"So that’s it!"

"I see."
Kay and the fire Lord ended their conversation but didn’t know what to do next.
The hill king, afraid of the devil king, knew the two men. "We are going back, too. Can we pass the ice and fire shrine safely?"
"But because you have this thing," the fire king still drank his tea and didn’t lift it. It was very quiet.
"You can’t let us pass freely?" Hill king
"Those who come uninvited and leave will not send" Fire King still said
"Don’t you remember that you are a Terran?" Red Hu hill king nu way
"Do Terrans still remember that it has me as a people?"
The hill king said that a red beard and a bald head fought back together. It turns out that the sacred objects in the ice and fire palace will regenerate themselves every 30 minutes. They can cross over but they can go back in a fight. This is like love, which is exactly what the fire king likes.
"Ice Girl!" Moore said, this sentence is very heavy.
"I saw you early!" The ice girl replied, this sentence has no surprise or accident, just like a girl next door.
"I don’t live up to the promise of ten thousand years!" This sentence of Mohr’s Road is precisely Mohr’s theory of animal gods.
The beast god has made a whore, and such an ice goddess has made a whore. Of course, if you can make a whore with such an ice goddess, it is not called a whore.
"You haven’t failed ten thousand people," the woman still said lightly.
If it is now in this society, many women will definitely say, "But you have failed for ten thousand years", because the love affair between the animal god and the ice girl will have no result. If there is a result, the fire king will not appear in this story. If there is no result, the woman in love will definitely blame the man for owing her, but the ice girl has a saying, "You have not failed for ten thousand years". This is not because the ice girl shows mercy to the animal god and the ice girl rarely wants to fail her.
"Ten thousand years ago, I fought the orcs. After ten thousand years, I want to meet you again. Come with me in this world! I’m your lover. "Mohr Road is also called Beast Shinto Road.
The fire king is happy. The fire king has always been very depressed, but when he fires Wang Le, his heart is very natural. Although the fire king is famous for his fire, when he is happy, it is a wave of ice flowers.
"You may be in a woman’s body." The fire king did not lift his tea and indifferently told the beast Shinto.
This time, he was cool but pale, domineering and proud and confident.
"Do you want to call again?" When the beast god is angry, his voice has a masculine force through the Mohr cavity.
"Can you protect her if you beat me?" The fire king still drinks his tea indifferently, and it’s still so light.
Kay proudly said, "What’s the cutest thing about fighting? Brother is the protagonist."
The beast god glared at the fire king and moved hand in hand
Ten thousand years later, the little brother was unambiguous, so he called out with these heroes who were fascinated thousands of years ago.
"Brother, tea!" Huowangdao
"The yes point line not line? Do you want to do it? " The beast god comes from the beast. Of course, they can’t accept the saying that talking is beautiful. They think that talking is a man.
"Beat me? Did you share the ice girl with all your body women? " Fire Lord is still in no hurry.
The beast god sighs, the wolves scream and feel sad, and the magic is mysterious.
"yes! I’m already dead, but I’m here to see this time, "said the beast god in a gloomy way.
Nami small core see ink and beast god together dim the baggage and take the journey "beast god uncle is reborn, ok? If you are born again, you should have a new love. Maybe Sister Moore is very suitable for you! "
"You can’t hold hands ten thousand years ago, and you won’t hold hands ten thousand years later!" The ice girl gently said that the sound was not big but it made a scene.
It’s a good thing that the beast god is a hero and won’t break the atmosphere. If it is converted into our real social language, the effect is alas! CMLGB! Why didn’t I get you at that time! Fortunately, the beast god won’t curse. If the beast god curses, it will definitely be different from the soft and feminine words of the ice girl. Wan Li, I said that I can’t write because the language style is too big.
Even if the orcs call names, the ice girl likes him, because it’s hard to tell how much to say and how much to say.
Even if the beast god curses, he won’t scold the word "fuck" because the word "fuck" is not in the orc consciousness. This is not to say that the orcs don’t do this kind of thing, but that there is no such feeling in the beast god clan.
The word "fuck" contains two parts, one is a specific line, the other is an emotional currency.
Orcs don’t have that kind of emotional tendency to despise sex. They think that sex is the embodiment of tall, masculine and brave ancestors. Orcs often compete in a huge room, just like we humans drink at a big table.
No one dares to say no because it is not a man.
No one dares to say no because it’s not a man either.
Although all orcs are rude, they respect women. Of course, the beast god respects women more.
"Although I have lost my body, I still love you!" The beast god, a stupid gentleman with a knife, said such a long-lasting sentence here. Maybe many people have a good chance to say such a sentence in a generation, but they have heard the beast god thousands of times in the text, but it came from his body as a pure man.
Weizhen Shengong Building Four Movements
Although this sentence is so gently floating and floating.
"You won’t fight?" Kai Daokai, this brother came at this time with such a wonderful sentence that Nami Xiaoxin gave him a small look.


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