After listening to it for a long time, Song Chang-geng stood silently holding his sword. He knew that everything in the world has its own reasons. Buddhism can flow so widely and naturally has its own truth. In it, the world’s own experience and good E Lai’s evaluation of the Buddhist body are biased. When he was in Emei Mountain, Tian Meng calculated himself in Ziyun Palace and Fentuo calculated himself

These things make me give up Buddhism completely, which is actually extreme. Those things are just their own thoughts and actions. They can’t represent Buddhism. They are still sinking in this person. They don’t even have the qualification to say that their actions are Buddha’s intentions. Now that the Buddha has come in person, it is certainly generous and compassionate.
I didn’t press myself, I didn’t force myself, but Song Changgeng knew that he had been moved by the other side. The good deeds were accomplished in the breath like spring rain. Thought of this, he sighed in his heart and said, "It turned out that the Buddha personally sent down the younger generation and was rude to you. I remembered that Buddhism, Taoism and magic are all about getting all beings out of their misery.
There should be no distinction between high and low in different directions. When I go back, it will affect people. The emperor will make him treat Buddhism and Taoism the same. When I set up the Friar League, the Buddhist brother can be the same as the Taoist brother of the Magic Sect. Today, the fate has reached the hope that the saints will be merciful and seek more guidance in my future. "
Say that finish, put away the perfect four stare blankly, such as topaz’ Tongtian shattered sword’ and still put it away. The heavenly sword Dan was originally in the right chest and then whispered’ South Amitabha’ in the middle of the worship. At that time, the treasure was solemn, but in the middle of it, the ethereal fairy frowned. He vaguely felt that it seemed that Song Changgeng could emerge from murder because of the help of Buddhists.
I can’t help but feel unhappy. In his opinion, Song Chang-geng is already a middleman in interception of education, so he shouldn’t hook up with foreign teachers. It’s just a matter of life and death that there are teachers to deal with foreign teachers reaching out. The more I think about it, the heavier his face is. In fact, it is not only that he is 33 days away, but also that the sage thinks so. After recovering the four swords of Zhu Xian and the spirit of the array, he has been as heavy as water.
The original Buddha beside chuckled, "How to get friends to make you angry? In fact, it is too dangerous for you to choose your brother, which will make your brother centrifugal. That is, you will be rescued when he enters the killing road in the future, but can you restore everything that has been destroyed?" If you can’t, you’ll not only ruin Didoko, but also make him resent your suffering? "
Tongtian frown way "hate me? With what? I am his master, and everyone knows that thunder, rain and dew are the lifelong fathers of Junen. Why should he hate me if he lives or dies? "
The original Buddha dazed a wry smile way "why are you still like this? I’ve been talking for a long time, but I just like to take things out of context. No wonder it’s called interception. It’s interception. You want to ignore the whole and the real meaning, and you’ve lost the right way. It seems that your thoughts are still in the era of the wild. Don’t you know the human protagonist today?
And human beings are naturally complicated and eccentric, especially after the gods are sealed, the people’s wisdom is getting stronger and stronger. They are even more disrespectful to gods and buddhas, and they are very rebellious. The two westerners feel that they need all kinds of means to meet peace instead of forcing them to manage their younger brothers. I’m afraid I can’t. If you go like this again, my younger brother will be eccentric and rebellious sooner or later. "
"How dare he! Hum, if he dares to rebel against me like Duobao, he will be destroyed! " Tongtian couldn’t help but fly into a rage when he heard the original words. There was a flash of color in the eyes of the original Buddha. He was so generous and bitter, of course, with a purpose. Song Changgeng naturally didn’t know that he was using Amitabha to help calm his mind.
Just now, I was immersed in the murder and practiced the "Tongtian Broken Sword", but it did harm to my body. When he changed into a giant, he was absorbed by the "Tongtian Broken Sword". The failure of the avatar caused great harm to my body and spirit. He just swept away his body casually and now there are cracks in the nine tripod.
And Ding’s life has been exhausted by him twice in a row, and some of them are dying. This is not what he is most worried about. He has been checking up after talking with Amitabha after waking up, and at the same time, he is recalling that he has just learned Taiji beads in the sea and has not moved to protect his spirit.
