Ding hammer is really going to cry, crustily skin of head and push her into the toilet with a wry smile. "It’s the first time an old man bathes a woman in his life, so his reputation is gone."

"You’re afraid of nothing if you’re still a little girl." Ham sausage squatted in the washbasin and disdained to say, "You really haven’t."
"The little girl is not a girl! Your grandmother "pushed the little beggar into the shower head with a hammer and helped her bathe." What do you think I did? "
"How are you going to deal with the key problem? I don’t think she is likely to reveal our secret." Sausage said with a well-thought-out face. "So you should find a way to deal with it."
"Cat! Cat! " The little beggar still smiled and pointed to the ham sausage "talking!"
"All right," the ham clawed at his face. "She’ll tell."
Finally, I helped this guy out of the shower, and the hammer came out wet, and the little beggar also changed into a big clothes head belonging to the hammer, wearing nothing, but this dress alone has covered his knees, which is called wearing pants or not.
Not to mention that this little beggar looks really beautiful after washing. She has a melon face, big eyes, thin mouth and skin. When she grows up, curved eyelashes must be a true goddess like Bai Fei, but she is really stupid. It is a miracle of life to live to this day.
"Hungry …" The little beggar sat on the bed and shook his mouth with his hands holding the hammer arm. He couldn’t help shouting that his hungry face was a longing expression.
Ding hammer nai grabbed a bag and handed it to the little beggar, then turned around. "I’ll find you a pair of pants after eating, and then you can go wherever you want."
"Where to?" The little beggar foolishly repeated the words "Go where you go …"
"How do I know where to go? Anyway, don’t do this." The hammer has an impulse to scratch the wall. "Don’t follow me. You can go anywhere!"
He said it was heavy, but when he turned around, he found that this guy had not only eaten the bag, but also got into his bed and showed a pair of eyes. He looked at the hammer outside and smiled like a kitten.
"You can’t get rid of it, can you?"
Ding hammer frowned and was about to lose his temper when the ham suddenly jumped up and said to him seriously, "Look at her arm!" "
"What?" The hammer looked in the direction pointed by the ham sausage. "It’s just a small flower. What’s wrong?"
"Do you know what this flower stands for?"
"Nonsense? If you want to pack it, just pack it and tell me."
The ham sausage said very seriously, "Do you think it is reasonable for a beggar to have such a fine tattoo?"
"Of course unreasonable … and so on! You mean ….. "Fixed hammer eyes turn" which rich family did she run out of darling daughter? Then can’t we exchange her reward? How much do we have to say? "
"Dogmatism punishment!"
The ham sausage shouted that he wanted to scratch the hammer as soon as he jumped up, but as soon as he jumped up, a delicate little hand grabbed him directly from the half, and then abruptly tucked him into bed. Then the little beggar smiled and said to himself, "Cat sleeps!"
Nai sighed and stretched out his head to Ding Hammer and said, "Although I don’t know what this means, there is one thing that is obviously that she is definitely not a beggar for ransom. I advise you not to think too much, because if you commit a crime, it will probably get me into trouble."
"I didn’t even dislike you. The talking cat dragged me down. Do you still dislike me dragging you down?" The hammer spat at the ham sausage. "What do you say now?"
"How about we send her away quietly?"
"Ok, how do you say?"
Sausage wanted to think eyes turned several rounds "let’s go to the building that guy! He has a car! "
Ding hammer shook his head crazily. "I don’t want to talk to that guy until I die. He is not only sloppy but also a pervert. Just look at his eyes!"
"Then what will you do? Really make her into a bag? "
"bag!" The little beggar is obviously fast asleep, but when he hears the word Bao, he will stretch out his arm and wave it in his sleep.
"Well …" The hammer stand hand is full of nai. "Just go find the pervert in the building."
Chapter 4 Throw … Don’t abandon it.
"Dangdang" two crisp knocking on the door in the dilapidated corridor is particularly harsh.
After the hammer struck, I sniffed and listened quietly to the footsteps in the room by the ham door.
"creaking" for a long time, I didn’t pass the throttle shaft to harshly rub a piece of beard, and the man in the smoked yellow "white" shirt appeared behind the door.
He didn’t speak, so he looked at the hammer and ham, and then made a way to welcome them into the room.
Walking into the house to hammer is like walking on thin ice. The place is full of cigarette butts, bottles and melon shells. It feels like walking into the original forest and stepping on the fallen leaves to make a carpet. It has an indescribable soft and thick feeling.
And the wild consumption in the house is like a pet, looking at the ham coming in with his head held high, but he is alert in his eyes, but he has turned a blind eye to the hammer and has almost reached the edge of perfection
This scruffy uncle casually pointed to a place that looks like a sofa, where can the hammer sit? If you dare to sit here, maybe if you sit on your ass, you may get something that can’t cure the strange disease. He won’t sit, so he just stepped on his ham and sausage tail to signal him to eat first.
This sloppy uncle is the first human to know that ham sausage can talk except Dinghammer, but both Dinghammer and ham sausage have no defense against this sloppy uncle who doesn’t go out to eat relief every day except to buy wine and rice all year round. After all, he is a mental derangement when he walks outside. Don’t say that ham sausage can talk, no one believes him. I’m afraid no one will believe him even if Dinghammer catches and eats every day.
However, even for such a person, he can still feel a great sense of oppression, because his eyes are really too sharp, and they are full of understanding, distortion and murder. It is definitely not a rare thing for this guy to go crazy and kill a few people in the eyes of a hammer. On the contrary, it is really a rare thing that he has been so shackled here.
And the ham sausage that was stepped on the tail scratched the hammer and jumped up the sloppy uncle table "The old ghost will pick you up"
Uncle Sloppy didn’t talk much, so he groped his way out of the debris pile and found a tattered car key and threw it at the ham. He didn’t ask them what they wanted the car for or where they would take it.
"Fill it up?"
"The root has never been pulled out." The hammer tugged at the corner of his mouth and smiled. "I watched it plug in for half a year."
As soon as the ham sausage heard it, it exploded and jumped in front of the sloppy uncle and said, "You old ghost, no wonder it’s so much every month!" You don’t even pull Ba Dou out, do you? You have owed me rent for two years. I think you are pitiful to let you continue to live. Are you still doing such a thing? "
Say that finish ham sausage twist a head to stare at hammer scold a way "you see also don’t pull out! Do you know that it is not easy to make some money? "
The hammer picked up the ham sausage and threw it aside, then said to Uncle Sloppy, "I’ll pay you back when I’m done."
"Whatever" Uncle Sloppy picked up the bottle, drank a mouthful of overnight wine and belched "Don’t bother me"
Ding hammer made a look at the ham sausage and then returned to his room with an angry ham sausage. He looked at the sleeping beggar and said, "We’ll take her away when she wakes up."
The ham sausage nodded and then the trampoline looked carefully at the little beggar’s mouth and said, "What a pity it is a beautiful girl."
"You’re not. You’ve turned into a cat, and you haven’t changed your abnormal color." Dinghammer buckled his nose. "Although I’m quite lewd, this … I’m not going to do it. What’s more, are you sure you can afford her? We’re both full and hungry, and now we have another mouth. Are you ready to send me back? Unless you are playing me? Believe it or not, I braised you? "
"Okay, it’s up to you." Sausage shook his head. "Isn’t it nice here? You don’t have to live like this when you go back. Scum is scum everywhere. It won’t make any difference. "


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