"Why don’t you damn thieves answer my question? Do you think you can stand up to my great Capello? Or that God you believe in can come here to save you? " A Kaka talk interrupted Chen Kai’s shame and dryness, and at the same time he woke up. His present environment claimed to be a false god, Capello, and the gold skeleton beat against it. The great power of the energy chair shook the ground and the surrounding death energy for a while, and those chains kept shaking, but they didn’t make a sound because they were made of virtual energy after all.

"Brother Kai helps us both to fight for more points, so we can mobilize the magic at more points." Hulans said to Chen Kai in the team channel. At the same time, he and the original tried to mobilize the body’s less than 3 points of movable magic, constantly trying to mobilize them and releasing a trace of the lowest magical power from the dusk nv magical power slowly seeped out from the surface of the two people’s bodies, constantly fighting against the body chains, and every time they consumed a little chain power, the two people could move magic more.
Chen Kai saw the situation of the two people through the team state, which is naturally white. They may be a little out of the control of the chain seal, and this may be the savior of Chen Kai and them from the bad environment now, so Chen Kai is going to create a relatively stable environment for the two people to talk to the false god.
"Who are you?" This is Chen Kai’s first words to the golden skeleton, and he is also very confident and full of righteousness. Although Chen Kai feels that he is lacking in confidence, he can’t show cowardice and ask the opposite monster in a very serious tone.
"Who am I? Do you laugh again? Damn thief, you broke into my temple with your hand and stole my things. You don’t even know who I am? Is it difficult for me to stay in the demon world for too long, or have those gods forgotten to wake up their followers and I am here? " When I heard Chen Kai’s question, two eyes of Kaipikro burst into huge light, dòng two flames shone like two huge gold Se lanterns.
"I’m sorry. Although I’m sorry for breaking into your temple, we really don’t know who you are. Especially this picture of you now, even if we know who you are, we can connect you with the past image. "Chen Kai pointed to the statue not far from each other and said that according to Chen Kai’s understanding, the statue should be carved according to the front of Capello, and the image of the golden skeleton is also connected with the statue. This is Chen Kai’s best excuse. Who knows who a talking skeleton is? Even if it claims to be Capello, it may be its own fabrication.
Of course, Chen Kai’s purpose is to tell the other party that he is, to win the magic for Hulans and the two of them, and sometimes not to know each other’s identity. Even if the other party is really a false god, there is nothing for Chen Kai because his roots can’t beat each other.
Chapter 29 The false god Capello (end)
Chapter 29 The false god Capello (end)
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In the game, there are usually three ways to use one’s own magic to forcibly remove the spell. The first way is to test one’s own magic. This way, players of different levels can choose different ways independently or passively. Players can solve the magic by playing Mi games or puzzles, which Hulans is doing now, but it is obvious that he has a little trouble understanding Mi, which is not his specialty.
Of course, he can also solve the spell by corresponding spells, but now ll and them don’t know what spell they are trapped in or what magic skill they are, and even if they know Hulans’ level of magic knowledge, they can’t release spells to solve them.
It is obvious that at this stage, even after practicing for several months, it is impossible for a player to break through a gold-level Lord spell. This huge level gap and the terror magic gap make the player’s magic look like a drop of water in the sea to the other side. It is more important to form those chains, not only the gold skeleton magic, but also the terror death energy around him.
However, it is precisely because of those death energies that Hulans and the original have a chance to break spells. Because they belong to the temple forces, players’ quarrelling and magic are all sacred, and this kind of belonging is almost the same as life and death enemies for death energy, but those death energies that form chains are solidified and cannot take the initiative to attack, while Hulans can mobilize magic and take the initiative to attack at any time.
At the same time, although the two people’s puzzle solving skills are not good, they are backed by many support groups and the whole network system, so the speed of two people’s puzzle solving is rising at 1 per second. In the ten seconds when Chen Kai and the other party answered, the two-person chain spell has been lifted, and this progress is accelerating with the continuous liberation of the two people’s magic. Almost a puzzle has just come out, and they have already built an answer.