If Tai Chi Beads move, then although the four swords are strong in murder, how can they keep their spirits from getting lost? Now they rely on Tai Chi Beads most. Obviously, the leader of Tongtian has tampered with it. He clearly remembers that what this Tai Chi can achieve is Tongtian’s help. Who knows what he has done in it?
In fact, he doesn’t know what kind of person he is. How can you say something so disreputable? If you really want to be bad for him, you can directly kill it. This is the way to control him. That is what the leader of Tongtian doesn’t like. He likes swords, even if he likes swords. He should do things honestly. He doesn’t care to do these intrigues.
Song Chang-geng’s mind, Mud Pill Palace knows the sea Tai Chi beads, but it is normal that they can actually kill the substance but have no reaction. But Song Chang-geng belongs to the explosion. After he got these treasures, he knew little about them, and he always felt resentful that his treasures could not even affect his spirit.
He couldn’t help frowning at the thought that he had got a sword but hurt Jiu Ning Ding and his body. At this moment, he heard a clear voice in the void and suddenly entered his mind, saying, "My elder brother is so careful. It’s only a scripture that you have to practice to that hundred generations. Now that you have hurt Daoji, it’s time to help you. Who let you teach me predestination?"
Chapter six hundred and forty Fish in the pond
You and I are destined to teach?’ How does this sound so familiar? Song Chang Gung couldn’t help feeling strange in his mind. He couldn’t remember who liked to say this for a moment, because before he could react, he felt the image of a lotus Buddha sitting on all sides with four arms in his body. His golden flame billowed and a faint Brahma sang in his sea of knowledge.
That sound seems to have infiltrated from the emptiness. The Buddha’s whole body momentum has become majestic in Sanskrit, which seems to be a statue that can truly reverse the great master’s taking pictures of the sun, the moon and the stars, destroying the universe, and spreading momentum in other places will make all life have the impulse to worship at the sight of this Buddha, even Song Changgeng is no exception.
Fortunately, he also practiced successfully, and the other party didn’t come to let him visit the Buddha’s face, Song Chang-geng’s Buddha statue, Zhang Jinkou, and a fist of golden light flew out, and then a burst of sandalwood and golden halo came out. Before Song Chang-geng came over, the golden light flew over and sank into the sea of his knowledge, and the image of the Buddha disappeared.
But when he left, he did chuckle in the spirit of Song Chang Gung. "I am allowed to live in the Samsung Cave on the slanting moon in the square inch mountain of GZ, but now the fate has not arrived. When the fate arrives in the future, you can come to my square inch mountain to listen and accept your apprentice. It’s not a good intention to benefit your life. Just be careful."
Before Song Chang-geng could understand his meaning, the sound in his mind had completely disappeared, and then he felt whole body shaking. A closer inspection revealed that the golden light had actually sunk into the right chest’ Faust Bone Ball’. It was because of his entry that his body shook. At the sight of this situation, Song Chang-geng suddenly surprised himself that’ Faust Bone Ball’ was a magic weapon of evil spirits, and that golden light was Buddha’s light.
At the thought of here, he estimated that the baby inside could not keep it, but he still rushed in, but the changes inside made him dumbfounded. The golden light seemed not to destroy the things inside, but to blend the scattered golden light into the magic weapon here to change them imperceptibly. Song Chang-geng had never seen such a thing and could not help but sigh that Buddhism was wonderful.
He saw the thirty-six skulls covered with golden light, and then the visibility of the naked eye changed. First, it changed into human form. Then, after the equipment such as bone armor and weapons appeared, he saw a golden light flowing from the body of bones and ghosts to the golden light disappearing from its head. The skeleton has become a golden armor and a king kong.
After the completion of this King Kong, before the other skulls changed, Song Changgeng listened to Xu Zhongyi and roared angrily, "I will not spare you if you bastard dare to attack my apprentice!" When the sound faded, a strong clear light rushed out of the void, and when it came into contact with the golden light, it scattered the metal light. The two forces collided in the body and made Song Changgeng’s head’ boom!’ I lost consciousness as soon as I started.
Thirty-three days later, I felt that the magic weapon in Song Chang Gung’s body had changed, and as soon as I detected it, I was now in two places in the vicinity. I couldn’t help but be angry. When I saw this guy, all new and old hatreds poured in, and after a binge drinking, I actually went out to ignore the original Buddha next to me and turned into a clear light, but I crossed several barriers to kill him.
