The half-baked cold toad rushed over and saved the life of the magical bear Lord.

Nami Xiaoxin and Sophia Yama add blood to the magical bear Lord. The bear arm gradually grows granulation and finally grows an unformed bear paw.
"A lot of fresh fish slices! A lot of fresh fish slices! " The ice-fire chef shouted with a laugh that a big ice-fire cold toad turned into a small frog.
"Ah … ha ha ha …!" The ice and fire chef will chop this little frog to death if he chops with two knives.
At this time, Nami Xiaoxin suddenly realized the acceleration magic. Nami, the little girl, waved a hand and flashed a clear white light across the frog, and jumped out at once.
"You fat pig, let me baptize you with hellfire!"
Kay o Yunxi Haier took a shot with a shield of Hellfire in his hand.
"Ah …!"
The fat man was hit by the fire shield and sat down on the ground.
At this time, God also recovered. God flew from the middle and poured a pale fire into the body of the ice-fire chef. This big fat chef was burned with a purple roast pig.
Kay took a "purple aurora of the magic emperor" and the giant chef was struck by Kay’s magic and sat down on the ground. The cold toad didn’t come and ran away. The chef called out "Wow" as if he was going to be killed by this big ass.
Kay flew to a "flame of destruction" and even came to the ice and fire chef. At this time, she felt like she was caught in a prehistoric sea of fire that destroyed the world. For the first time in her life, the chef was a little afraid of fire.
"I was pecked by several cocks. I was pecked by several cocks?" The ice and fire chef shouted two times and suddenly sat up, sweeping a pair of pig iron kitchen knives to cut Kay Yunxi Haier.
"Go to hell, you perverted cook!" In recent months, God once again dropped a knife palm from the sky and hit the head of the cold and hot chef, who was hit by this knife palm and sat down on the ground.
Kay just wanted to rush to fill the position, but she saw the giant chef lift his body and tilt his ass. A king kong super fat ass sat Kay down on the ground.
This ice and fire chef’s own weight is great, and this ass is king kong magic. Kay was sitting almost spitting blood.
"I remember, the chef needs mire magic," Sophia suddenly cried.
Nami Xiaorui core horse made a quagmire attack and slowed down the magic, and Sophia herself made a quagmire magic move and slowed down. The ice and fire chef shouted, "You unwashed vegetables! You unwashed vegetables! " The chef shouted a few words and suddenly lost his pig iron kitchen knife, where he burst into laughter.
"Husband be careful! "Sophia cried, and God didn’t know what to be careful about.
"Good fresh sashimi! How fresh sashimi is! " Ice and fire chef cried with laughter
This name is Kay and God have turned into small shrimps and fish. When they look at it again, they will see a pair of alien spacecraft. The pig iron big kitchen knife fell from the middle. This pair of big kitchen knives turned wildly like a millstone for a while, and Ling Fei got up and chopped wildly. God and Kay, the two small fishes and shrimps, ran wildly and jumped wildly several times, all of which were in danger.
Fortunately, Nami’s small core moves faster and the horse is added. These two are considered to have escaped a burst of chaos.
As soon as Kay turned back into a human being, she saw that the chef was there. The pair of pig iron kitchen knives were chasing after herself as if they were crazy. Kay held a kitchen knife in her hands, but she felt that the kitchen knife was alive. Kagan couldn’t control it.
"You little shrimp are so naughty! You little shrimps are so naughty! " The ice and fire chef came slowly with muddy water.
"Ah …!"
Kay held the knife in her hands, but in her eyes, she suddenly and violently issued a "purple aurora of the magic emperor" to the kitchen, which was hit by two auroras and sat down on the ground.
Kay found a strange thing. This pair of pig iron kitchen knives, no matter how ferocious, could not cut their own knives.
"God holds its handle!" Kay shouted urgently.
God was forced to be tight, and he listened to Kay calling him to spread his wings, stick a knife and drift to hold the handle of another iron kitchen knife.