All the answers are magic lines. What kind of magic lines represent the answers? An image, for example, the answer to a puzzle is a turtle, so its magic lines correspond to the magic lines of the earth and the magic lines representing the solid shell. This change makes the two of them almost unable to get a clue at the beginning until they are proficient.
However, the most disgusting thing about the game system is that you will never know the change of the puzzle in a moment, and once the puzzle is solved incorrectly, the successful place in front may need to go backwards and start all over again. If it is normal, Hulans and Hara may try to practice the puzzle solving skills, but in this case, they don’t have the mood. Almost immediately after the puzzle appears, they send the questions to others, then get the answers, find the corresponding magic lines and then pull them to the puzzle answer box.
There is nothing novel about this process. The only thing worth worrying about is that they can increase their magic knowledge a little without solving a puzzle. This is perhaps the most depressing and rewarding thing for them. After all, they have no plans to become magic knights. Even the skills required for the profession of Temple Knight are enough for them.
Of course, compared with Hulans, where they were sweating and solving puzzles, Chen Kai was in a more depressed situation. He knew it was very difficult to talk to this dead creature, so he chose to fool each other at the beginning of the conversation, but Capello’s temper would not be very good after staying in the demon world for thousands of years. Although he was a little fooled by Chen Kai, his horse turned back later
At this time, Chen Kaima tasted the evil consequences caused by fooling others. As soon as his chains were broken, he found that his body could not move before he came to be happy. At the same time, Capello, who was sitting in a chair made of death energy, suddenly got up and walked slowly to Chen Kai with gold Se u ǐ bone.
"You know what? Ever since I lost my body after I was cheated by an I m: o demon in the demon world, I swore that if anyone dares to cheat me in front of me, I will let him taste the magic fire and burn his soul. Now unfortunately, you lied to me again, and I will be very enchanted to keep your soul warm. "With this y and n sen horror words falling into a mass, the black Se flame slowly emerged from Capello’s hand, but the flame was very unstable and always shook there.
"Damn it, is this body method suitable for magic fire energy?" A little angry words came out from the mouth that kept opening and closing, and then the shaking flame gradually went out and was put into the other person’s body
"It seems that this guy’s body is not original." ll they looked at each other and reached such a conclusion, but whether Capello’s body is original and its fighting capacity is not as good as ll, they still can’t beat each other, and now they are being suppressed by each other.
"Well, damn it, I m: o, don’t steal. You can live to tell me where my staff is if you escape the punishment of magic fire burning?" With this vicious remark, Ll was thrown to the ground, and all the time, Jin Se’s bony feet were severely kicked in his I not ng mouth. With a crack, Ll’s I not ng mouth ribs were directly broken, and nearly two health points disappeared from Ll’s blood tank.
"I have your staff." The cloud suddenly said, "I am attracted by Kai-Chen Kaipikro." With Peng-Yi Kai being directly kicked by Kai-Chen Kaipikro, he flew several meters away. The great power made him roll continuously for several times before stopping. At the same time, his health value was directly reduced by nearly many points, and he almost died directly. However, this foot made Kai out of the chain, and his strength in his body was slowly unsealed and gradually recovered.
At the moment of magic recovery, Chen Kai first thought of giving himself a cure, but he was releasing the magic directly and immediately rejected it. Instead, he poured a bottle of Yao medicine into his mouth to control the injury, because he knew that he would move a sacred force, which would make the other party feel it and then he would be hit more cruelly. Chen Kai even drank Yao very carefully.
"Damn thief, it was you who stole my staff." When ll was lying on the ground and just poured Yao medicine into his mouth, Yunbo was caught by Capello with great power and lifted him directly from the ground, and his feet kept pedaling like a drowning man.
"Can ~ ~ can ~ ~ can be loose … I can breathe … breathe!" Yun grabbed Capello’s hand with both hands and tried to pull it out. He wanted to pull it a little so that he could breathe a little. But it was obvious that his strength shook Capello’s hands. Those two gold Se bony hands were like a tongs, and they were holding his neck tightly to let him breathe.
