Yuanyuan herself ate and blew with a spoon.

Just came back after eating Chen Yougong.
"Oh, come on, let dad see." Chen Yougong is the one who hasn’t seen many children for a while.
Yuanyuan just had enough to eat and gave a full burp and ran to Chen Yougong’s side.
"I can’t hug your dad. He’s too dirty to wash yet." Yao Shangqing immediately stopped without moving in a word.
Chen Yougong hand simply touch her little face.
Yuanyuan knits her brows and covers her face with her hands. "Wash it if you can’t touch it."
Chen Yougong took off his coat hanger.
"All right, dad, go wash up first and then hug you."
Chen Shaoyuan several people are polite to call a dad.
Chen Yougong smiled and read them one by one and promised one.
Yao Shangqing looked at him and knew that he didn’t think of any good idea.
"Wash your hands and eat quickly. Wonton has two bags."
Chen Yougong came out from washing his hands. "It’s too little. I don’t have enough to eat."
"If you don’t have time to cook, you should indulge." Yao Shangqing took Yuan Yuan’s hand at a glance.
"Let’s give you a bath and let’s change into clean clothes."
Leave Chen Shaoyuan three brothers and Chen Yougong living room.
Chen Yougong has been too busy in recent years, and the children have grown up and got along too little.
"How do you study?" Chen Yougong took a bite of the bag and asked at random.
Chen Shaoyuan is still very steady. "Well, fortunately, I have finished my summer vacation."
It was Chen Shaoer’s turn. He suddenly stammered, "I’m ok. I got the second place in my class in the final exam."
Chen Yougong thoughtfully nodded thinking about fishing in the river.
Chen Shaozhi is a more obedient child, "I’m ok."
Yao Shangqing came out of health with Yuanyuan and wiped her hair with a towel.
"You three go and wash, too. Will you make your own hot water?"
Chen Shaoyuan nodded with two younger brothers.
Yao Shangqing sat and wiped Yuan Yuan’s hair.
"What did you say to them?"
Chen Yougong snored and drank the last mouthful of soup. "I didn’t say anything, just ask how my study was."
"When you give a few children first, you are used to coming here suddenly and you are not used to it." Yao Shangqing couldn’t help saying.
Chen Yougong: Oh, I know. Get up and put away all the table dishes and chopsticks and wash them in the kitchen.
"Did Yuanyuan sleep well with her mother today?"
Yuanyuan pointed to the room with her toy in her hand. She likes noodles.
"I want to sleep in that room"
Yao Shangqing is thinking about letting Yuanyuan sleep alone, and I don’t know if she can make it. She is less than five years old.
"But that bed is too small for my mother to sleep, so you can sleep in that room alone."
Yuanyuan thought about it and nodded, then yawned. She was a little sleepy.
Yao Shangqing thought that Chen Shaoyuan could help her take care of her brothers when she was five years old, and now she should also exercise her.
"All right, then you can sleep in that room by yourself today."
Yuanyuan happily patted her hand "OK" and then pedaled to the house.
Yao Shangqing followed by the past. Fortunately, the bed inside was also installed together, and there was no bedding. The main reason was that she didn’t intend to let her sleep by herself at first.
Take it out, fix it for her, and then let her lie in bed. It’s shorter.
"All right, you can sleep."
Yuanyuan fell asleep when she was lying on her face.
Chen Yougong came out and saw that everyone was asleep.
"Are you guys ready to wash?" Chen Yougong simply knocked on the health door in the past.
"Horse" Chen Shaoyuan promised a inside.
By the time a few people are packed, it’s already past nine o’clock. It’s getting late, so let’s go to bed quickly.
When I got up late at night, Yao Shangqing went to several children’s rooms to see Yuanyuan. It was quite honest, and the quilt was not pushed to the three brothers.


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