Because Mo Xin’s swordsmanship is born out of Taiji swordsmanship, which is the best defense and Pei Hu’s painstaking study for many years, there is no flaw in the door.

And this Liu Guoqing swordsmanship is also a three-point swordsmanship with both offensive and defensive skills. At any time, it can be turned into one defense, two attacks and one attack. All kinds of changes are exhausted. That was when Cuiyu Yellow Shirt was wandering around the rivers and lakes in the past, it was not practiced to the realm.
At that time, even Taoist Chen and Miao Renfeng and other swordsmen couldn’t help looking at each other and secretly praising this young man’s martial arts. It’s a pity that he was cheap in the officialdom.
After more than a hundred strokes, both of them slowly changed their swordsmanship and embarked on a calm and dignified road. Because of the strange tricks, it is difficult for the other side to break the other side’s swordsmanship through the right way.
Mo Xin has lived in the mountains for a long time. Except for his compatriot and brother Yan, it is rare to see a talent with similar skills. Qi Yufeng has made rapid progress, but after all, his practice is quite short, and his martial arts is not as long as his brothers.
At this time, it’s easy to find an opponent who is similar to him, J: ng, who will exert his hard work in the mountain for more than ten years. When the tip of the sword scoffs at the wind, all the strokes and styles are filled with strength. When Liu Guoqing saw it, he was surprised and didn’t dare to confront it head-on, but he could turn around and avoid its sharpness.
Ink heart this jianfa a qi imperial wind Zhao Banshan cried and others by surprise.
In front of the door, the guards, guards and escorts can’t help but be jumpy. Some swordsmen immediately think that they have lived for a long time and haven’t practiced swordsmanship to such a degree. It’s really that they have lived to be a dog, so they can’t help sulking about themselves.
While Pei Hu secretly frowned over there. He knew that it would force him to rely on Mo Xin’s martial arts, but he barely supported hundreds of tricks. After that, he must take off his power and look at Liu Guoqing’s skillful swordsmanship, and he didn’t know his strength.
After a few strokes, Liu Guoqing finally struggled to take risks, and the ink-heart sword was built to detain the sword, and the pace was also scattered.
Ink heart took the opportunity to attack several Liu Guoqing. A careless sword was crooked and it was going to fall. Who knows that ink heart leaned out of the sword and gently touched Liu Guoqing to detain and straighten the posture.
Liu Guoqing was puzzled and stole a look at Mo Xin, but he saw that the corners of Mo Xin’s eyes were smiling and peaceful and natural.
It turned out that Mo Xin was so easy to get an opponent that he was willing to let him lose so easily, so he made up his mind not to pour his strength and continue to fight with his sword.
Liu Guoqing fought a few more moves and suddenly jumped back. His face was indecisive and changeable. He made a deep bow and said, "Thank you, my dear friend, for being merciful and making me fall."
Just now, those rabbits started to fall apart from Zhao Banshan, Miao Renfeng and other masters, who didn’t see what was going on? The skill was a little poor, even if you saw clearly what Liu Guoqing’s physical imbalance was at that moment, what was it, Yu, or something strange.
When everyone in Taiwan saw Liu Guoqing’s generosity, he couldn’t help but have some affection for him. Zhao Banshan said cheerfully, "It seems that Xue Bao’s senior professor and good apprentice have such aboveboard figures and talents."
While Miao Renfeng, the dust leader, came to smile. Seeing this Se dignified and heavy before, the general wind nodded at this time.
Mo Xin replied, "I’ve just practiced this swordsmanship, and no one has ever played against me. It’s normal for you to be unfamiliar with it. We have similar martial arts, so how can we judge the outcome with this move? Come on, let’s continue."
Liu Guoqing said, "I’ll have the cheek to ask my friend for advice again."
Liu Guoqijīng’s ink heart continued to fight. This time, the ink heart did not make the sword move just now. The beauty of Liu Guoqing’s pressure reduction trick j and ng was once again revealed.
After fighting for a while, Mo Xin suddenly said, "You just made it a little fast, so I can’t get this long sword into it."
Guo-qing liu smell speech was a big surprise, they are now on the ridge of the house, holding their breath carefully in their chest at every moment. At this time, Mo Xin actually speaks and is so understated that everyone is about the same age. I really don’t know how people practice this skill.
When you breathe a sigh of relief and say "thank you for your advice", you can jump into the house gently while taking advantage of the long sword of Mo Xin.
I put a long sword cream on my face, and Xue laughed again. "I can’t fly, brother. Let’s play like this."
The ink heart fluttered according to what he said. He watched Liu Guoqing’s sword move for a long time, and his heart was sure to win. But this man is broad-minded and aboveboard, and he is also an old disciple of Master Zhao. Maybe he can pick up a good friend.
Leave a face for this person when you are thinking of winning a battle.
Ink heart left hand holding the sword tactic left foot stepping on a recruit "Baiyun Obsidian Ri" to oblique stab is the recruit of Changbai Sword Sutra Kung Fu.
The style and strength are not just right, but it seems ordinary, but to practice to his extent, he must be gifted and have worked hard in fencing for many years
It turned out that he was thinking about a draw, but he lived in seclusion in the mountains for many years. Although he was determined to keep a draw, he still wanted to win a few points in tricks before making a draw.
Liu Guoqijīng was full of j and ng divine power to cope with it. In an instant, the two of them dismantled more than 30 strokes, and Liu Guoqing became more and more tired, so he shrank his sword circle and listened intently.
I don’t know if Liu Guoqing is stabbing the ink heart with a sword. The sword on one side of Liu Guoqing’s sword has been ghostly and jumped behind him.
He pinned down the other side’s long sword body and was behind the other side. It can be said that the posture of the sword has occupied the advantage, but if he realizes something, he will be able to realize that he has lost the fight.
Ink heart has a good impression on Liu Guoqing and doesn’t want him to roll his face. This pressure suggests that he has won or lost, and then his eyes look at Liu Guoqing.
As it happens, his eyes are like his own. It seems that God Se is a little strange. When he smiles and the sword is closed, he will turn around and fight.
Who knows it’s fast? Liu Guoqing’s eyes flashed a long sword, and he turned his head and cut off a sleeve of ink heart.


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