When the home teams of six military bases successively passed through this area and eliminated snipers and assassins, Hu said that the reconnaissance team of the frenzy squadron led by Hu said that new enemies had been discovered at this time.

Then the scouts visually confirmed that the big troops were moving forward. After a few minutes, all the players came to the periphery of the enemy’s area and looked at the enemy. Everyone was at a loss except Wang Tianping.
This time, the enemy is a mixed force, and the front is a mecha unit with a full squadron. Moreover, the model is not a simple mecha exhibition, but a tactical style with 50 peacekeepers, 30 patrolmen and 20 shadow fighters. This is a mecha squadron very suitable for flying kites in the wild.
On the two wings, armored vehicles are used. The front infantry is equipped with defensive heavy weapons, and the mobility, defense and attack power of the rear mixed heavy armored forces can be guaranteed.
Many enemies are also very powerful, but if the enemy only has these words, even if they feel nervous and excited, all the people in the frenzy squadron will not be at a loss, which will make them feel at a loss. That is the mecha in the most central position in the mecha unit.
It’s a basic mecha that shows peacekeepers, but it’s not a peacekeeper. First of all, the size of the mecha is slightly higher than that of the ordinary mecha, which makes this mecha feel a little stand out from the crowd.
Secondly, the shield in the left hand is not a simple plane, but has an outward sharp edge on the plane, which makes this shield not only an armor but also a weapon. Not only that, it also has sharp edges of different lengths on the elbow, knee, instep and shoulder of the mecha, just like a war maniac, it is full of thorns.
It is said that this is a war maniac, but both the big shield and the laser gun are symbols of peacekeepers, saying that they are peacekeepers, but the sharp sword has brought the wildness of the war maniac.
What is this? Some people are at a loss. Wang Tianping knows that this is the future ace pilot status representative custom machine A!
Chapter 43 custom machine A
In the game, the player of custom machine A needs 50,000 military exploits to be promoted to the rank of major, but at this stage, the top sergeant only needs 3,000. It is still a distant dream for the player to drive custom machine A.
However, with the progress of the game, there will be many players who can reach this rank. It is foreseeable that in the later stage of the game, there will be a large number of old players driving custom machine A and leading several major ordinary players and new players to fight together.
This is a game. The so-called resources are a set of data. Although the operator will limit and increase resources as much as possible in order to stabilize the exchange rate of virtual currency and avoid inflation, it is still more relaxed than the real world virtual resources.
In the future reality experienced by Wang Tianping, custom machine Jia is not so common. After all, it takes more resources and needs special engineers to design and build it. After that, experiments will be carried out to transform it according to actual combat data. All this has increased.
In the future, if a pilot wants to get custom machine A, the process is not complicated, but it is definitely not simple. There is one condition, and that is the ace pilot.
Ace pilots are easy to say, but they can do it less than 100%. Most pilots can stop at elite pilots until they retire, and take a step forward and get married with custom machine A.
Wang Tianping, of course, only got the qualification of custom machine A after he was promoted to the ace pilot, and designed and completed his "Chaos Consul" in custom machine A according to his own specific requirements and engineers.
The concept of custom machine A was actually published on the official website a long time ago, but for one thing, the players are still far away from the rank of major, and for another, no one has seen NPC driving custom machine A Institute in the game, and players have been indifferent to it.
At this time, there is no doubt in front of the frenzy squadron that a custom machine armor has the infrastructure of peacekeepers and weapons and equipment, but it is also equipped with the orientation sword of war fanatics. What kind of effect can the combination of the two play? Even Wang Tianping needs personal experience to determine.
Just as everyone looked at the unknown mecha in a daze, there was a sound in the enemy array opposite, "Come out openly since you’re here. Your whereabouts have been monitored by us all the time. I didn’t expect you to really break through here and let me go out in person."
This sentence is obviously said to the squadron hiding behind the bunker and peeping at the enemy. Wang Tianping turned his head and adjusted the cameras around and observed them. He did find some hidden cameras.
After thinking about it, Wang Tianping went out with the team and then discharged a more cautious and conservative formation to move slowly towards the enemy. Anyway, the final battle must be a frontal confrontation. It is all the same to go out early and go out late. Maybe the subplot can move forward a little and get some clues.
