Ye Zhang has a vague understanding of the secret, which seems to be some kind of program trigger, just like Zhang Ye’s personality attribute. To be able to match the data in the central database, he can add a personality attribute to his property panel.

Now that Ang Yan has passed the test of the secret, although it has just started, it may not be purely, and there will probably be some problems when confronting the truly conscious person, but the secret has given him the benefit of enjoying the future scientific and technological rules, so it is not surprising that he can control this ancient mechanical giant.
However, Ye Zhang immediately became interested in the ancient mechanical giant he met before. Is it difficult to control that kind of anger inflammation? ? ? The ultimate BOSS, but I immediately felt that I thought too much.
Ang Yan has been fiddling with his new "pet" all the way. Although it is not clear how much specific combat strength he has, it is obvious that such a giant like Transformers is less domineering than those creatures in glitz, and it is also a pet type that Ang Yan likes.
When I arrived at my pet Ye Zhang, I thought of Xu Yin. They haven’t spoken or contacted for a long time. Now it’s almost three months. Maybe it’s flashy. Maybe his understanding of love is very weak, so Ye Zhang has gradually adapted to this lonely day when he was just not used to living alone.
Ye Zhang thought that he should give Xu Yin a message after the line. His heart for this woman is really too little, and Ye Zhang has a little anxiety in his heart. He hasn’t been connected for three months. Are the two of them still like that?
The fourth lane is very long. Ye Zhang has long been psychologically prepared. There are no monsters here. Mechanical parts are left everywhere. It is difficult to have a complete trunk of a mechanical giant. It seems that there was a great war here, but there are no other traces of remains around. Maybe it was too long and it was ashes. Maybe it was a unilateral massacre.
In addition to high spirits and anger, Ye Zhang and Zhiruo are very cautious. This place is not much different from the former cave dwelling, and even the roads and cave structures are very similar. It is also a gain for Ye Zhang to pry a little cave rock wall to find out what special materials he saw in the Buddhist temple before.
At this time, there came a dull sound of mechanical gear rotation ahead, which surprised Ye Zhang and others instead of making them feel afraid.
What they are most worried about is that they can’t find the clue or suddenly the clue is interrupted. Now the three of them quickly come to the direction of the sound, but it is a very shocking scene in front of them.
There are more than 20 tall ancient mechanical giants, and in the midst of their siege, there is actually a humanoid creature skillfully interspersed among these giants. His skills make Ye Zhang eyebrows pick, because from the point of view of the damage effect, it is exactly the same as the miracle of weeping.
This is a NPC who is in the world of Xianxia, but he doesn’t know how trapped he is here and how long he has been trapped. How can he be alive without water and food needed by human beings?
At this point, the number of questions disappeared. Ye Zhang didn’t. He wanted to spit out a word and left immediately.
"Help him!"
As soon as Ye Zhang left, Angry Inflammation followed, and Zhang Yebang blocked the attack of an ancient mechanical giant behind the NPC. At the same time, the effect of the three demigods’ weapons crying at night also started.
"Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
Ye Zhang and the mysterious character sounded at the same time, but at the same time they laughed. Their voices stopped abruptly, and then more than a dozen ancient mechanical giants locked their eyes in front of them and attacked them. At the same time, they sent out their respective targets and gave a few steps back.
At this time, Ye Zhang has both the rule of weeping and the rule of glitz, but he has no future scientific and technological rules. Therefore, even though he can do high damage, he can’t turn this damage into an advantage, and the NPC behind him is also very arrogant. Looking back in his busy schedule, I saw that this NPC can do damage almost as well as his three demigods’ weapons blessing state.
In an instant, Ye Zhang thought of a person who has the same status as the wild sun in the Xianxia world. The second imperial tyrant and the top master of Qianqiu realm killed people with ink and wash, but it is obvious that this is just a terrorist means to kill people in the end, not his real name.
"at the end!"
Ye Zhang blurted out these two words and behind him, the NPC suddenly showed a carefree smile.
"I didn’t expect anyone to remember my sea name."
When’ tis once spoken,’ Ye Zhang’s heart again suspected that there was a roll of words written in the cracks in his backpack at this time, but at the moment Ang Yan suddenly shouted.
"How can I not control these ancient mechanical giants?"
The angry words made Ye Zhang’s heart sink, and sure enough, the intelligent person is not so easy to achieve, and there are still many secrets in the rules of future technology that can not be explained by a single secret.
However, this sentence of anger inflammation made the sea show a strange expression. He suddenly moved his body and left a ghosting image in front of anger inflammation. He held out his hand and grabbed anger inflammation. There was a hint of surprise in his sharp eyes.
"Are you a conscious person?"
Chapter seven hundred and fifty-five Too weak
Angry inflammation was startled by this super player who suddenly became crazy. Surprise sparks burst out from the eyes of the sea and Ye Zhang immediately realized that there was a chance.
It is a great blow to Ye Zhang that Zhang Ye has a lot of plans in the midst of weeping for heaven, which is not only a deterrent but also his understanding of weeping for heaven.
At the beginning, when Feng Yi was still in the realm of the Emperor’s Heavenly Law, Ye Zhang learned from him that it was very difficult to rise from the Emperor’s Heavenly Law to the Emperor’s Dragon World, just as it was like losing the experience of upgrading and making the level rise unpredictable. Now, when Ye Zhang also reached the Emperor’s Heavenly Law, this feeling is even clearer.
After Huang Ji’s heavenly realm, players don’t mean that they can rise to the realm after their attributes reach 5 or how many magical skills they have cultivated, but this endless realm has become a problem for a large number of players who cry for days.
Whether changing jobs or practicing magic will always give players a trigger condition. Now, once this condition is lost, it will be more difficult for players to explore doubts by themselves than to find a torch light at the beginning.
At this time, Ye Zhang, a conscious person, seems to have seen a super bodyguard who overlooks the realm of imperial hegemony. Perhaps the sea may not be as easy to be collected by Zhang Ye as Feng Yi, but even if it is a quid pro quo, it is also a treasure for Ye Zhang to get some conditions from Haikou.
After Emperor Dragon Universe, players will have a small number of management limits for magical powers. However, this kind of fuzzy modification. Ye Zhang is a bystander who saw some initial clues in sealing the magical powers. Now he has to get to Emperor Dragon Universe before all players to find out how many management limits players have after this realm.
The suspected sea is the treasure in Ye Zhang’s eyes.
When Ang Yan nodded in Ye Zhang, the sea suddenly showed an excited look, dancing like crazy next to the ancient mechanical giant who was not completely dead.
When Ye Zhang and Zhi Re solved a few ancient mechanical giants, Ye Zhang came to the sea smiling and asked tentatively after he stopped moving.
"Excuse me, what can I do for you?"
Aside, Zhi Ruo held back a smile and looked at this sly Ye Zhang like a fox. She knew that the sea was going to be unlucky.


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