strange. In these pictures, no one is others, and the focus seems to be a young man.
When he woke up from his memory, he found that he knew who the man was.
It’s strange, but he just knows
He not only knows who this person is, but also knows who this person is and what happened to him.
As if they had known each other for a long time.
Elias Dominique
Graduated from the German Institute of Physical Education in Cologne, taking sports psychology and rehabilitation sports for the disabled as two majors are special scientific training control.
The most important thing is that this person used to be a physical fitness coach at Hamburg Club in Germany and Helenfen Club in the Netherlands.
Chang Sheng reacted that this person didn’t know himself, but the former knowledge of Chang Sheng usually didn’t appear in his memory, but when he entered the key word "physical fitness coach" in his brain for consciousness retrieval, the memory of the former Chang Sheng and this person automatically emerged.
Is this person who needs a physical fitness coach now?
But anyway, this may be an option.
Thought of here, Changsheng got up and left the office.
Today is a coach meeting, but the coaching staff are all deformed and there is nothing to meet.


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