Looking at the sound coming this way from the enemy squadron, "Well, it seems that you are not only good at your level, but also courageous and decisive."
This time, everyone can see clearly that the sound is the one that is different from the surrounding mecha. It seems that the mechanic inside is the enemy leader.
Eventually, BOSS? Looking at it, it is still 7% deputy progress. Wang Tianping denied this idea. It should not be now, but it is still a good evaluation. After the battle, it is estimated that there will be another BOSS.
And what the custom machine A mechanic said soon confirmed Wang Tianping’s idea. He said, "I’ll introduce myself in order to make you die white. I’m Tian Zhenkun, deputy head of the First Mechanized Ranger Brigade of the Fifth Division of the First Army Corps of the Imperial Army."
Deputy district chief, this small base force is close to a brigade up to now, and the part that has not been met before is a strengthened brigade. Of course, there will be a battalion chief and deputy district chief here is a small BOSS.
After reporting home, this NPC, who claimed to be Tian Zhenkun’s enemy, actually said, "I never kill famous people to attack the enemy. Sign up quickly!"
Er ….. frenzy squadron all a cold sweat this commandant should not be watching too much, is it so bold and unrestrained in the background? But the result of the war is that the war has been confronted several times in a row, regardless of the process, and it has actually come up with a one-on-one combat posture.
In order to promote the plot, Wang Tianping also played an external speaker and said to the enemy, "We are the independent squadron of the federal frenzy, and I am the squadron leader Wang Tianping."
After reporting the door, it’s time to play. The frenzied squadron people hurriedly squared up to prepare for the enemy attack, but Tian Zhenkun actually didn’t reach the attack instruction, but once again said, "Well, it’s good that you are honest and didn’t lie to report your identity, just like we have information. In your eyes, it’s fair and square, so I won’t play dirty."
Say that finish this sentence before long frenzy squadron they saw in their team on both sides of the barracks and hangar out of some shadow fighters and Windrunner these mecha didn’t attack frenzy squadron but into the enemy front mecha array.
Er ….. Everyone is in a cold sweat and there are still ambushes. If these ambushes suddenly intervene during the war, it’s really tough, and the opponent actually pulled out these ambushes because Wang Tianping told the truth, which made everyone understand at the moment.
And this strange behavior of Tian Zhenkun seems to be not over yet. After those ambush shadow fighters and Windrunner returned to the formation, he showed off and generally said, "Look at your honesty, I’ll tell you one more thing. You haven’t seen this mecha. Tell you that this one is specially built by the Empire. His name is Berserker!"
Say that finish satisfiedly hum two later, he said again "this’ Berserker’ has the basic power and fighting capacity of peacekeepers, and the melee attacks of war maniacs, especially in field charge and hand-to-hand combat …"
At this point, despite the frenzied squadron’s language and strength, the voice suddenly stopped and seemed to have received personal communication.
"Uh, boss, uh-huh, I know. If you don’t say it again, then hang up first. Ahem, our battalion chief said that we can’t say it again. Although it’s a pity, we can be here today. Well, let’s fight."
The battle was made formal by a speech.
Chapter 44 Defensive counterattack
"The protector covers other mecha and spreads them to both sides. Don’t confront the enemy head-on. Their firepower is much higher than ours. Don’t let those armored vehicles get too close."
"The judge’s primary goal is that the defensive heavy weapons on the two wings, especially laser guns and magnetic guns, must be fixed at the first time."
"Snipers temporarily test the basic ability of that custom machine armor target."
"The rest of the team carefully dodge and try to stay behind the shield. We haven’t had a good chance to wait for my further order yet."
The battle started, and the squadron commanded rapid action in Wang Tianping, and the enemy attacked at the first time. The squadron of the frenzy can defend first and then find a chance to fight back.
The leader of the enemy is driving custom machine A "Berserker". Although the commander Tian Zhenkun is a chatterbox and a fool who has seen a lot of movies, it is orderly to command the troops to attack the enemy. I am not sorry for his title.
