You’re almost crying now, and you haven’t written the word "neighbor" on your face!

It’s over. You can’t get beat up after offending a violent neighbor.
Hang Yu is going to just give it a beating.
At this time, he had a little idea.
He asked each other carefully about their spiritual talents.
Logger Vick’s talent skill is called "Giant Power", the monkey’s talent skill is called "Lingzhi Master" and Pang Hu’s talent skill is called "Craftsman’s Heart".
The effect of "giant power" is not simple
Its effect is to strengthen the strength attribute by an additional 20%
Logger Vick’s spirit world talent is that when a combatant gains the power attribute, he has an extra talent bonus, while Logger Vick now has not only a talent bonus but also a second bonus of this innate skill.
This means that as the level gets higher and higher, more and more attributes are obtained from equipment skills. The effect of Logger Vick’s superimposed strength will be quite scary. The situation is a bit similar to that of Angelnan, which is a late innate skill.
Monkeys and Pang Hu are purely production skills.
Pang Hu’s skill is to strengthen the refining talent. In the early stage of material shortage, there are no eggs at the root
Monkeys are also productive talents, but they have an active skill in planting, which is called "cultivation", and they have no fighting capacity.
"This configuration also dare to rob? I really don’t know how to write dead words! " Hangyu kicked Logger Vick again. "I don’t know if fireballs will flash all over the street now? Just the three of you! "
Logger Vick heart wailed.
I understand all these reasons.
But at this moment, I want to ask!
What the hell did you just hit me? They are also accomplices!
"Eldest brother! Big brother! I am scum! I am a loser! I’m garbage! Please be merciful and spare us! " He said with a runny nose and tears, "Please let us go to the hospital or someone will really die, big brother!"
He two people also follow to cry.
Three people’s arms were cut off, and the blood flowed like a spring. It might really kill people. It’s not like the wound in the spiritual world won’t heal itself!
"Big what elder brother! Do you have a sense of public morality? Noisy and noisy, the neighbors don’t sleep, and people have to work tomorrow! " Hang Yu kicked his collar again and scolded with disdain, "You scum!"
Chapter 3 The Best Rich Second Generation
This guy is not a man, he is a devil!
Logger Vick, Monkey and Pang Hu were in despair.
Now that the blood loss is very serious, I feel that my body is getting a little cold, and even my brain is a little unclear. The fear of death has enveloped my body and made them feel trembling from the soul.
This is not the spirit world.
If you die, you’re really dead!
Do you really want to die here?
Hang Yu saw that the lesson was almost over. He took out his mobile phone and pressed a few or three red berries, which were taken out and thrown casually in front of the three men.
"Eat this arm and get out of here. Don’t let me see you do this again, or it won’t be an arm."
This is a spiritual thing?
The three of them don’t mix well in the spiritual world. So far, they haven’t been ashamed to run naked everywhere, but it’s been almost a week since the spiritual world arrived, and they still know a lot about the basics.
Ordinary things can’t be put into things
Things can receive psionic things.
The three spiritual fruits are obviously objects of the other side.
This means that all three fruits are fruits from the spiritual world!
Now, everything that has a little contact with the spiritual world has been fried very expensively. This person has thrown out three fruits of the spiritual world without blinking an eye, so his handwriting is not rich.
"Thank you, Big Brother!"
"I don’t dare again!"
"Never again!"


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