Put Xiao Yuan behind him, roar angrily, fall to the ground, scream at others’ laughter, and if you step on the brilliant red building.

Outside the building, when the sky is high and the clouds are light, the winter will be warm in this snowstorm.
The layman, the weaver Silin, keeps selling and laughing, and is constantly busy and prosperous in the extreme.
If you smile at everyone and then look up at the sky.
Jeju city, even if the king doesn’t care about you, even if the capital Xiao Yi can’t take care of it for a while, but at least I’m still talking about it. I will protect this land and these people
The second part of the world of mortals, the thirteenth picture is poor
I’m still in the middle of it. I’ll reorder it later
Before November 20, Liang Guotai gathered people to seize Yongan County.
Yong’ an county chief defended Liang Jun for half a day.
At the same time, the former headquarters of Liang Jun, Industrial City, Fuyuan City, seized the city twice.
Yong ‘an Xingye Fuyuan three cities are connected with each other and echo each other. At the same time, the news that the road across the river is blocked. Liang Jun raises the flag to make more than 20,000 people in the chaos department.
On November 21st, the Acropolis fell to Wuwei.
On November 22nd, SHEN WOO County fell, and Liang Jun took control of the Canghe River across the north and south of Chu.
On the third day, because of the news, it was difficult for loyalists to guard against the capture of many cities.
Three days later, the news was hard to stop. Liang Jun simply held high the banner of righteousness and recruited the righteous people to share the great cause of the old country with the old master.
On November 23rd, more than 10,000 officials, soldiers and civilians were defected to Liang Jun from Kezhucheng.
On November 24, 13 th, the soldiers were intercepted in the middle of the road, and the news of Canghe’s broken post was slow.
On November 25, the soldiers of the former general of the State of Liang, No.7 Road, defected to Mrs. Liang.
On November 26th, Jinwei City fell.
On November 27, Mrs. Liang’s mansion was sealed with officials and three armed forces to seek heaven.
On November 27th, passers-by killed the rebels from the imperial occupied areas, all of which were nostalgic. When Liang Shi heard that Tian Yinghao was too summoned, he recruited the heroes of the rural Yishi city to work together for the great cause.
On November 20, Annan House was breached.
On November 20, Jiangchuan County Chief Liang Guo’s old minister bought wine to defend the city, and the general negotiated to defeat the enemy and plan to poison the general city.
On November 29th, General Heyangfu led the troops into the back city of the prefect’s office to meet the old master.
On November 30th, Riverhead Mansion in Jiangdu County, near Bincheng, all its chiefs and generals thought that they had surrendered to Old Liang Guan for a while.
On December 1, Jeju received news from the rebels that Lu Daojing, the magistrate of Jeju, had a secret meeting with Qi Yunlong, the general of Jeju, to discuss the emergency mobilization of military forces against the enemy and to fly to neighboring counties to advance and retreat together for the imperial edict.
On December 2, Liang Jun regained the second city, and now he has a total of 14 control strings in the city.
This old Liang army can attack the capital directly, recapture the sky and retreat, and sweep the south, Chu and North-South confrontation.
Heaven watches its movements.
The first chapter is the chaos in the city
It’s another day. In this gradually cold winter, it’s rare for the sun to stir up its warmth and shine generously.
At this time of the day, the streets must be full of pedestrians. Everyone enjoys this rare winter sunshine, and every family will take clothes to dry and never live up to such fine weather.
But today, all the streets are deserted, and almost every city is deserted.
If ten days ago, it was bustling and lively, and everyone was smiling, everyone was full of expectations for the future, but now it is cold and desolate, and there is a pain in Rus Street.
He witnessed the terrible changes in Jeju City in just a few days after hearing about the changes in Yueju that day.
Lu Daojing’s banquet in Xieyuan, the richest businessman in the city, asked everyone to calm down the price control of rice, grain, salt and oil in the national disaster. International businessmen should try their best to help the court Qi Yunlong meet Liu Qingyang. If other local forces ask everyone to try their best to help the army defend the country,
Xie Yuan, the richest businessman, donated huge sums of money to the government one after another to help smooth the chaos, and his brothers and soldiers joined forces to help guard the city and inspect the streets, while his cousins tried their best to explore information from all sides.
Everyone is working hard, the paper officer, the military commander, the people, the heroes, the tycoons and the wealthy businessmen are trying their best to stabilize Jeju and try to defend this bustling city, causing panic. Everything is secretly transported and the news of the war is quietly suppressed.
However, the city wall was suddenly added, and the officers and men in the city multiplied, and the gates were forbidden. The strict investigation of pedestrians had already caused people to speculate, and the chaos gradually expanded. A few days later, people fled from the war-torn areas and brought all kinds of words. After passing through the cities and roads, they finally arrived in Jeju
It has been exaggerated to the extreme after several people handed it over. Jeju has fallen into a terrible panic. People are afraid to say that the young man in the land suddenly took him to kill all the military forces and horses and swept through this bustling Jeju city


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