There is no need to fight in a team battle. If Obama is killed, it will not be worth the loss.

Wonderful old man nodded, although he saw Lu Zhan being chased by the other three people, but he was able to choose the location where he might meet from Pan Sen.
The Dalong Canyon turned into a chase.
Snowman, Dragon Girl and Ritz are all chasing Lu Zhanpansen. Among them, Snowman and Dragon Girl are almost full of blood, and Ritz is three points and one blood. Three people are aggressive in chasing the residual blood Pan Sen.
Just now, if it weren’t for Pan Sen’s magic knife to help him offset some injuries, I’m afraid he would have died.
Panson went out from the exit of Dalong Canyon, and the blood volume was less than 3.
Lu Zhan glanced at the ferocious enemy behind him. Because of the distance, Ritz could not imprison him, but the snowman might throw snowballs to slow down.
Efeng snowman gave himself the greatest threat to Pan Sen by speeding up the chase.
"The snowman must be restricted!" Lu zhanxiang
Because of his five-speed shoes, he needs to get out of the fight and dump his opponent for a while.
When the snowman was getting closer and closer to him and the horse was about to touch, Lu Zhan suddenly turned back to a W.
"Dang" made the snowman dizzy.
Taking this short opportunity, he turned and fled again.
He fled in the direction of the river, and the passage soon reached the wild area and the side wall of the river.
When I got here, Lu Zhan had a brainwave and put it on the side wall.
At this time, no matter who knows that Lu Zhan is going to flash over the wall, both the dragon lady and the snowman have flashed, and both of them have prepared their skills.
Lu Zhan is sticking to the wall and hasn’t started flashing yet.
He is waiting for the snowman snowball to hit himself.
Snowball slowed down, and the other three of them are coming soon.
Just then Lu Zhan also pressed the D key.
Lu Zhan flashed his figure and disappeared in situ.
"Flash and chase!"
Efeng resented and shouted that he had been robbed of Dalong. He came to be the most angry one, and Pan Sen got dizzy again. His lungs were going to explode.
He has been waiting for the landing exhibition to flash, and there is a snowball slowing down. If he wants to flash, he will definitely not run away from the landing exhibition.
Su Huanjen changed to a straight line and planned to block the exit of the land exhibition from the wild area, but efeng flashed.
He flashed with him soon, along with the dragon lady, and they just went to the place where Lu Zhan stayed before they flashed.
In such an important game, neither of them will flash into the wall and get to the other side of the wall as soon as they hit it.
However …
When they came over, they found that this place was actually like this!
What about Pan Sen?
Watching him flash, why didn’t you see anyone?
Flash is different from other displacements. You can’t see the trajectory root method to predict the displacement of the other party. efeng and Xiao Shengqiang judged through experience that Lu Zhan would definitely flash over the wall, but who would have thought that there was no such thing here?
"Where are people?" Xiao Shengqiang also raised the same question.
"Flash into the grass?" Su Huanjen’s uncertainty theory
Said Su Huanjen fuck ritz back to the long grass on the wall.
Into the grass Su Huanjen just saw Pan Senying and roared off.
"It was a false move and really went to the grass …" Su Huanjen said bitterly.
"damn!" Efeng was livid and swearing. He realized that he had been played!
He won’t rob the dragon, but he can chase people and escape in front of himself.
"No, you must kill him!" Efeng said


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