"Brother, I …" Wang Chuang opened his mouth to say something, only to see that Jade Duxiu had turned away. "That’s settled. Let it be."

"I …" Wang Chuang in situ I along while, after all, didn’t say anything.
"Brother Miaoxiu" heard a cry from the foot of the mountain at a distance. Jade Duxiu frowned. "What’s this guy Liang Yuan doing here?"
"Come in" Jade Duxiu sound Simon gently through the virtual into the foot of the mountain.
Liang Yuan came to the main hall when he was sweating and climbing the stone steps. When he saw the statue of Jade Duxiu, the founder of the central government, he looked up and watched Liang Yuan coming from behind. "Brother Miaoxiu, congratulations!"
"Xi Cong" Jade Duxiu turned to look at the beaming Liang Yuan. After the mid-range war, Liang Yuan was much calmer than before. It was obvious that there was trouble after the whole cause and effect karma was entangled.
"Brother Qingzhou shocked the world in World War I. From today on, there is no one in the whole practice world who doesn’t know the name of the brother. From today on, it can be megatron." Liang Yuanxiao added a bit of banter.
Jade Duxiu shook his head. "Megatron is not necessarily troublesome, but there are a lot of problems. I want to be famous and challenge. I want to step on my head."
"Brother’s fighting power is endless, and it is obvious to all monks that brother’s means are endless, and more than one magic weapon can protect himself. Although more than one magic weapon will attract rats, more monks will be afraid of brother’s fame." Liang Yuandao
Jade Duxiu shook his head. "Fame and fortune are tiring, people are afraid of being famous, pigs are afraid of being strong, and I would rather practice in peace than imagine how many monks are calculating my magic weapon these days."
Liang Yuan showed envy. "I am annoyed that my brother has a reputation. If I have a reputation as a brother, I will be very happy, and our Liang family will be revitalized and get more resources and benefits."
Looking at a full face of envy, jealousy and hatred, Liang Yuanyu Duxiu secretly praised this Liang Yuanqian, although he was wan ku, but he was still a good person. The family dared to take his future. If Yu Duxiu would never give up the fairy tale if he lost the family.
"If you want to be famous, it’s simple." Jade Duxiu turned around with both hands and looked at the distant courtyard stepping out of the hall.
"Oh what way" Liang Yuan eyes lit up in an instant.
Jade Duxiu’s mouth slightly reminds me that "it’s natural for you to beat me."
Liang Yuan’s face smile suddenly froze and showed a wry smile. "Brother joked that brother was dumped by a magical power avatar. I didn’t know that there were all kinds of magic weapons in several streets. Who dares to say that he will win in the face of brother except the godfather?"
"I can let you win with water" Jade Duxiu looked at Liang Yuan going round and round.
Liang Yuan shook his head bitterly. "I don’t want it. It’s a shame to bear the glory without the strength."
Jade Duxiu sighed slightly that Liang Yuan was white.
"Brother, we are all from the same place, so we are fellow villagers."
For a moment, Jade Duxiu was in a trance, and the deepest memory hidden in the wild goose state mansion suddenly seemed like a torrent surging out from the depths of her mind, and that girl with good eyes and teeth was a girl with beautiful teeth. A name that had been forcibly blocked by the ecstasy slowly emerged in her mind, "Wen Yingji"
"Brother, what’s wrong?"
A cry made Yu Duxiu recover, but he saw Liang Yuan’s eyes leaking. He was worried about looking at himself. Liang Yuan was talking to Yu Duxiu, but he saw that Yu Duxiu suddenly looked dull and pale. Flushing revealed a morbid scare to Liang Yuan.
"Oh, oh, oh, what did you say?" Jade Duxiu’s return to absolute being is too forgetful, and the Dharma operation has restored all the emotions of Lingzhi to be fleeting.
"I said we are all from Zhongyu Yanzhou House, so we are fellow villagers." Liang Yuannai repeated.
Jade Duxiu nodded "Nature is"
Jade Duxiu’s heart throbbed, and the power of disaster and robbery kept beating, which seemed to be sensed by the blossoming lotus flowers of Yanzhou Mansion.
Yu Duxiu remembers that he has a great law called "a kind of robbery becomes a way". He wants to plant a kind of robbery. That kind of robbery is to absorb all kinds of disasters in heaven and earth and grow on its own. If it is not vented or stopped by people, it will be more than enough to rob everything in heaven and earth and return to chaos
"I don’t know what kind of seeds I planted in those years." Jade Duxiu’s heart andao tried his reborn village in Taiping Road in those years and was slaughtered by everyone’s brother. Now I don’t know what it is. If it weren’t for Liang Yuanqi, he would almost forget this matter.
