From a distance, Lin Ze suddenly found that there was light in his room! Who the hell is in there? Who will be in his room at this late hour?

Lin Ze is puzzled, but he can speed up the pace and run towards the house.
Arriving at the door, an attractive fragrance overflowed from the room! This is a woman’s scent. There is a woman in her room. This is the Lins’ house. There can’t be any thieves. Who is it?
Lin Ze one hand holding green Shuang Yi hand gently push the door light as the door to the door …
A graceful figure is looking at this figure attentively at his desk. Lin Ze is so familiar with it because he has seen it naked.
It is the bearer who is Miss Lan’s second daughter Lan Yu.
I didn’t expect that I just remembered someone on the road and now I’m in my room
"Er … Lan language?"
Lin Ze didn’t know what to say. He didn’t expect Lan Yu to come to him so late.
Frightened out of the haze, she held the table in her hands.
"Is Lin Ze or Lin Ze back!" Turn your back on Lin Zelan’s language and keep saying this sentence in your heart. What makes you so nervous when you don’t see yourself for three days? She didn’t know this problem. She turned around and held the green double Linze in her eyes.
The little face, which was still red, turned white when she saw Lin Zehuai’s youth.
White hair girl! Is this the girl holding Lin Ze, as Mr. Qian Huan said? Is that Mr. Thousand Fantasies who wants to accept student girls?
The two of them have been so close to each other, and there are waves of sourness in their hearts.
"Lin and Lin Ze!" Arashi stammered Lin Ze’s name and didn’t seem to know what to say!
But has been groggy green double wake up when she heard the female sound, female can make her can’t help but hug Lin Ze neck and watch arashi warily …
Looking at the blue double-moving LAN language, my heart is pumping again. This is the little girl’s declaration of all her things!
"Brother, who is she?" Qing Shuang looked at Lan language and asked Lin Ze curiously with her waxy sound.
Lin Ze smiled and rubbed his green forehead and said softly, "She is a brother and friend called Lan Yu, which means that my brother said he would introduce you to a sister as good as Muxiao!"
Hear Lin Ze explain haze language clear nodded.
As good as Muxiao’s sister? Qing Shuang secretly observed that the Nuzhen in front of her was so beautiful that she was as beautiful as Muxiao’s sister. It was even more fascinating that she could smell a burst of fragrance when she was close to her.
This fragrance made Qing Shuang Yi have a good impression on this woman
"Call Sister Lan Yu!" Lin Ze drew the two girls closer like a chain.
Looking at Lin Ze, a face of expectation expression, green double shyness nodded at Lan language and shouted "Sister Lan language".
Arashi language in hearing green double call is also a panic, the original that a trace of acid behind blush response.
"Hello, you!"
See haze language blush expression green double feel very kind to Lin Ze said with a light smile "brother, you see haze language elder sister blushed …"
Hearing the fact that Qingshuang debunked Lan Yu’s face burned even more, Lin Ze took a loving look at Qingshuang and said softly, "My dear brother also saw Lan Yu’s sister. Isn’t it cute?"
"Well, well! Sister Lan Yu is so cute! "
Qing Shuang didn’t hesitate to praise herself, but after a few words, she felt a little tired and her eyelids kept fighting. She wanted to know more about this sister, but her body couldn’t hold on …
Lin Ze looked at the green double performance and knew what it was about. She bowed her head and put it in the girl’s ear and said softly, "Good boy, go to bed first! Lan language elder sister elder brother will have a good reception … "
Listening to Lin Ze’s gentle words spit in his ears, and his warm breath made him shrink back and nodded shyly.
Seeing Qing Shuang nodding, Lin Ze continued, "Then say good night to Lan Yu’s sister!"
"Well, good night, sister Lan!" Shrinking in Linzehuai, Zhongshuang stretched out his delicate little hand and waved it at Lan language, and was hugged by Lin Ze in the bedroom.
This girl is so cute! At a loss, such an idea emerged in Lan language.


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