"poof!" Wang’s bite of black and red blood bruised his back and hit the tree stem instantly and sprayed it out directly. Although his chest was padded with wooden sponge from the cloud, the little devil’s kick was still too heavy, so heavy that he, a fifth-order thief, was almost trampled to death. The most important thing is that the other party obviously didn’t want to let go of himself and waved a huge combat knife to prepare a winner for Wang.

Waiting for a long time at this moment, Yun finally seized an excellent opportunity. He jumped from the high canopy and stretched straight like a waterfowl ready to enter the water. He held the red-glowing bone combating Dao in his hands and stabbed the little devil’s head straight in the past. This attack was very hidden except when Yun’s feet made some noises on the tree stem. It can be said that according to the difficulty of assassination, Yun’s assassination was almost perfect.
It wasn’t until the moment when the cloud weapon was in front of him that the little devil found himself being attacked. It came to the side of his head and hid himself from his brain. This time, he stabbed himself and hid himself from the weapon, causing damage. When the cloud touched the ground, the devil’s left shoulder was covered with a huge knife wound all the way to his belly. Black and red blood rushed out of the wound and drenched one end of the cloud. At the same time, the cloud itself completely prostrated itself. The damage caused by him was too great, and as a result, his life value was sucked by the weapon in his hand, leaving one point, which was the result
The cloud of blood loss caused by the explosion of the little devil didn’t come to see it, but others saw that a full 10,000 health points were instantly exploded, and it was also beaten into bleeding damage by the cloud. The blood loss per second was as high as 5 points, and the 200,000 health points were shrinking wildly.
"The cow is too powerful!" Mo Yan gave a thumbs-up when he watched the boy drag the demon combat knives from childhood to retrieve a small life cloud. At that moment, at least five thieves jumped out of the hiding place and were scratched at the demon. Although one of the five people succeeded, the other four were directly chopped off by the demon and the other two were kicked off, but the wound ā with the serrated dagger once again reduced the demon’s life value.
"kill! I must leave this guy today or I will be too sorry for myself! " Mo Yan quickly did not u out the dagger with thick serrated blood groove twice, but before he greeted others, two people killed the little devil faster than he did. They also held a dagger similar to Mo Yan’s, which was designed to cut wounds and bleed blood. This weapon is the most deadly weapon for the little devil at the moment, and holding it is two thieves in the team who have their own independent code name, the thief’s dark cat.
The two men in tandem, one left and one right, killed the injured demon from different directions. After rushing to the demon’s side, the dark dagger first launched an attack. Seeing that he instantly bowed his head and rolled away from the little demon, it was a very powerful sweeping attack. Then he bounced up from the ground and instantly put two daggers in his hand. One caused nearly 5,000 points of damage, and at the same time accelerated the bleeding speed of the other side from more than 560 points per second to nearly 7 points.
It is more direct and effective not to cheat on the cat’s attack. When the talisman is attacked by a dark dagger and can’t fight back, he directly holds the dagger with his right hand in reverse. The sharp dagger is only a few centimeters away from the devil’s heart, and this distance is just that for thieves, the dagger is pulled horizontally and then the distance is not cheated. The cat directly turns around and then turns to the devil to pull his weapon. When not U comes out, it not only expands the opponent’s wound by nearly an inch, but also stung the devil’s heart.
Although his attack didn’t directly pierce the opponent’s heart, it was a heavy injury to the opponent. Compared with the cloud-destroying defense attack, this knife was even more terrible. A total of 15,000 terrible injuries floated from the demon’s head in an instant, and this injury should be 15 times the damage caused by the strength value of the cat and the sharpness of the weapon. However, the dagger in the cat’s hand is not generally as high as 6.5. The dagger is the top in the blue weapon, and through this dagger, it can be roughly estimated that the strength of the other party should be around 10 o’clock.
Mo Yan, who fell behind, looked at the first two and severely bit his teeth. At this time, if he couldn’t hit a high injury, it would definitely be despised by people. It’s easy to say that he created opportunities for the cat behind him. The target of the injury was the other side’s belly, but Mo Yan’s words were purely to pick up bargains. If he couldn’t even pick up bargains, he couldn’t even make a fatal attack. It is estimated that Mo Yan himself could not say where he was. His strength instantly increased and the speed increased a little. The cat dagger just didn’t u out of the other side’s
"converging attack!" A huge gold font instantly flew out of the little devil’s body, and its health value also dropped for a full 20 thousand. It can be said that Mo Yan’s attack directly left the little devil’s health value with three quarters, and the amount of bleeding became 1 point per second. But what surprised Mo Yan was not the spike, but that he hit the converging attack, which means that his injury was accumulated in addition to the vital attack on the target. The chance of hitting a converging attack this year was even lower than that of winning the Mark Six lottery, but I didn’t expect Mo Yan’s luck to be so good.
