Seeing this situation from a distance, the feather face has become extremely heavy-she is not afraid because of Bawen’s unique skill, but because of …

"Hua …" At this moment, the picture of feather’s inexplicable peace of mind appeared-the night wind got up from the ruins.
The night wind and the flurry split eternity in two, and Bavin’s hands burst into flames.
Feather look a heavy pulled out her waist Rapier.
[the words are stinging!
Feather incarnation white light speed limit rushed to Bawen and Bawen night wind also turned to look at her at this time.
One second, the blue blood splashes and the feather sword has been inserted into Bawen’s left eye, and the night wind looks at the sudden appearance of feathers in amazement.
"Howl ~ ~ ~" Bawen roared with anger and pain and hit the feather with a wave of his hand, knocking it to the ground.
Bawen covered her left eye and glared at the back of her head. More than a dozen white tentacles quickly stretched forward and wrapped her hands, feet and waist in an instant.
"Damn …" Feather struggled according to the force, but the tentacles were still getting tighter and tighter.
"bang! Bang! Bang ~ ~ ~ "At this moment, the guns suddenly sounded and dozens of bullets hit Bawen’s tentacles one after another, forcing the tentacles of the entangled feather holding the sword to loosen.
Feather seized the opportunity to wield a sword and cut off other tentacles and spread their wings quickly, and glanced at her to save the night wind-at this time, the night wind did not look at her but looked directly at Bawen.
Two people silent mouth don’t talk about a eyes staring at bavin as if never masked strangers.
Ba Wen glanced at the front of them, and they opened their mouths and roared, and their hands once again ignited the blue explosion.
At the same time, at the same time, the night wind and feathers attacked Bavin at the same time.
With a wave of his fists, two groups of explosive inflammation attacked the feather and the night wind respectively-there is no suspense that both of them escaped the counterattack of explosive inflammation.
"Bang ~ ~ ~" The holy bullet flew out of Bawen by two eternal crack guns, which made it fall into a "semi-stagnation" state.
Feather seized the opportunity and followed, while the skill "pierced" and stabbed Bawen in the throat.
"wow!" A muffled holy sword pierced Bawen’s throat and blue blood immediately splashed, but this level of attack was far from fatal to Bawen-Bawen gritted his teeth and glared at the tentacle behind the feather and extended to the feather again.
Feather looked at hurriedly drew his sword and retreated quickly, but her speed was not as fast as that of the tentacle-when the feather was caught by the tentacle, two eternal crack bombs in the distance hit the tentacle one after another, forcing the tentacle to slow down and let the feather escape.
The feather retreated and the night wind advanced, and the two men passed by-the night wind rushed to Bawen’s hand, and two eternal cracks roared and the dark sacred bullets hit Bawen’s injured throat.
The pain of the wound made Bavin even more angry. He roared and strode to the night wind, and his fists ignited the blue explosion.
The two men met head-on. Bawen raised his fist and hit the night wind. At the critical moment, the night wind bowed down calmly, evaded Bawen’s attack, and then slipped behind Bawen.
Ba Wen turned his head to pursue the night wind, but then the harsh sound behind him made him turn his head again-what Ba Wen saw was a golden beam!
A second later, the golden beam passed through Bavin’s throat and a lot of blood splashed out-the feather’ golden light blade’ pierced Bavin’s throat.
Feather and night wind that milli tacit understanding’ cooperation’ will actually Bawen into this-even eye contact has not been’ cooperation’ …
Bawen clung to his seriously injured throat, opened his mouth and growled with pain and anger. He knelt on the ground and blue blood kept dripping on the ground.
Half-feather ground night wind god keeps an eye on Bawen, hands clenched and ready to respond at any time-they know that BOSS Bawen would never die so easily.
Sure enough, after a few seconds, Bawen was dying. He suddenly looked up again and looked up and gasped.
The dark clouds in the sky churned again, and the faint lightning also appeared.
Seeing this situation, the night wind and feather tremble at the same time-the screen thunder is about to strike again.
Feather landing wings spread around and set up a white eggshell defense barrier, while the night wind looked up and quietly looked at Lei Yun.
The thunder thundered at the top floor of the Pride Tower, making the whole Pride Tower tremble.
After the lightning strike, the defensive barrier erected by the feather has disappeared, and the body is also a partial body scale injury
"Blare …" As soon as the wound hurts, Feather can reach out and hold her right shoulder and lift up her eyes and look around-at this time, the top smoke permeates three meters away, so that Feather can confirm where the night wind is.
[Miss Yu, Mr. Ye Feng asks you to have a private chat. Do you accept it?
At this time, a unified message that surprised Yu appeared.
Accept …
Feather recovered her mind and took out the com. "What can I do for you?"
"immediately prepare your strongest trick, I will start your skills when you fight for it!" Simple and direct words rang out
Feather after listening to is one leng quickly restore calm and say "I’m white"
At this time, the smoke and dust have dispersed, and Bawen’s body has reappeared in the midnight wind-the night wind body has not increased the scar. He sits cross-legged on the ground and faces calm waves, while in front of him stands a red pike that exudes filar silk.
Night wind Longjinus magic gun as lightning rod absorbed all the lightning strikes!
A night wind with a left sleeve took back Longjinus’ magic gun, turned around and rushed to Bawen with an eternal crack in his hand.
When feather saw this, he immediately flew five meters away, closed his eyes and silently sang an ancient and deep spell-the feather body exuded white light.
The eternal crack bomb hit Bawen’s body repeatedly, and Bawen’s attention was immediately attracted by the night wind-Bawen roared several times faster than before and kept hitting the night wind with explosive inflammation.
The night wind sank, calmly evaded the attack, tried to attract Bavin’s attention, but in the end …
"Boom!" An explosion struck the night wind at the side of one meter, and it was immediately blown up and barely stood on the ground after landing, but it continued to attack Bawen at the first time, and this silk time difference had made Bawen discover the feather-Bawen felt strange next to him and immediately turned his head and looked at it and saw the white light feather in the middle school, which was about to complete the ultimate skill feather.
Ba Wen was shocked by this power. He immediately raised his hands above his head and put a lot of magic in his hands-a black magic ball quickly condensed.
When the night wind saw it, it lifted the eternal crack and attacked Bawen constantly, but it didn’t have any effect-Bawen didn’t slow down, and the black magic ball was still condensing.
"Howl ~ ~ ~" roar loud. A magic ball with a diameter of about four meters was thrown out by Ba Wen and hit the feather directly.
Feather’ Day Feather Chop’ can be completed in three seconds, but the black magic ball won’t give it so long-after one second, it will be hit by magic ball …


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