After Tongtian left, the original Buddha shook his head and said to himself, "This quasi-body is really alas! I have spared no effort to show western religion, but you robbed me of Taoist fortune in the past, and now you want to rob me of it and be bullied by our brothers? If you want to be beautiful, I won’t let you do it. This little guy is an important chess game for us Taoists to compete for the future celestial world. Can you intervene? "
As soon as he spoke, he left the robe sleeve and danced away. A clear light suddenly disappeared into the void, and then he appeared in Song Chang-geng’s body to compete with the golden light. Song Chang-geng was unbearable and fainted gorgeously.
When he woke up faintly, he turned to look at himself in the palace and saw that Qin sisters were sitting not far away. When he woke up, Qin Han Calyx cheered and came quickly with Qin Ziling. Song Changgeng took a look at them and felt a little weak, so he sank into his body and looked at it carefully. Now everything inside is still golden and disappeared.
Whether the "Fauna Bone Ball" or "Fauna Bone Ball" has not changed. After running the strength in his body for a few weeks, he felt and stopped, and he couldn’t help wondering where the golden light was. Is it that clear light? Although puzzled in the heart, he knew that it was not the time to see the body, so he turned his mind to Qin’s sisters and asked, "What’s wrong with me? How long have you been in a coma? "
Qin Han calyx was about to speak, but she held back and looked at Qin Ziling. Qin Ziling gently lifted him up and let his back lean on his body, and then whispered, "We don’t know that the ethereal fairy predecessors sent you back. He said that you are an achievement, a magic weapon, and you will be fine after a rest. You have been in a coma for four days."
Song Chang Gung can’t help but leave the pie mouth. Of course, he doesn’t believe in his own problems. Of course, he knows that it must be the struggle between the clear light and the golden light that led to these things. It’s just that he was inexplicably ruined. It’s the thought that these guys are so reckless that they have a spell confrontation in their own bodies. He never cares about his feelings and safety as a party. He can’t help but be annoyed.
But in this form, people are saints themselves, but they are just ants. When he sees that his body is fine, he sighs and throws this thing away. Although he is a little weak now, he knows that he will get better slowly, so he asks Qin Ziling, "Are Zi Xuanfeng and the fleet back?" What are their losses? What about Misty Brother and Jin Fengxian? "
Qin Ziling made a sign to let Qin Han calyx go out, and then put him down on the edge of the cloud bed to cover him with brocade. "Zi Xuanfeng and the fleet have all come back, but the loss is not light. More than one hundred younger brothers, Zi Xuanfeng, have been sorting out the fleet these days. The ethereal ancestors and Jin Fengxian have all lived here, and they are accompanied by their mothers. Both Shuangying and Yudie are closed and say that they want to practice."
The feeling of physical strength made Song Changgeng uncomfortable. You know, before he flew to the ground and was full of energy, it was common to break mountains and seas. But now he is full of strength, especially in his chest. Obviously, he still has some minor injuries. After listening to Qin Ziling’s words, he can’t help wondering, "They want to practice? What do you want to cultivate? "
Qin Ziling sat on the couch after finishing his work for him and smiled gently. "At the beginning, the demon emissary came to attack us, and Sister Zhu gave her life to help you. At that time, the three of them felt that they were weak and could not help you, so they worked hard together to cultivate this time. You were hurt again, and they all felt sad that they had nothing to help. You were all angry and wanted to be refined into a baby, so they all went to close."
Song Changgeng couldn’t help but gently shake his head. "It’s so easy to practice. Although I am a special thing, you don’t know that I actually know that my collar is very rough. Many magic weapons are obtained from people’s hands, and spells are copied. In fact, I have never studied these things seriously. It’s amazing that some of their little girls are so thoughtful to help me …"
Qin Ziling smiled and didn’t answer. Song Chang-geng also closed his eyes and carried Qin Han calyx to restore his physical strength on Sunday. After going out, he sent a message to his mother, Mrs. tian hu Bao Xiang, to tell her that Song Chang-geng had woken up because Song Chang-geng said that he would marry their two sisters, tian hu, and he had been teaching his two daughters how to be a wife. This was a secret way for her to confuse Qin Yu.
After her painstaking teaching, Qin Han calyx has also converged before, and her temper has become good. Today, Song Chang-geng is a little unaccustomed to seeing her so obedient and flying in the past.