"Idiot! What are you staring at? Flash! " Wang watched Mo Yan gawk at the dagger and stood in front of the demon. He couldn’t help shouting it out. It doesn’t matter. He almost scared Mo Yan to death because Mo Yan found himself in a daze in the battle because of his converging attack, and he thought of the consequences of being in a daze on the B side. Mo Yan’s brain was instantly occupied by cold sweat. He didn’t even let go of his beloved dagger and fell to the left. Then he rolled on the spot and escaped the terrible attack of the little demon in a very awkward posture.
However, the other side’s attack was caused by a little devil who was injured behind Mo Yan. At this moment, his body has changed and become red as you burn. Scarlet light emanates from his bulging muscles, and he is ready to run to Mo Yan with a huge fireball in his mouth.
"Depend! So unlucky and violent! " Just recovered from the near-death state, the cloud saw the first picture of this violent little demon, even though it was flashing blood-damaging light from time to time, it could not stop its terrible breath.
"Hold on! You’ll be saved when this guy runs out of health! " Don’t cheat the cat shouted at Mo Yan, who was running wildly, and then carefully avoided the demon’s sight and went into the bushes to hide. If he didn’t hide, he couldn’t, because he was also a violent member who hurt the other side seriously, and he also made a great contribution to the falling health
Cat! You are so ungrateful! "Mo Yan is crying at the moment. If I had known he wouldn’t have attacked the last one, then it is estimated that this demon wouldn’t be furious, and when he was furious, he stared at him directly. This guy who chased after him was simply a natural arsonist who hit the fireball wherever he went. The fireball power was even more abnormal after the frenzy, which was simply to kill Mo Yan.
While Mo Yan was running with his head in his arms, news came from the southern grassland ten kilometers away from them. Zhao Tiezhu, they were looking nervously at the northern sky. None of them chose to hide because they knew that a few kilometers in Fiona Fang could be seen at a glance. It was absolutely impossible for the grassland to hide from the target in the sky. Moreover, those Zhao Tiezhu people who wanted to hide also had the skills to hide themselves. It was better not to hide in place and prepare for a counterattack.
While others helped a huge heavy crossbow slowly appear in the grassland, this one is similar to the fortress’s heavy crossbow, but it is a defective one. After all, the heavy crossbow is not what players can get. This crossbow has great defects, such as saying that continuous hitting requires constant string, such as shaking and steering requires two people to push together, etc. However, this heavy crossbow is the only weapon that Zhao Tiezhu can bring those little demons, because it has a very long distance and is very powerful. The full string heavy crossbow has nearly 5 kilograms of tension, which is enough to wear the wings of small demons and kill them directly.
In this way, a group of more than 50 people quietly waited in the grassland for them to sit quietly on the ground to rest and recover their bodies, and to supplement all the magical quarrels to the best state until four small black spots appeared in the distant sky, and all the talents slowly got up from the ground.
"Get ready to fight!" As Zhao Tiezhu shouted a heavy crossbow bowstring, he slowly pulled an armor-piercing crossbow and put it directly into the bed crossbow slot by a razor. They needed to give those little demons a deterrent. The first arrow chose the most destructive armor-piercing arrow A! ~!
Chapter 34 Savar Everglades (3)
Chapter 34 Savar Everglades (3)
"razor! Aim for it! Be sure to hit it with one blow ~! " Su Xinghe gently adjusted the direction of the crossbow base with his hands behind the razor. In front of his eyes, he saw a three-barrel eagle-eye telescope. This kind of telescope made with the principle of periscope in reality and the magic in the game can be said to be an outstanding development of the player recently. This kind of telescope, the crosshead of this heavy crossbow, can rise by 10% less because it is the fact that three people aim together. Su Xinghe’s wake-up is a bit redundant because he is also an aiming officer.