"loose? You damn I m 4 o thief want to let me loose. Do you think I will? " Capello’s eyes are burning with crazy kindling gold, and the flame keeps beating like two suns that never go out, but the two suns emit hatred.
"I think you’ll be relieved because if he dies, you’ll never get the staff." At this time, Xu Fei spoke calmly to Capello and said that after he finished speaking, Yun felt that his neck was about to break, and his hands relaxed.
"Really?" Capello seems to have listened to Xu Fei’s words, but his hand is still not completely put, but he is in a different position, holding the cloud neck behind him and putting him in front of him like an I m: o dog.
"Where is the staff?" The cold tone is full of unavoidable majesty. At this moment, Capello has completely lost his patience. Although he listened to Xu Fei’s suggestion and loosened the cloud neck, it does not mean that he will let go of the cloud.
When the cloud is moved by the other side’s neck, Hulans and the original solution Mi are reaching a critical moment. They are constantly destroying the spell seal in the body, and the grudge and magic in the body are constantly being unsealed and returned to the control of the two people. At the same time, the whole unsealing operation has reached the last moment. At this time, the progress of the two people has reached 9395 respectively. It will take a few seconds for them to completely unseal the seal, but even if the seal is unsealed, there are still a few ways left for them to help others.
Of course, if there is a chance, Chen Kai can get rid of those chains, because he finds that if he wants to escape from the range of death energy, their seals will disappear. What Chen Kai has to do now is to preserve his strength and find a chance to free others from the chains, which is very simple for him. After all, chains are made of death energy, and illusory chains can be broken when attacked by sacred forces.
However, this opportunity is not easy to grasp, because Llewellyn is too strong to face the monster. If they want to give each other an attack opportunity, they will be sent back to the temple of hades to be resurrected. So Llewellyn must I m: o and then I m: o. He will wait until Hulans and the two of them lift the seal and act in unison, and all this must be done before the cloud successfully holds each other back.
Yu Yun is now as good as a kitten. Of course, the fact is that his neck is pinched by the other party. He has to be good because he feels that he will not crush his neck directly from the other party’s iron tongs. Bo Yun doesn’t want to be crushed at this time because he will be able to escape if he moves the spar a little. However, after his own escape, Ll will definitely suffer. He is also waiting for Hulans and them to lift the seal and then cooperate with Ll to destroy the chains of others.
It’s the cloud that wants to wait quietly for Hulans and them to lift the seal, but Capello won’t let him come. It conveniently puts the cloud in front of itself. It looks at the cloud with its horrible eyes burning like a golden Se flame, and then its jaws open and close slowly.
"Tell me where my staff is?"
"Cough on me" Yun coughed and answered each other’s questions. He felt that his throat bone seemed to be cracked. When he coughed, a little bit of blood kept coughing up, and at the same time, his mouth felt a little sweet and tired of his health performance, which was more direct and falling at 5 o’clock per second.
"You challenge my limit again? Where do you put that staff … Damn it, have I been in the demon world for too long? People’s props are so popular that even you can have this kind of garbage? " Capello scanned the cloud body. It found that there were two places in the cloud body where B did not move, and one of them was very weak. If it was not close enough and the soul was strong enough, the root could not have noticed it.
"Damn it, I hate wizards" as Capello himself shouted. Although it once reached a strange realm, its understanding of spells was extremely low. Otherwise, it would not have fled to the demon plane when it ran away. Of course, it was also a loss. If it had not been for him to escape to the demon plane, it is estimated that those gods would have caught it out and disposed of it as heresy. Where would he still be alive now?
So Chen Kai and them are lucky, because even if Capello knows that things are in the bag, he can’t take them out, which can threaten Yun to take them out himself, thus giving Chen Kai a chance.
When the cloud slowly came out of the backpack H not U, Ll suddenly jumped from the ground and waved two ordinary long swords and went through the chain rǔ Bai Se around Su Xinghe and Haifeng. After Yi Yi, he directly broke those chains and rescued the trapped two people. Of course, the attack cost Ll a lot. He didn’t consider that breaking a chain required more quarrelling.