But these are small things, and Song Chang-geng didn’t bother to ask him. After two days of exercising, he finally replenished all his strength, and then checked it carefully to know that he had no problem before leaving his place of residence and the Qin sisters to a hall on the seventh floor. He asked his brother to invite ethereal immortals and Jin Fengxian to accompany tian hu, and of course he followed.
Everyone met and exchanged pleasantries, then sat down and waited for his brother to set the fragrant fragrant fragrant tea fruit. After taking a sip, Song Chang-geng picked up the glass and said to Jin Fengxian, "Today I have returned to normal. Please come here mainly to discuss with Jin Fengxian some things about building temples. After discussing and deciding, I will give people the official permission to help them build the temple. I wonder if there is anything to discuss?"
Since Feng-xian Jin asked him for help, naturally, he knew how to compare the priorities of these things and told them one by one. Song Chang-geng also listened carefully and asked Qin Ziling to record them. Looking at the two of them there, you said nothing but quietly drank without knowing what was going on.
After talking for a long time, Feng-xian Jin asked Feng-xian Jin about the materials, technology, appearance, and escort around him. If you need any etiquette and time to sacrifice, and so on, there were a lot of big things and small feelings. After that, Qin Ziling arranged something on the spot and asked Feng-xian Jin. Everyone else knew that this matter involved saints and dared not jack in.
When Qin Ziling tidied up, Song Changgeng turned to the ethereal fairy saying, "Brother, you know that I want to get married, but I have few friends except my brother, and I don’t know them. I want to ask my brother to go back and tell other students that I want to get married. By the way, please invite them to come and take my wife and brother to see the master when I get married."
The so-called ethereal fairy nodded and said, "It’s better to come to your master’s introduction ceremony. We all give it to our brothers and sisters. We just put the wedding gift together for you, but I’m afraid they won’t be able to come. You know that the master wants you to go to the heavenly mountain to implement a plan. They may all be helping, but they will naturally see you when you go to see the master."
Say that finish hesitated and feng-xian jin after a few commonplaces also didn’t bring bliss reality, but alone in the hall, he released a channel-opening blue ring magic weapon, humanized green light, and the magic weapon disappeared. See feng-xian jin and Song Chang-geng, and look at the hall that is now a thing. I don’t know what I’m thinking.
Chapter six hundred and forty-nine Looking for the true spirit
She just thought that although she didn’t understand his thoughts, she probably guessed something or so and couldn’t help but chuckle. "Although you are younger than me, after all, I will call you Song Door Lord? Speaking of the empress, comparing human vision with that of her own child is what she created by Jingxue. She pays great attention to the outstanding among human beings and pays a lot of attention to you. "
Song Chang Gung came to his senses and was humble. Then he suddenly asked, "Jin Fengxian, I have a question that I want you to answer. I wonder if it’s okay?" As you know, my training day is less than a hundred years. Although I am strong, I don’t know much about many things. It’s strange to see Brother Mighty Fairy’s magic weapon just now. It’s the same style as when the fairy came. What is this? "
Jinfeng Danxiao Avenue "In fact, this thing is very simple. At the beginning, everyone had their own magic weapon for opening channels. Later, shortly after the end of the Fengshen War, the original Buddha pushed the heaven to come forward, and combined with the strengths of various methods for opening channels, he developed a mature ring-shaped magic weapon and developed the manufacturing method. So I and the ethereal fairy are in the same form."
After listening to her, she explained that Song Chang Gung was only white. He couldn’t help but be curious about people from all walks of life. He unconsciously asked many situations from all walks of life. Jin Fengxian also deliberately accepted what he said. It was not until Qin Ziling finished the temple planning and arrangement that the two of them stopped talking and asked his brother to call Zi Xuanfeng and Princess Changping.
After Princess Changping entered the hall, Song Changgeng couldn’t help but ponder over it. He couldn’t help thinking that he saw Yongwang’ Zhu Ciying’, and the thought of his betrayal of Song Changgeng made him angry, but he also knew that he couldn’t blame Princess Changping for this matter. After all, they didn’t have much contact, and these things belonged to a scandal, so it was not easy to publicize Song Changgeng’s memory of entering the murder was not very clear, and he secretly looked at it.


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