In recent months, God pressed the knife with one hand and waved out the sunflower with the other hand, and the cold and hot kitchen became weaker and weaker when it was hit by the aurora.
A loud noise
Sophia saw that two pig iron kitchen knives were cut at each other’s knives. It turned out that these two huge kitchen knives were cut at Kay or God, and Kay and God stuck knives flew away. This pair of pig iron kitchen knives were cut at each other’s knives.
This pig iron kitchen knife is also a magic weapon. The two knives were cut off, and the two pig iron kitchen knives lost their magic and crashed with a clash.
"There will be the second stage! "Sophia urgent call way.
166 Binghuo Shenchu Binghuo Dun
"A lot of unwashed vegetables! A lot of unwashed vegetables! " Ice and fire fat chef shouted.
"What second stage?" Kay asked.
"So hungry! I really want to eat bread! I am so hungry! I really want to eat bread! " The ice and fire chef is screaming there.
"You don’t want to eat us as bread!" Kay heart dark surprised way
Only to see that the kitchen waved, and those huge iron pots and iron boxes hit several huge loaves and flew over.
The chef opened his mouth and shook his cheeks to help him munch and eat.
"He’s replenishing blood and beating him!" Sophia cried
God and Kay pounced on the kitchen, only to find that it was completely empty. Both of them hit the kitchen with physical and magical attacks.
I saw that the chef ate his face and jumped about, and soon a Vulcan chef with blood and ice appeared in front of everyone.
The chef picked up an iron pot in one hand and a shovel in the other and shouted, "Have some stew! Have some stew! " As he spoke, the chef shoveled a big iron shovel.
God and Kay flew together but felt that the fire in the frying pan was burning.
"stew! Stew it! Stew it! Have some stew, have some stew! " The ice and fire chef shouted wildly.
Kay and God just rushed at each other, but they saw that a big shovel swept around and took pictures. God moved faster and rushed out. Kay moved slower and was taken by a shovel.
Nami Xiaoxin and Sawaya Yama used mire magic to slow down the ice-fire chef, but these mire magic flew out, but they were baked into strips of mud by the pot of fire.
"Can’t slow down the fat!" Nami small core core surprised way
"Give Kay prevention and blood!" Sophia also nasty up.
Kay was trapped in a big iron pot at this moment, and was burned by the frying oil and fire in the pot. Kay wanted to fly out of this huge iron pot, but she felt that the iron pot trembled and the oil and fire blew up. Kay’s wings were dyed with fire again, and the flying speed of Kay was reduced a lot, and she was brought inside by this pot.
"Ah …! You giant dead chef! Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell! " In recent months, a palm of God has penetrated into the head of the ice-fire chef. Although the ice-fire chef is powerful, it has also been hit by this palm for a little dizziness.
Kay finally took this opportunity to fly out. At this time, Kay was covered in oil, and the whole person was burned in the oil fire.
Nami Xiaorui Core Horse summons water magic Kay to wash her body with oil and fire, but this ice and fire chef’s fire oil is also a magical treasure. When Kai meets Nami Xiaorui Core’s call, the water will burn more brightly, and Kay will burn a big fire.
"Let’s burn together!" Kaifei past hugged the ice and fire chef way
"Jump out of the pot small oil shrimp jump out of the pot small oil shrimp! Dirt my clothes! Dirt my clothes! " Ice and fire chef shouted
Kay’s style of "magic and I return together" came out suddenly and violently. At this moment, the fire of the ice and fire chef and the fire of Kay’s life magic burst together, and the two fires collided and the sparks crackled in the air.
In recent months, God fell behind the fat chef, and a pale fire poured into the body of the ice-fire chef. Nami’s small core horse intimately added a "small red flower blow" and a "small spark blow" to Kay and God.
"A lot of crayfish! A lot of crayfish! " The fat of the ice and fire chef was burned by the fire before and after, but he cried happily and excitedly.


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