However, he had to wake up because he wanted to make this powerful armor-piercing arrow. It takes ten seconds for this crossbow machine to string. It can be said that if it doesn’t hit, they will have to attack the crossbow machine with four little demons and string it there. According to Su Xinghe’s news from the cloud, these little demons’ fireballs are terrible. He doesn’t think they have a chance to send a second arrow.
"Rest assured! This time is absolutely no problem! " The razor carefully adjusts the center of gravity of the crossbow machine and gently puts the finger on the trigger. Because three people aim together, the risk he takes is still relatively small. After all, one person may be dazzled when aiming at one thing, but it is almost impossible for three people to aim at one thing with six eyes.
"Boom!" With a heavy click of a crossbow string, the thumb-thick armor-piercing arrow instantly bounced out of the heavy crossbow and screamed until the crossbow flew nearly 50 meters before reaching Su Xinghe’s ears. When it roared away, the crossbow had rushed straight to the front of the four little demons, which looked the most powerful.
"poof!" When this dreariness entered the little devil’s ear, it completely saw what it was and even didn’t come to dodge. The crossbow penetrated the neck directly.
"pour! How is the neck? I aim at the head! " Razor depressed looking at the sky that broke more than three thousand damage value obviously very dissatisfied with this attack effect.
"hey! Razor, what’s your experience with crossbows? " Su Xinghe’s face is not good either. Although this attack seems to be effective, it almost hit the neck than expected. The flying ability of the little devil is reduced, but it is still strong and flying in the sky and ready to attack quickly.
"This … that has been mastered!" Razor is very embarrassed to say that, after all, he used to evade the crossbow machine when fighting with melee weapons, and his dagger fighting experience level almost reached the advanced J and jīng level, but the crossbow machine only reached proficiency.
"… you smelly little ~!" Su Xinghe really doesn’t know what to say. The original razor, which has the code of thieves’ guild, should be the highest technology. He also took the initiative to treat others as crossbowmen, but he didn’t expect the razor to be so watery.
When Su Xinghe was depressed and looking at the razor and preparing to string the heavy crossbow again, a huge fireball smashed towards them, and the fireball brought high temperature to make Su Xinghe and the three of them come over in an instant. What was the situation? Several people didn’t even want the heavy crossbow and jumped out directly towards the side, but this time it happened that someone rushed to the heavy crossbow and raised the shield with one foot on the crossbow.
"Earth Shield!" As Zhao Tiezhu drank a lot, the khaki magic shield appeared directly on his shield and then spread out to form a circular barrier. When the fireball hit this khaki magic barrier, waves of yellow ripples appeared constantly, and Zhao Tiezhu’s face hidden in the helmet was whitewashed because he found a tragic thing. This magic offset spell damage consumption is magic, and what he lacked most was magic.
Seeing that his magic value is rapidly decreasing, Zhao Tiezhu just can’t stop. In this case, he feels that his earth shield is a bit too big to block spells, because this root is not something he can accomplish at this stage, but although Zhao Tiezhu’s face is pale, others can’t see it. Instead, he looks at him with envy. After all, it’s so shocking to block a nearly 6-order flame spell. A few professional players like Zhao Tiezhu are more envious and feel that they can do it later! After the trial is completed, it should be ok!
However, they also know that Zhao Tiezhu’s skill is given uniformly. If this skill is given randomly, it is estimated that it will be difficult to appear in the second person again, and they are not sure whether they can obtain the skill of Earth Shield.
"Bang!" Zhao Tiezhu felt very bad when he looked at his less and less magic value, but the terrible fireball still didn’t dissipate, and then it was strong in his shield burning and hitting a huge impact, which made Zhao Tiezhu’s hands need to hold the shield tightly to ensure that the shield wouldn’t be smashed, and his feet were getting harder and harder. The crossbow platform was creaked by him as if it were about to break at any time.
"no! If you go any further, you will suffer ~ Try the shield deflection! Otherwise, life will be jiā generation! " Zhao Tiezhu’s strength in holding the shield with both hands is getting stronger and stronger, because the impact of the shield is gradually becoming the same, and his magic is rapidly decreasing and almost running out, so he has to risk the shield and try to deflect a spell attack direction. This method could have dealt with the physical weapon attack, but now Zhao Tiezhu is going to apply it to this fireball.
See his strength to pull the shield back, and then a huge fireball directly wiped the shield and rushed to the other side. It narrowly missed the heavy crossbow and slammed it on the ground, directly burning the turquoise grass into black.
