Besides, he also shocked Qiu Jue, presumably Liu Jingyang, who is so small that he must not dare to do anything to him again, but it is unlikely that he wants Liu Jingyang to pay the price in his previous year.

"Take the initiative to stay away from Meng Xin and let her slowly disappoint you." Qi Xinglin said her thoughts so frankly
Li Ziyu suddenly felt heartbroken, thinking that on New Year’s Eve, he told Meng Xin that he would give her fireworks by himself, but now he had to promise Qi Xinglin’s request.
After all, he hasn’t planned to let Liu Jingyang go, but bugs like Liu Jingyang and Feng Meiting, who knows what they will do then and what they will do to Meng Xin.
He really can’t show too much enthusiasm for Meng Xin, and he can’t let them know that Meng Xin is his real weakness. Feng Meiting is not sure there, but Liu Jingyang is ruthless. If he lets him know that Meng Xinli’s value will definitely be bad for Meng Xin.
"… well I promise your aunt" Liziyu nodded and finally gave a promise.
"Aunt said thank you and also said sorry to you that day. It was a bit too much for you." Qi Xinglin is a person who loves and hates right and wrong.
"Well" Liziyu accepted.
"Besides, after telling your grandmother Meng Xin, don’t go with her old man’s house, okay?" Qi Xinglin thought of Shirley, the old lady, who liked Meng Xin’s family.
"Don’t worry, aunt, I know how to do it." Liziyu nodded.
"Well, I’ll go first because we have work to do at home." Qi Xinglin was very satisfied. She didn’t expect to say that Liziyu was so relaxed, and she still had to talk a lot.
She didn’t come to have a drink all the time. Li Ziyu ordered that cup of coffee for her.
Liziyu settled the bill and followed him out of the cafe.
As soon as I got to the door, Liziyu met the Feng family, and suddenly the Feng family was dead to tie up and beat him, and the place where he appeared would always haunt me.
"Does Li Ziyu sometimes talk?" Feng Xue is much more reasonable than Feng Yifeng, who is simply importuning and swearing at Li Ziyu for his inhumanity.
I called the police, but the police also said that there was no evidence that Miss Feng Meiting suffered from Li Ziyu, and Li Ziyu never stopped at the scene of Feng Meiting’s accident.
And the other six parties agree that Feng Meiting is willing to be with them. If it is forced, how can it be without scars?
Feng Yifeng was speechless and bitter, so he watched Li Ziyu shuttle freely in this city.
"Let’s chat if you want." Liziyu turned around and went in to find a place at will and sat down again.
He is in a bad mood today. Since the Feng family is going to hit the gun, he will let them hit it. He has never thought of killing Feng Meiting and the Feng family. Since they are going to haunt him, he will let them have a good look at other things. He is depressed and needs to find an outlet.
Feng Xue followed in and sat down, naturally explaining how insincere Feng Meiting was at the beginning. She couldn’t bear to part with Liziyu, who still loves him even though he no longer loves him. But can’t Feng Meiting be spared because she loves him so much?
Li Ziyu has listened to these words too much, and he is really bored, but this Feng family feels that it is not annoying at all. Is it that Li Ziyu is wrong?
Besides, is he targeting them because Feng Meiting abandoned them?
If Feng Meiting hadn’t touched his bottom line, he would have made her their image spokesperson, wouldn’t he?
Can’t the Feng family see all this without eyes?
Even though Liziyu was in a wheelchair at the beginning, he didn’t seem to be as embarrassed as his family.
Liziyu just sat there coldly and didn’t know what he thought.
-dividing line-
On the day Meng Xin took out stitches, Min Mengjie and Wang Yang accompanied each other and thought that they had to go again. Min Mengjie asked Meng Xin to accompany them around after taking out stitches.
The atmosphere of the Spring Festival has always been strong and long, and even when it reaches the sixth street, there are many people, let alone parks and monasteries, showing a sea of people.
Meng Xin is wearing a turtleneck. The doctor said that she may leave scars in this place. It is cold and reliable to block it with clothes and scarves. When it gets hot, she can rely on concealer.
Meng Xin doesn’t care about leaving a scar.
Min Mengjie doesn’t agree that "I’ll take you to country H before I come back"
"Can you stop giving some bad ideas?" Wang Yang didn’t agree with him. He just looked at the wound. It was quite deep, but there was no one there who would stare at the neck specifically, so he felt that the root was not.
"Hey, can I call this a bad idea?" Min Mengjie was very uncomfortable when she heard Wang Yang’s words.
Meng Xin looked at the two men and asked her to fight again, shaking her head was really noisy. How did the cell structure of these two people come about? How could they get a word or two? So noisy.
Just then Meng Xin received a message from Mi Lu. Mi Lu had an appointment with Liziyu back to G city today, but she didn’t want Zhao Xinglai to pick up the plane, so Meng Xinlai would pick it up.
She didn’t know what had happened to Meng Xin, so she called Meng Xin just after the plane.
"Can’t you take a taxi when you get to the airport?" Meng Xin returned her. She was just about to come back. As a result, all the young ladies have arrived at the airport. It’s not her first time in G city.
Big miss is big miss. It’s really hard to serve.
"You can’t, you can’t, you can’t come quickly." Then Mi Lu hung up.
Meng Xin’s staring at the mobile phone is really a language. Mi Lu’s past hegemony has been exposed, but what can she do? She can tell Min Mengjie and Wang Yang about the situation.
Min Mengjie, like those little girls in idolize, has heard that Mi Lu, a big star, is clamoring to go to Mi Lu to sign his autograph.
Meng Xin ao however, she can take her to Wang Yang. I don’t trust Meng Xin to follow.
At the same time Mi Lu coquetry to the man sitting next to her can’t watch "you this is not torture your classmates? Also said to be a childhood friend? "
"You don’t know, we are torturing each other. Tell me about this little heartless person who didn’t send me a blessing message for the New Year. It’s really wonderful. I’ll let her pick it up and ask her to invite me to dinner." Mi Lu took Qi Qifeng’s arm and looked like a matter of course
At the moment, they are sitting in the vip lounge of the airport. Qi Qifeng is more famous in the world, but there are many small fans in Mi Lu. She came back before today, and she didn’t announce it except informing Li Ziyu and Meng Xin.
And she wore an ugly mask, and she was not recognized during the whole flight. Of course, this also comes down to the fact that she was sitting in first class, and the quality of first class passengers was much better than that of economy class.
Meng Xin and his party called Mi Lu when they arrived. Mi Lu came out of the VIP room arm in arm with Mickey Peak.
Meng Xin, they took a taxi. Qi Qifeng actually arranged to pick up their vehicles, but Mi Lu, the baby sister, would not leave by car until Meng Xinlai came.


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