Fortunately, Su Xinghe and them can join the rescue team after being rescued, otherwise Chen Kai’s fighting method will support him to rescue everyone, Su Xinghe, and they must escape from the chain coverage area before resuming fighting, while Hulans and them will not join the rescue team after being liberated.
"Don’t damn it, you I m: o thieves don’t want to escape from my hand." After hearing the noise behind you, Capello just wanted to turn around and stop Llewellyn, but it suddenly felt that a huge bottle of holy water was being directly patted on its golden Se hand bone. For Capello, it used to be easy to make holy water, but it seemed like poison Yao, eroding its body and making it painful.
Although for Capello, no matter how much holy water hurts him, the burning of holy water for dead creatures still makes him unbearable. Even the burning of magic fire in the demon world has never made Capello feel this kind of pain. It is like ants eating hard, which he has never experienced in his soul career for many years, so he accidentally let go of the cloud hand and let the other party slip away directly from his hand.
However, the cloud did not escape directly after it was out of Capello’s control. Instead, it threw out two bottles of holy water, rǔ white Se, which was slapped on the other person’s body, and then quickly gave off a lot of white Se smoke, which came out from the other person’s body and Capello screamed and roared angrily.
"Damn thief, I must kill you." Capello’s angry roar instantly rang through the temple hall, but by this time the cloud had already stepped out of the temple hall. He had to take Capello as far as possible so that others could have a chance to escape. Of course, he could not escape too far. He quickly got rid of Capello’s pursuit, so the cloud needed to support until everyone else was out of the chain, and this process took less than five seconds.
The time when Capello was born was the most Hunlu à n period. The gods fought for their beliefs and dominance and launched a long-lasting war, which led to the end of a calendar year. During that period, Capello was rich in knowledge and the situation is very old now. Remember that although he sent SPAR thousands of years ago, it was only limited to some senior mage envoys. Capello Logan denied Chen Kai, who owned this SPAR to send scrolls. In his view, it would not have been sent to the demon plane if the mage had not made a mistake in sending scrolls.
Therefore, I think that Chen Kai and others will not make it so unreliable to send scrolls. Capikro chased the cloud out of the temple hall with confidence and boldness. In its view, even if it chased the cloud and then came back, Chen Kai and others could be easily killed. However, the times are progressing. When the player enters the game, this progress becomes faster, and a large number of new magic props appear, which is not only convenient for the player, but also for the aborigines. This kind of spar, which was said to have just finished production a year ago, can easily bring a person back to its marked coordinate place at any time, and the whole sending process will not exceed
When Capello rushed out of the temple hall, he rode behind it for more than a dozen huge B-moves. Although Capello’s spell was not very high, its huge soul energy perception was extremely sharp. It clearly felt the meaning of B-moves behind it.
"No ~ ~ ~ ~ ~" Staring at the hands of escaping thieves, Kypikro was angry and full of shock. He shouted that his jaw hit and broke into a fine I m: o fire huā, but this fire huā reversed the spell release cloud and sent it away at the bottom of his nose.
"The player appeared in the player Kaichen from the false god Kaipikro, the deputy temple of Kaipikro? Saint? Rapps, Xue Haifeng, … In the records, all the player’s sub-records will no longer appear in the complete magical hall, and Capeccro will appear randomly in the player’s sub-records. Saint? Rapps, Xue Haifeng, … players can choose to keep their own records after completing the exploration of the Temple 4, or directly convert to the experience note. After the conversion, the player’s records will be cleared, and they will not be able to enter the pair again until a refresh day. "
When Chen Kai and others came out of the manor to send men, they all showed that they were in a state of sluggishness, but then they chose to change their experience without thinking. After all, their fear of the false god Capello made them temporarily give up their plan to go to the temple again, and they also needed a little time to digest the harvest, especially those equipment that needed to be identified in their backpacks.
Chapter 29 Harvest


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