"Awesome ~" The razor sticks up towards Zhao Tiezhu. Can the thumb not directly block a spell and deflect it to other places? It’s the first time he has seen it, but he doesn’t know that Zhao Tiezhu has a hard time knowing it. Now he finds that the skill to block spells is really not something that people do less. Now, in terms of strength, he is lucky this time. If he has to, he will never resist spell attacks in this way again.
"Stop talking nonsense! Quickly send crossbows. These guys are flying too high. Archers can’t get their roots! " Su Xinghe severely kicked a razor butt and asked him to climb the crossbow machine. Because he asked the thieves around him, it seems that the experience of the razor crossbow machine is still the highest among several thieves. Everyone else chooses melee thieves like razors to take the road of melee assassination or fighting. Although melee thieves are similar to agile swordsmen, their fighting skills are even more crazy and fierce. After all, melee thieves are biased and very Y and N poisonous.
For example, razor’s favorite claw has a high-grade blue claw weapon in his hand-Flores’ dog claw, and this weapon is also the origin of his dog claw code. With this weapon, razor alone killed an entire thief group of fifty people. Although the thief group was killed by him alone, the razors were all assassinations, that is, they rushed directly to the other side to kill each other with their combat skills. The way of fighting was quite violent and they quickly killed one. As a result, when he took the head of the thief group to jiā after the battle, he got the dog code.
However, although the razor is crazy in fighting, it has a good temper, so I don’t care too much about being kicked in the ass and running to the heavy crossbow. Because the crossbow platform was trampled by Zhao Tiezhu, the sight appeared some problems that need to be adjusted. However, when the battle is very fierce, it takes a lot of time to adjust. Therefore, it is impossible for Zhao Tiezhu to make the armor-piercing crossbow strategy work again. A method that can attack quickly, save time and bring great threat to the little devil is the crossbow arrow box.
This kind of crossbow arrow box can be said to be original by Yun, but there is no technical protection in the game, or it has been exported before Yun completely finished this crossbow arrow box. As a result, when Yun went to the thieves’ guild to apply for a weapon patent, it was impossible to apply, because this kind of arrow box was already sold in the market, which made Yun depressed for several days.
But now this kind of arrow box is the only way a razor can think of forcing a little devil. A huge arrow box full of 1,000 crossbows is pulled out of his backpack and instantly assembled into a heavy crossbow. At this moment, the shape of this counterweight crossbow is no longer like a crossbow machine, but it is very similar to a missile. Every rectangular box is missing 20 crossbows, and five boxes are sent at a time, that is, 1. The whole crossbow machine platform has a total of 50 boxes, no more, no less, just 1,000 crossbows.
"Hey!" With the sliding of a lever, five crossbow boxes instantly slid to the arrow slot, and then the bowstring directly behind them was stuck. With the razor, all five crossbow boxes were placed, and then he gently pulled a trigger. This time, the crossbow machine stopped sending out bowstring because it pushed things to bear more weight, but it still sent out five sword boxes directly.
The five arrow boxes disintegrated in a blink of an eye, and twenty arrows were spun out of the arrow boxes, and then slowly spread to form a horrible arrow rain. This arrow rain looked like a small dark cloud in the sky and directly covered the little devil who was targeted for a few meters. No one thought that this little devil could dodge under such circumstances, because no matter where it flew, it could be hit by arrows.
In fact, the little devil didn’t choose to wave his wings to dodge, but directly folded his wings in front of him. When he folded his wings, he fell under gravity, and those crossbows were also hit when he fell. Although he didn’t wear wings, he also caused several injuries to the other side. At the same time, when the little devil slowly fell, he spread his wings and was ready to fly again, but at this time, he had been waiting for a long time. Xuan Zhou instantly shot an armor-piercing arrow and flew out of her bow and arrow. Before the other side came to take off, he directly passed through the target wings and gave it a big pair of wings
When the wings were pierced, the pain made the little devil stagnate. At this time, he wanted to wave his wings again to prevent it from falling directly, but he managed to fly because of the broken wings. When the wings were broken, he managed to eat the wind, and a drop of blood kept dripping from his wings and let him wave. As a result, the little devil flew lower and lower, and soon it was ten meters away from the ground, and this distance had reached the range of Su Wanlong’s gun chain.
