After that, my eyes turned to Qu Feiyan and wondered, "Are you …?"

Qu Feiyan reached out and measured a head and smiled. "Teacher hugged me three years ago. I was so tall then."
Ding Yi suddenly realized that she laughed. "Oh, you are a relative of Liu Zhengfeng. I didn’t expect you to grow so big now." When I felt great love, I caressed her hair.
A few people talk for a long time. In the night, in the SE, more than a dozen masked masters walked along the mountain road as if they were not meeting them but going for an outing.
Ding Yi’s heart tightened and he asked Qi Yufeng, "How many people are martial arts?"
Qi Yufeng thoughtfully for a moment and said, "Everyone is slightly inferior to Yu Canghai."
Ding Yi couldn’t help but smile, "Did you fight with that dwarf?"
Qi Yufeng knew that the three meditation of Hengshan Mountain were all good, but he didn’t hide that "he killed me when he saw people in Chun ‘an Town, but he got away with it."
Ding Yi sighed, "There are not many young people who can escape from Yu Canghai in the world."
Qi Yufeng added, "Teacher, what kind of sand does Bai Jiao help people with martial arts?"
Ding Yi shook his head and said, "Although martial arts are second-rate, they can’t resist too many people. This mountain road is narrow and has a large array of defense. If it is offensive, it may not work."
She had a delicious meal and said to herself, "These thirteen masters are all good players in the Jianghu. How can you do such a thing with this white dumpling to help such a dirty gang as Haisha? There must be a master behind it."
Qi Yufeng and others, however, met the Songshan Sect in Bai Ri, and Lin Ping immediately replied first, "Teacher, it should be Zuo Lengchan’s hand. We got news during the day that Bai Jiao helped Songshan Sect to hide in this temple to rest together at Xiang ‘an party."
Ding Yi used to be a hot temper, and he was the strongest in Hengshan Sanding. When he heard this, he did not swear and shook his head thoughtfully. "It seems that everything started because of poverty, and now poverty is a drag on you."
Chapter 35 Planning
Qi Yufeng and others were puzzled when they heard this.
Dingyi sighed with a sigh, "Zuo Lengchan’s ambitious intention is to merge the Wuyue Sword Sect into one Wuyue Sect in an attempt to compete with Shaolin and Wudang sects. I have heard some clues at the Wuyue Sword Sect Conference in Mount Tai that year, and Lao Ni was the first inconvenience to scold him on the spot with a dog’s blood spray."
Then she shook her head and said, "I didn’t expect that after the meeting, the thirteen Pacific guards in Songshan School were slaughtered by the demons in a ri, so he was a little restrained and didn’t dare to do it again. It’s a pity that he is said to have collected a lot of side doors and left wings. I want him to have a wolf ambition and relapse. It’s just that I didn’t expect him to be so bold and dare to be arrogant about Hengshan School this time."
Qi Yufeng said, "Zuo Lengchan is not arrogant. It was false. His hands were unexpectedly smashed by us."
Set to escape a meal continued, "if he really started this idea again, he was the first one in the Wuyue Sword School to let go, but it was poor, huh! He killed me, and this hot-tempered merger will succeed? I don’t know if my two sisters are afraid … "Before the sentence was finished, I suddenly coughed up. It turned out that she had just been exhausted and had a strong shock. hidden weapons was now dirty and had suffered no minor injuries.
Her cousins came into a group to listen to her talk. At this time, when I saw her coughing, I was frightened. Se hurried to get water and medicine for Teacher Dingyi.
Qi Yufeng saw that the nun with the pills in her hand was delicate and beautiful, and her eyes were clear and clear. She couldn’t help thinking, "This woman is very beautiful. How can she become a nun?"
Then my mind flashed and I couldn’t help thinking, "Is this Yi Lin, the daughter of the monk who didn’t quit?"
He stared at the nun behind him, and when he looked up, he couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose, cold hum, twist the back of his hand, and then turn away.
Qi Yufeng secretly grinned and immediately followed her to the edge of the cliff.
Qu Feiyan looked at the mountain enemy and casually whispered, "Is that Sister Yilin, the younger brother of Ding Yi, beautiful?"
Qi Yufeng laughed and said, "Where are you half as beautiful?"
QuFei smoke first cold hum a can see to the mountain dimly a lance and the enemy is more and more, I have to face a heavy worry and forget just a faint sigh "alas, I don’t know whether ri can still live".
Qi Yufeng straightened his chest and said, "You saved me once, and this time it’s my turn to save you, but if I have one breath to guarantee your safety."
Qu Fei smoke "hum" a "how much is your life worth? If I die, my grandfather, my father-in-law Liu, and the big lady must be very sad. "
Qi Yufeng heart way I also have parents * * people, okay? However, he knew that Qu Feiyan’s parents had long since passed away. Over the years, he and his grandfather had been dependent on each other for their lives, and they could not pout. Then he laughed, "My life was originally worthless, but it became valuable after being saved by Miss Qu Da once."
Qu Feiyan frowned. "Let’s not tell jokes. I’ve never seen so many people trying to kill me. I’m really scared."
Qi Yufeng’s heart was relaxed, but he was also anxious. "Are the Bai Jiao Gang and the Haisha Gang ministers in Ri Yue Shinto …?"
Qu Fei smoke shook his head. "What is Bai Jiao Gang that also matches Li Yue’s Shinto religion? Even if they are attached to Shintoism, they just cling to it, not to mention whether they can know my ring at this level. Even if they know that they are taking refuge in Songshan Sect and being known by Shintoism, born to die might as well kill us desperately. "
Qi Yufeng self-effacing a butt sitting on the ground to nod wry smile way "you think of them".
Qu Feiyan also squatted down and looked up at Heaven. "Hey, I’m tired of it. Hurry up and think of a way to kill them."
Qi Yufeng heard that I couldn’t help laughing. "This … I’m afraid … it’s hard."
"Then think of a way to make me happy."
Qi Yufeng thought for a moment, turned around and took out a thing from the parcel and laughed. "So long, Ri forgot this thing."
Then he put it in his mouth and played it.
I heard a song crisp and fast, and it was as happy as a rushing stream. The enemy experts who were on the road couldn’t help but stop and look up and see.
That song is melodious, high and a little sad and soft, as if it can cleanse people’s hearts. It was Qi Yufeng who spent thousands of dollars in the Children’s Palace era to learn the world famous song-"Tiancheng".
When he was a child, his mother was ambitious and bent on cultivating him into piano master. Later, when she saw him, she was really lacking in interest. He was a martial arts practitioner, so it was good to learn saxophone. Unfortunately, Qi Yufeng didn’t even learn saxophone. Finally, after his mother was crazy about "children must be able to play the same instrument", she learned a harmonica to cope with the errand.
Qi Yufeng played a few fragments for fear of arousing the curiosity of the mountain enemies, and immediately took away the Qufei smoke, but took the harmonica and studied it carefully. He blinked and asked, "What is this? Is it a sheng?"


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