Chapter 379 Refuse
"My senior brother didn’t worship in front of the teacher’s door. It’s a fairy home. Everything is beautiful. Everyone loves each other. There is no intrigue. Everything is a paradise." Speaking of this, Liang Yuan’s mouth gave me a sarcastic smile. "But when I came here, I found that there is no difference between the secular and the only difference is that the monks can’t see anything. If they meet something they like, they will still rob all kinds of intrigues crazily."
Jade Duxiu wordless with both hands listening to Liang Yuan narrative slowly.
"I, Liang Jia, the general altar of Taiping Road, are powerful, but it is more difficult to help me than to protect myself." Speaking of this, Liang Yuan looked at Yu Duxiu with his eyes bare. "Brother Xiu Shentong in the door now is also a number of people. If his identity is Bi Xiufeng’s future helm, he will be the highest person in Taiping Road. Brother Lun Bi will not launch a call to gather our wild goose monks together to form a force."
Looking at Yu Duxiu, Liang Yuan continued, "Brother’s power now believes that many people want to join him and seek his blessing."
Yu Duxiu heard a smile. "I am the future helm of Bixiufeng. The whole Bixiufeng is me. Is there any power that will be greater than Bixiufeng?"
Jade Duxiu Gherardini looked at Liang Yuan Liang Yuan but shook his head. "Brother is wrong to think like this. This Bi Xiufeng is a patriarchal clan. Even though the brother has become the helm of Bi Xiufeng, he is still holding up a nominal palm to teach and a real godfather. This force is ultimately a patriarchal clan, not a brother. You can take it away with a word from the godfather."
"Oh, if I form my own forces, will anyone dare to disobey the orders of my godfather?" Yu Duxiu was noncommittal.
"Although I dare not disobey the orders of my godfather, it’s still no problem to do some hands and feet." Liang Yuan said with a sly look.
"Oh, what good can you get by admonishing me like this?" Jade Duxiu ignored Liang Yuan’s fool but shot off in his eyes.
Liang Yuan smiled, "I knew that if you can’t hide it from your brother, if you organize Brother Yanzhou, you will not do it yourself. My organizer will certainly gain great prestige, and my Liang family, Yanzhou, will rise with the tide."
Jade Duxiu was noncommittal about what to say when she heard a rush of footsteps coming to Wang Chuang. "A man named Xu Xian wants to see my brother at the gate of the senior brother."
"Xu Xian" Jade Duxiu whispers that every time I think of Xu Xianyu Duxiu, I can’t help but think of the green snake and the white snake. His acquaintance with Xu Xian dates back to the first time when I joined the Taiping Taoist Temple. Although the friendship may not be profound, it is also an old acquaintance.
"Ask him to come" Jade Duxiu said.
"What’s he doing here?" Liang Yuan’s eyebrows are wrinkly.
Jade Duxiu is not allowed to allow others to come if you are allowed to come?
"Brother Miao Xiu, we haven’t seen each other for a long time." Xu Xianxiao came from far away.
Jade Duxiu looked around, only to see a white fluttering man coming along, like a slow step. It was already a few feet away, and quite a few jade Duxiu shrank into inches.
"Xu Xiong is right, but we haven’t seen each other for a long time." Jade Duxiu sighed that it has been decades since she came out of Yanzhou and stepped into the practice road unconsciously, and she didn’t know that her sister would have to take a look at Tai Su Road when she found a time.
"Yi Liang Xiong also" Xu Xian immediately discovered Li Yu Duxiu’s side Liang Yuan.
Liang Yuan smiled quietly. "I came to see Brother Miaoxiu earlier for something."
Xu Xian clapped his hands and smiled. "Brother, it’s best for us to be the most famous in Yanzhou’s cultivation field. Brother Miaoxiu is the second brother Liang Yuan. I have something to discuss with Brother Miaoxiu. Brother Liang Yuan can listen to it."
Liang Yuan nodded "all ears"
"What can I do for you?" Yudu avenue
Xu Xian smiled at Yu Duxiu and threw his hands into his fists. "Congratulations, brother."
"Oh, unless congratulations on my sublime fame," Jade Duxiu said.
"Well …" Xu Xian one leng embarrassed "exactly"


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