On the other hand, the strength of Ji Xiaotian’s body has reached an unusually severe level, otherwise it will be calculated that Xiaotian’s mind will react without matching strength, and when the official fluttering himself will die, Ji Xiaotian will suddenly appear in the side like this. It is easy to escape into the virtual by gently pulling the official fluttering.

At this time, it seems that it is time to stop. The official flutters at the end, and it is even clear that the opposite enemy’s body explodes one after another. The whole person is dispersed in such a ridiculous way. There is no sound and no strength. It is a very slow feeling that the official flutters and feels that the opposite enemy has left this world in such a strange way, and all this happened in an instant.
After that, the official fluttering was dragged into the virtual world at an alarming speed, but the official fluttering ears only found themselves as if they had lost all their hearing ability, and then suddenly heard the violent explosion sound, which showed that even the official fluttering people were already in the virtual world, they could clearly hear the terrorist movements outside one after another.
Teleport. is this that real reason for teleport? ‘
But now the magistrate fluttering is not in the mood to pay attention to so many things. Compared with the suicide of the last black guard outside, this virtual appearance is more interesting to the official fluttering. This is a Jin Xian iconic collar. Since entering the ninth grade fairy peak, the official fluttering has been thinking about himself. One day, he can also reach such a level.
The officer’s fluttering interest is more stuck in the elusive virtual. Although he has not really entered the first level yet, Jin Xian has also touched this threshold position. Even if it is a small step, he may further break through to the first level. In this way, it is not so important to lure the black guards outside to bring explosive threats.
Officer, brother, this is not the time to study. Let’s have a chance to study again. We have to go out and fight again. If we don’t kill the black guards, we will even go to Feiyun Castle to get into trouble.’
Officer fluttering performance all look in the eyes of Xiaotian. If you plan Xiaotian at ordinary times, you will definitely welcome Officer fluttering to have such an idea, but now you can’t. Officer fluttering is not important outside in black, but Xiaotian can’t do this, not to mention Lu Yun’s life and death. You need to go out and see if Feiyun Castle is safe. You must also let Xiaotian make a choice at the fastest time.
The officer fluttering is very reluctant to stay in this virtual space and study for a while. However, he decisively lifted this state and led the officer fluttering to emerge from the virtual space once again. As soon as he came out, he was attacked by a black guard who covered the sky. This is naturally what he expected. The defense law was originally arranged in the top master of the nine-level fairy peak, and it was completely ineffective after two such terrorist masters blew themselves up.
Kill kill this monster! ‘
The black guards are clamoring that this is the last handful of hardcore copies. Most of the rest of the people are either stunned by the explosive shock or simply die. At this time, the black guards with this little strength are able to knot up and see that Xiaotian can launch an effective attack after his sudden appearance. I have to say that the black guards are still a quite powerful force.
There are dozens of hundreds of four-level immortals and five-level immortals, among which there are dozens of six-level immortals and seven-level immortals. The most important thing is that there are two most powerful immortals in the whole tens of thousands of black guards. It can be said that these more than 100 people are the most essential forces in the remaining black guards.
Now, the most essence of this force is that it is fierce and rushed towards Ji Xiaotian, and one by one it is to be as fierce as Ji Xiaotian’s. If it is changed to the average person, I am afraid that no matter how strong the individual is, he will be defeated and flee. But Ji Xiaotian is different. Who is he? He has never chased others. Unless his strength is far less than the situation, he is definitely not willing to escape.
Come and see who killed who! ‘
Therefore, there is no plan to escape from Xiaotian Gen. It is to throw the accompanying officer into the distance, at least hundreds of meters away, and then he was greeted by himself. Corresponding to this, the golden light rose to the sky and wrapped the whole person in such a powerful fairy power, and it was like a majestic god.
Bang bang bang’
A series of impacts are produced in the final essence of Ji Xiaotian and these black guards. No matter which black guard is a three-pole fairy or a four-level fairy, or even worse, if those five-level fairies collide with Ji Xiaotian head-on, no one is not quickly knocked out. No one can resist the rush of Ji Xiaotian.
You can imagine how powerful Ji Xiaotian is. He is a three-pole gold fairy, which is much stronger than everyone present. Even if Ji Xiaotian did not push the power, he still retained considerable strength. This result is still not surprising. Who let Ji Xiaotian exceed these too much and benefited his own speed? He can throw away all the people in front of him, thus retaining a considerable advantage.
It is necessary to plan Xiaotian not to fall into the encirclement of these ordinary fairies in front of him, so that he continues to maintain a super-fast speed. These people have no chance to launch a sharp attack to attack Xiaotian. Although it is said that this is a bit bullying, the fact is that Xiaotian is such a simple person. Let these fairies be hit by flying roots one by one, and no one can come up with any solution.
It’s too bullying. What kind of play are you playing? Don’t move if you have something to do, and play with us honestly! ‘
All the black guards are about to cry when they are wronged. Where is a reasonable person like Ji Xiaotian? The root is that people are joking, and the strength is not as good as the other party. Even if the other party takes such an approximate sneak attack move, there is no super player consciously present. These black guards feel unlucky and wronged to the extreme, and many people can’t wait to cry on the spot.
