"Mr. Depp?" Chen Bo wondered why she didn’t bring herself there.

"Mr. Depp is a good man. It’s a pity that that bitch ruined him." The white woman sighed lightly. "Now Mr. Depp drinks every day to drown his sorrows, and gradually there is no business."
As he spoke, he sadly wiped a tear from the corner of his eye. "He is a good boss and never owes me a salary. If this law firm falls, I will make a living again."
"Alice, what are you talking about me behind my back?" At the end of the corridor, there was a messy beard and hair with a pale face sticking out of the office, and it was almost tied into a knot.
"Mr Depp?" Chen Bo asked.
"Ah, I’m Japanese?" Down and out Depp asked?
"No, I’m Chinese," Chen Bo said with a frown.
"Ha is not a damn Japanese. Come in and have a drink …" Depp staggered out his hand and invited Chen Bo into his office. His mouth was still wide open. It seems that drunken people are a bear, regardless of gender, age and nationality. I don’t know if they are drunk.
The room was more like a grocery store. Bottles were thrown everywhere, and there was no room to sit. Depp grabbed the bottle and poured it into a dirty wine glass, then Chen Bo pushed it!
"Mr Depp, I’m here to hire you as my legal adviser, not to drink with you! If you are still in this situation, then we don’t need to talk about it any more, "Chen Bo shouted at him.
Depp was holding a bottle and pouring wine into his mouth. Suddenly, there was some clarity in his eyes, and then he rushed to wash his hands and ruthlessly wiped some cold water.
When I went back to the office, my whole mental state was greatly improved, but Chen Bo was still not satisfied. He tore a note and quickly wrote his address and threw it to him. "Come to me when you sober up. This is an Apple case. You won’t be disappointed."
With that, he went out and thanked the lovely Alice before walking past the reception desk.
"It’s hard to get to the business. It’s really important …" Alice looked at Chen Bo’s back, chanting and wiping tears from her eyes.
The next day, Chen Bo came to Apple again, and there was still no substantial progress. Old Neha still talked about the Indian style he couldn’t understand and how hot the girls in San Francisco were. Fortunately, there were no women here, or it was not uncommon for the United States to sue him for discriminating against women.
Depp was already waiting in the lobby when he dragged himself back to the hotel.
A strong suit shows that it is carefully ironed, and the cheeks, beard and hair are carefully combed, so that it looks like a professional lawyer. I saw that guy yesterday and he looked like a tramp.
In particular, the flashing light in his blue eyes is no longer the feeling of dim light.
The small coffee shop in the hotel faces each other, and Depp’s manners are polite.
Chen Bo said, "I am very satisfied with your present situation. Although I don’t know what you have experienced, if people give up on themselves, it is no different from death. The most important thing is not your relatives but your opponents."
"I will repay my employer with my most professional legal knowledge and professional attitude," Depp replied succinctly and forcefully.
"I won’t talk nonsense about two things. First, I want to register a company in the Isle of Man. Second, I want you to represent me to talk to Apple about a trademark award case. Is there any problem?"
"No problem, the registration of Mann Company is very simple. The registration fee is 50,000 US dollars. Give me a small amount of information every year and you will get all the formalities in two weeks." Depp explained the registration process very professionally.
Located in the Caribbean island country, Oman is a well-known offshore financial center and tax haven affiliated to Britain. Almost all multinational companies and internet companies will register their companies. This place is convenient for financing and foreign markets, and of course it will also benefit conditional policies and avoid some taxes reasonably.
The British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Belize and South Pacific Samoa are all well-known offshore countries, and the financial industry is developed. There is no foreign exchange control and company information will not be leaked.
Chapter 11 A stranger in a foreign land
Chen Bo was very satisfied with his serious attitude and pushed the folder in his hand to him. "Here are two documents for you to read first."
Depp flipped through the desktop file "60 million dollars?" The number that came into view made Depp take a breath. If this is the final transaction price, it will be a record trademark transfer.
Chen Bo smiled. What is this? The mainland trademark of iPad has only been paid to Proview for 60,000 US dollars, but it will be ten years later. Now the US dollar is still strong, and Apple’s cash reserves are not that much. Without ipd and iPhne, the Inel chip has not been activated. Apple’s brain is still very, very small.
Chen Bo said, "There’s a saying in China that it’s a preliminary tentative offer. You just insist on this price and don’t let go of his work until I do it."
"That’s no problem." Depp promised to come to such a big case with such value. Usually, several law firms organized groups to do it. Now he can entrust the client alone. Once successful, it will definitely make a name for himself in the American industry.
Chen Bo added, "And are you familiar with media resources? Be sure to keep your mouth shut and be reliable!"
"I have a college classmate who is absolutely fine in the news corps."
Chen Bo very neatly signed a Citibank check for $100,000 and gave it directly to Depp opposite.
"This is the registered capital of the Isle of Man Company and your remuneration these days, and you will also ask your friends to contact me directly."
Of course, the cheque money was temporarily moved before going to the United States, and the fund was transferred to Citibank through Hong Kong Island. The foreign exchange control in the foreign country is strict, and it is difficult to change thousands of dollars from BOC to spend money.
"In addition, I need to wronged you-I hope you went to Apple yesterday." Chen Bo smiled badly and the old Indian man found a good friend to play for you.
Depp’s eyes lit up and he agreed that this ingenious means was also rare.
So on a sunny afternoon, a lonely man with a tin hip flask in his hand appeared at Apple, and he threw out an attorney to formally take over Chen Bo’s trademark transfer case.
Chen Bo has been here for two days, but at least he had a good conversation. Although it was nonsense, he didn’t talk about anything, but now he has disappeared and sent an alcoholic lawyer to torture him from morning till night.
Old Neha doubts whether this man is the emperor. No, Indians don’t believe in the emperor. Anyway, some Tianzhu God sent him to torture him with a bitter gourd face, and this drunkard actually gave him a trademark of $60,000.
The whole negotiating team needs to take a breath. The $60,000 is not a trademark transfer, but a trademark attribution. Or are you really awesome …


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