At this time, the enemy mecha units have not yet charged, and the peacekeepers and patrolmen are defending directly in front of them. The shadow fighters have already attacked behind them, and the first exhibition action is the two-wing heavy armored units.
Wang Tianping looked at the enemy’s position and knew clearly that Tian Zhenkun still had some tactical level. Obviously, he wanted heavy armored forces with good mobility to charge first to form an encirclement of the frenzy squadron, and then defensive heavy weapons and mecha troops used overwhelming firepower to quickly panic in the frenzy squadron.
However, "the tactical intention is too obvious, although it is beneficial to our overwhelming advantage to carry out the open plan, but it is still easy to crack if we find the trick in this way of playing." Wang Tianping stabilized the morale of all the people in the team channel
The enemy’s improved crane wing array was pressed by the two wings to the frenzy squadron, and the frenzy squadron held the whole army in half on both sides, so that the enemy’s intention of encirclement was realized
Then it was discovered that the first step of the plan was that the enemy was bankrupt, and the new action mecha troops charged. This time, they wanted to make the frenzied squadron divided into two parts lose care of each other through the division of large forces, so as to annihilate them separately.
The enemy changed his tactics, and the squadron of the frenzy certainly changed its tactics, and this time Wang Tianping decided to take the initiative again. After all, if he kept following the enemy’s footsteps, there would be no chance to fight back.
"Member of the charge! Protector in the front and then hand-to-hand combat is good at the mecha in the back to annihilate the enemy’s heavy armored forces as quickly as possible, and the judge conducts large-scale fire suppression on the enemy’s rear defensive positions, not seeking to kill and suppress the enemy and disrupt the enemy’s sight as the first tactical goal. "
Heavy armored forces are of course behemoths for infantry, but this kind of enemy is very weak for mecha. The squadron didn’t rush too far because of the frenzy of other enemies. This time, Wang Tianping was determined to counterattack and finally reached the charge order.
The mecha belonging to the frenzy squadron on both sides quickly started and rushed to the front of the enemy’s heavy armored forces. The frenzy squadron didn’t hesitate and didn’t stop to meet the heavy armored forces.
Armored vehicles, whether light wheeled, maglev or heavy crawler, were crushed into discus in one round. Fate tanks and self-propelled guns were slightly better, but they were quickly pried into turrets by mecha melee weapons.
It is still possible for heavy armored units to rely on mobility to make some moves or to assist their own mecha units, but it is still not qualified to confront the mecha head-on
The enemy’s heavy armored forces were washed away in an instant and lost their original formation. The impact force method was used to intercept and attack the mecha again.
What should the enemy do when he sees this scene? Wang Tianping didn’t pay too much attention to the mecha’s exercises, whether armored vehicles or defensive heavy weapons, but his attention was focused on those mecha who changed the battlefield situation in an instant.
At this time, seeing the frenzy squadron not retreating into a wave of counter-charges, Tian Zhenkun seems to be very angry at the words "hey, you still have two things to do if you don’t die obediently in this situation!" Even if you get rid of the heavy armor, what will it take? I want you to know that I am good at laser cannons and magnetic cannons. Um, what? Ah, I forgot the external speakers when I gave the order … "
I have to say that it is really a genius to let people feel powerless. In just a few words, everyone in the frenzy squadron was hurt and Wang Tianping had to boost morale again.
Tian Zhenkun exposed the command that Wang Tianping was cheating, but it turned out that those artillery positions opposite the frenzy squadron on both sides were really fast, and the attack intensity of laser guns and magnetic guns rose, which almost suppressed the frenzy squadron in an instant.
"Snipers pay attention to changing the target and destroying enemy artillery positions. The rest of the mecha keep suppressing artillery fire. In addition, snipers report a custom machine methyl ability according to the test attack just now."
"The defense force seems to be a little higher than that of peacekeepers and guardians. The basic power is also that the machine methyl is not affected by the impact after it hits the shield." Blackie first said.
Then the remaining snipers also introduced the "Berserker" basic ability to the people in a few words.
"The mobility and speed are close to those of the patrolman. On several occasions, he was able to dodge our attacks."


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