As a result, the little devil heard a chain crash before he recovered from the wing injury, and then he felt that his feet seemed to be entangled with something. Then he felt a huge force suddenly. By the time it reflected, the force had dragged it to the ground, and then everyone heard a bang. When the little devil fell to the ground completely, he helped to grab the chain behind Su Wan. Haifeng and the other two swordsmen rushed out and killed the little devil where he fell.
Before they acted, others rushed to the place where the little devil landed, and they had already fought before the three of them arrived. The unlucky little devil was warmly welcomed by more than a dozen weapons before he recovered from being dragged from the sky and knocked dizzy. As a result, the unlucky little devil didn’t fly again because its wings became the first target for everyone to attack. Although the first attack didn’t split its wings, the heavy attack still made its wings and bones instantly break and hang on the side.
However, when we entered the combat melee, we also found a depressing thing, that is, the skins of these little devils were very strong and they made the weapons very tough. When this little devil struggled to get up from the ground, he pulled out the weapon from behind it, which made several people stunned. Because its weapon was so cruel, a huge spike with barbed teeth, bāng, was not u out from behind the little devil, and immediately told all the attacking fighters how vicious this weapon was. It didn’t use it, that is, it was pulled out directly and swept around.
As a result, all the soldiers who were met felt that a huge force hit their weapons and were knocked upside down. They wanted to shield the spike bāng, and the knights of the earth directly experienced the stimulation of the fracture of a handle arm. Not only was the shield directly smashed, but even if the little devil was ferocious, he had to die. Three little demons were eyeing up and constantly dodging the flying arrow and crossbow. After eating the razor, the flying height of these little demons rose to the height of the heavy crossbow again, but they were able to watch the demons stunned but took it in Zhao Tiezhu.
However, their little devil couldn’t help but mean that they couldn’t cripple the other end of the ground. Although other earth knights couldn’t stop the demon from attacking once, it didn’t mean that Zhao Tiezhu couldn’t stop the physical attack after he started the earth shield. All the methods were to completely break the shield, that is, four points of force were needed to produce destructive power before destroying the Zhao Tiezhu earth shield with one blow. Although the demon waved his spike bāng, it was very cruel, but its strength was still far from four o’clock. When it hit the earth shield covered with khaki in Zhao Tiezhu, it failed for the first time.
The huge anti-shock force made the little devil and Zhao Tiezhu take a step back, but nothing could go on after a step back. However, the result of the little devil’s retreat was that he was surrounded by others and cut by several weapons together. Although none of the weapons could retreat and tear its defense, the weapon still lost a lot of life because of its fighting power. The most depressing thing is that every time it wants to get angry, Zhao Tiezhu will carry a shield and collide with other weapons. This huge impact force not only consumes its physical strength, but also makes it return to attack and continue to be hit by people.
Su Xinghe, the little demon who was constantly being ravaged and screaming, was worried about easing his face and then continued to note the situation in the sky. The three little demons naturally saw the situation of releasing themselves, but Nai Su Xinghe’s blockade was too tight, so tight that dozens of bolts and arrows flashed when the three little demons tried to dive.
However, as time goes by, these three little devils dive more and more times, and the chances that Su Xinghe can stop them are getting less and less. After all, the crossbow is not exhaustive, and the archer’s arrow is the important reason why these little devils dare not dive. Xuan Zhou has produced nearly 30 armor-piercing arrows in a row, which consumes a lot of physical strength and puts a lot of pressure on her fingers. Now her fingers have been completely abolished. Although the archer’s fingers are not worn out in the game, they still need some rest to recover. She has managed to pull the bow again, which is full of power.
Similarly, the situation of several other archers is similar to that of Xuan Zhou, which is even worse, because one archer needs great strength to pull the extremely heavy bow and arrow. After pulling it for more than 20 times in a row, his arm strain requires treatment before he can pull the bow and arrow again half an hour later.
At this time, the three little devils flying in the sky also found a breakthrough opportunity, directly folded their wings to protect themselves, and then fell straight from the sky towards the ravaged little devil. The three little demons fell straight from the sky like three shells, throwing players around the landing point to the ground with great impact.
"Depend! How come these guys are so vicious! " Razor took out his small claws, and compared with those small demons who fell down, he took out his weapons, which was very depressing. He said that all weapons have one feature, that is, they are big and then look very ferocious. At first glance, it is to tear the target and make A! ~!
Chapter 341 Savar Everglades (4)


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