Some powerful black guards fortunately suffered some damage at most, but they were miserable. Even if they were hit lightly like this, it seemed that there was no reality. If they were hit hard by Ji Xiaotian, they would have the same result, that is, they were hit and vomited blood and fell to the ground and died completely. There is no other possibility.
Chapter three hundred and fifty * * Jin Xian terrible collision
Chapter three hundred and fifty Jin Xian terrible collision
"Don’t move. You think I’m stupid. Isn’t it a sneak attack when you come to attack our Feiyun Castle? You greeted me and said you would fight Feiyun Castle. It’s ridiculous. A group of fools and idiots!"
Ji Xiaotian hey hey sneer at his heart, but there is no obstacle at all. What moral words are there for the enemy? That is to die. No matter how powerful Ji Xiaotian’s strength is, he can’t carry it head-on with more than 100 immortals. Even if he doesn’t necessarily get hurt, it will consume fairy yuan’s strength, which is also a terrible amount. There is a light solution. Little genius won’t be silly and enemies with others.
In the body, a super master consciously counts the sky, which is not at all. If you say that you have to worry about counting the sky in the human world, your top master’s name is different in the celestial world. He is a bottom-level super low hand, and even though his strength has risen rapidly again and again, he still has not changed his position.
A super master wants to name him as a low hand, but he doesn’t need to plan. It’s so simple to think that he won’t hesitate to play as easily as possible when facing such an enemy. Xiaotian knocked over a dozen immortals while talking. His intention is very simple. Anyway, the final essence of these black guards must be scattered, otherwise they will gather their hands later. That is the real trouble.
Ji Xiaotian doesn’t want to see thousands of black guards attacking himself at the same time. This more than one hundred black guards teamed up to make people feel a little numb. If it weren’t for Ji Xiaotian’s strength, they really didn’t have any good way to solve this situation. Now Ji Xiaotian won’t give up such a good opportunity
"I hit me and then hit me and hit me-"
Meter Xiaotian mood is so easy all the way into the past, black guards are everywhere roaring in his mouth. Every time he reads a sentence not far away, black guards will tremble in his heart. A small voice is getting louder and louder, and the number of black guards is getting denser and denser. This is like a deadly spell, which makes these black guards feel a twinge of nerves and wish to turn around and run away immediately.
It’s not ordinary black guards who can escape. These three-pole immortal black guards can’t escape casually. Even if they have the ability to escape, they can’t solve the problem. Because there is nothing to pay attention to because they haven’t finished the intelligence report, it’s a dead end for them to escape back. They certainly won’t do such a thing.
All these black guards are not demanding, that is, they hope to get some more specific information about Ji Xiaotian’s strength. This is the case. Ji Xiaotian himself will definitely not say it. These people have an adventure and fight against Ji Xiaotian head-on, only to know that if they are luckier, they will be lucky enough to beat Ji Xiaotian completely. This is a more wonderful thing. With such an idea, these people will continue to attack Ji Xiaotian regardless.
It’s a pity that all this is doomed to be in vain. Their attack was launched, but it didn’t have any effect at all. Because the speed of the small world is so fast, it means that the small world will leave its original position when these people make an attack idea. This doesn’t give others a chance to capture their body shape. Although these black guards are not weak, they are still a lot slower
This situation is definitely not in these black guards’ plans. The more they fight, the more frightened they are. The more uncomfortable they are. There is a special kind of person who makes them feel breathless. These people are mechanically attacking here because they are afraid that someone will settle accounts afterwards. They can’t help doing something here now.
Even so, I still haven’t let go of these hateful black guards. This is the last essence of ten thousand black guards. Xiaotian won’t let them escape smoothly. What he wants is to completely suppress these people’s arrogance and let them feel a sense of fear at the thought of Feiyun Castle. I can never sneak up and attack Feiyun Castle again.
"Oh, I can’t stand it. Everybody run away!"
Finally, in Ji Xiaotian’s continuous attack on these black guards, the last essence is also that they can’t persist. They are trying to persist here one by one just to know what kind of strength Ji Xiaotian is. When they go back, they also have a better statement, but they have been passively beaten for a long time. No one can know what kind of strength Ji Xiaotian is. These people have backed out one by one.
There was a black guard who called out like this, and the rest of the black guards couldn’t hold on even more. They barely held on with their last breath here. When things changed irrepressibly, Ji Xiaotian himself didn’t care much about these black guards, so at the end of the day, these black guards dispersed all their anger. A black guard didn’t hold on any longer, which was tantamount to dispersed in a hubbub.
In this way, Xiao Tian still didn’t let go of these people. The idea was that he was still preoccupied with bumping into the past. Anyway, bumping into one is bumping into two, and it’s also bumping into Xiao Tian. Since he pulled this face, he didn’t care about bumping into them for a while. Even if the black guard was already trying to escape, Xiao Tian didn’t let them go easily. This scourge can kill one more, even one more.


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