The ink-clothed old man is still silent, but his eyes are full of disdain. No one will believe this idiot. Even if he is in two places at once, the statue of death will be hit hard. Where will the enemy’s name kill him? If he believes this, he won’t be an idiot.

"Don’t believe me?" 6 Can’s eyebrows are wrinkled for a moment, and the ink field is once again displayed. More than 1,000 immortals around 6 Can are smashed into blood and rain.
"I’m going to kill the immortal emperor!" Ink coat old man said lightly, almost at the same time, the green light in the old man’s arms flashed and the piercing green light cut to 6 can’s neck.
"Hey, hey, I’m a man of my word …" 6 Can murmured such a motionless phrase, which was cut in half by the green light and dissipated in the middle.
"Dead? !” When the immortal emperor was stunned, he was just a tentative attack and killed a busy person. This is ridiculous, isn’t it? Rao is a white emperor sitting in the five great emperors, and he is well-informed and confused by 6 Canhang.
In fact, this 6-Can mirror image is just a mirror image. The 6-Can mirror image is just the strength of Luo Tianxian. If those immortals hadn’t heard the words of the Red Immortal Emperor, they would have been killed long ago.
6 Can Mirror is just a paper tiger. If 6 Can Mirror escapes to the periphery, even if it is one of the immortals, it can be easily solved. This mirror will die if it knows it. Then it will play a trick by itself. Before dying, it will be a slap in the face of the immortal emperor.
There is no group to send this skill. In the fire storm, the flame is in the direction of Sanshengcheng prison. Because this avatar is running to the city, none of the four immortals thought about intercepting this avatar, while other immortals flew away like a startled bird when they saw a 6-can pounce on their own direction.
"Done, we can leave …" The flame was overwhelmed by the present situation when she came to the prison.
Even the fate of hope has long since lost its arrogance, and one arm has been beaten to death. The wound is in jeopardy.
And her opponent is the masked woman. At this time, the masked woman’s eyes are as cold as ice. Every time she moves, she will inevitably take away a piece of flesh from Lian Xi’s fate or make Lian Xi’s fate dirty and broken.
At this time, even the eyes of Xi Yuan have obviously lost their normal thinking, but they can stop the masked woman from leaving the prison.
This prison material is very weird and masked, and even the two masters of Xi Yuan are bound to break every blow, but after it is broken to the prison wall, it is forcibly closed, and the two masters of the late Xiandi are actually strangely bound in the prison.
See even the fate of the sample 6 can Ma Bai come even the fate of such strength if you want to escape is a masked woman may not be able to stop it, but because 6 can leave to find a treasure, if even the fate of the masked woman shows strength, you can easily slay 6 can! After 6 years, Chan Lian hopes that fate will lead to defeat, but he can say that he will die and still fight to the death!
"I haven’t seen you for hundreds of thousands of years! It’s getting more and more promising! "
Just as 6 Can was preparing to teleport with Lian Xi, a familiar sound of 6 Can was heard outside the prison.
"You’re here! ?” When the masked woman heard this, she was suddenly shocked and swayed, leaving the circle of war with Lian Xi.
At this time, even Xi Yuanxian has lost consciousness, and he can’t tell whether the masked woman wants to escape or pursue 6 Can, but she actually jumped on the masked woman when she was in a flash.
"Guardian angel!" After hearing the familiar sound, Can realized that Lian Xi Yuan should be in no danger, and quickly changed his plan to make a therapeutic skill for Lian Xi Yuan.
Just as the guardian angel moved, he instantly fell to the ground and broke away from collapse.
If the masked woman sees this situation, it is not white. Even the roots of hope are supported by the subconscious mind, and she turned out to be fighting with an unconscious junior for so long, which made me feel great hatred in my heart.
"Old dragon! I haven’t seen you for hundreds of thousands of years, and your mouth is still so mean! " The masked woman stared angrily at Lian Xi Yuan and 6 Can and turned to go outside the prison.
At the level of masked women, this nasty thing of taking hostages will not only help the situation, but will lose the upper hand in the battle of the same level because of this disturbing body and mind
"Open thirteen emperors know that the emperor actually fought with a junior for thousands of moves. I don’t know if this junior is too much or know that the emperor has regressed too much …"
6 Can came to the front of the prison and looked out. It was indeed a big place. The mysterious strong man stood proudly in a black suit. This time I saw the mysterious strong man and 6 Can had seen the mysterious strong man before. Because now this mysterious strong man has two ferocious dragon horns on his head! But according to the breath of 6 can easily identify this person is indeed the mysterious strong.
What makes 6 Can even more shocked is that the masked woman sent by 6 Cher in his mind turned out to be thirteen emperors who know the emperor!
At this time, knowing the emperor is depressed. Since thousands of years ago, everything has gone wrong. First, she lost thirteen emperors. Others believe it or not. This time, it is predicted that Bai Di is willing to help.
Moreover, according to my own prediction, there will be one to thirteen emperors living and dying in the prison of San Sheng City in the future, so I know that the emperor has entered the death row of San Sheng City in advance and waited for this person who appeared in the prison of San Sheng City to see the ins and outs of this person.
But I didn’t expect that it turned out to be the mortal enemy of the celestial world. There is also a god who has a special knowledge, but it has the realm of Luo Tianxian.
Let know the imperial city some doubt whether it is really forbidden for him to predict the life and death of a Luo Tianxian to the thirteenth emperor. This is ridiculous, so Know the emperor thought of a plan to stay with 6 Can to see if the person he predicted to live and die of the thirteenth emperor would be someone behind 6 Can.
Let her than depressed is not from the prison was even the fate of this nemesis to see the flaw had to fight.
Let her vomit blood, even I don’t know what adventure I have. In a few years, it seems that my strength has exploded, and many of my own hands have actually taken it for a while.
"Old Long Honghuang has always remained neutral in the realm of fix reality and celestial beings. Do you want to break our agreement today?" Knowing the emperor’s eyes, Sen is as cold as ice, and repeated setbacks have made her extremely angry.
"Now that you know it’s an agreement, it’s bound to expire one day. Unfortunately, it’s today …" The strong man in the robe is very dependent.
Knowing the emperor’s anger, the root itches. Among the thirteen emperors, Bai Di’s youngest strength is the weakest. Now he has been fighting with the free and unfettered king and has already hit the turbulent flow. I am afraid that there will be no victory or defeat in a few years.
And he is not very good at predicting battles. This old dragon is famous and difficult. Even Chi Di is afraid of three points. He is afraid of losing in the end or himself.
"Old dragon! The dispute between the celestial world and the fix true world is just a human struggle. Why do you want to get involved in this muddy water? !” Zhidi made a final resistance.
"Know the emperor don’t forget how to say the old dragon. I’m also a brother of the four kings. It’s normal to fight side by side …" In the wild, the strong man’s eyes flashed with yoshimitsu for the first time to see him so tyrannical.
"The hidden king didn’t expect that you haven’t forgotten that you were the hidden king among the four kings for so many years!" Knowing the emperor sighed, the old dragon told me the identity of the hidden king, and today it was a fast knot. There is absolutely no peaceful solution.


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