At this time, Lin Ze was so calm and calm that Ajialu Lin Ze didn’t know that this snow layer was hidden …

Xiao Huang has appeared in front of Lin Ze at this time, but Xiao Huang doesn’t seem to be as passionate and sleepy as Xiao Wu. She seems to have just woken up! Lin Ze is also very resistant to such a small burn, but although Xiao Huang is acting a little unreliable now, Lin Ze is very confident in Xiao Huang!
In real combat, Xiao Huang is not inferior to Xiao Wu at all …
Xiao Huang yawned lazily after feeling the impact of the icy glass beads on the ice blade of the snow layer. In one second, Xiao Huang has become a mini-blazing ghost, but it is much smaller than Xiao Dance …
Xiao Huang’s longing for ghosts and gods is not as great as Xiao Wu’s. In fact, she is also able to manipulate the blazing ghosts and gods’ power. A small part of the blazing ghosts and gods’ power diffused by Linze is condensed by Xiao Huang, and a large part of Xiao Huang is going to directly make them defeat the ice-spirit glass bead attack.
Xiao Huang is a little more direct than Xiao Wu … She doesn’t want to make Saya trilogy fight like Xiao Wu. Although John also has trilogy, Xiao Huang prefers to crush each other directly.
For small burn so direct way Lin Ze is also very nai shook his head! Maybe for Xiao Huang, she wants to get rid of the fight quickly and go to bed.
Small dance is different. Xiao Huang didn’t create obstacles like small dance. She directly took the initiative to attack the ice edge hidden in the snow layer!
In the ice-spirit glass bead impact route, a powerful blazing ghost force directly turned into a fire dragon and rushed towards the ice-spirit glass bead! While the fire dragon was impacting the ice glass beads, Xiao Huang also sprinkled a lot of sparks on the ground, and the ice blade hidden at the bottom of the snow layer was directly melted by Xiao Huang’s flame.
Feeling the powerful witch of the fire dragon, Ajialu seems to have no idea of resistance! At this time, Jia Lu just stared at the ice glass beads and crashed into the dragon’s mouth and was held by the dragon formed by energy and handed it to Lin Ze.
The field of frost formed by ice spirit glass beads disappears completely at this moment, and the snow in the sky is also directly hidden, which seems to have never appeared before …
Lin Ze took the fire dragon and handed it to him. He put the ice glass beads in his hands and studied them carefully!
At the same time, Xiao Huang also directly removed his busy body and returned the blazing ghost power to Lin Ze directly back to the red burn blade … Xiao Huang even removed the ghost power so directly.
Lin Ze nai smiled in the line of sight once again to this ice spirit glass beads!
This ice-spirit glass bead has been summoned from Ajialu body until now, but its strength has not been consumed too much in just a few minutes. It has not lost its own color like the blue sea cloud bead and the fire lava bead. It still maintains that ice blue color in its hand, and Lin Ze can still feel its chill.
This should be the last pearl of Ajialu, right? Three extremely high-quality and spiritual pearls, namely, Blue Sea Cloud Beads, Ground Fire Lava Beads and Ice Spirit Glass Beads, are all natural objects of heaven and earth, and he can feel the longing for this ice spirit glass bead in the fine snow dance.
He guessed that there was nothing wrong with it. If you have this ice-cold glass bead, the fine snow dance is really possible to evolve from a talking weapon to an epic!
"Jia Lu this should be the last one? Do you still want to beat me by this time? "
Lin Ze sound some nai at this time for this a strong village head, he is also some malicious heart now in his view, Jia Lu at this time the body has no need to attack will disappear!
And Jia Lu did not have the fourth orb at this time. She really seemed to have no choice. Watching Jia Lu silently bowed her head in Lin Ze seemed to really give up resistance …
"Now I have the blue sea cloud beads and the fire lava beads. You don’t even have the strength to maintain your spirit now, do you?"
Hearing Lin Ze’s words, Jia Lu’s body consciousness trembled as if Lin Ze had hit her heart.
Lin Ze unhurriedly took out the blue sea, flowing clouds and lava beads from his ring, put them together with the ice-spirit glass beads and could not help but sink and say.
"It’s really three treasures. It’s beautiful!"
When the two transparent pearls touch the blue ice glass beads, they instantly bloom their original light, and the red, green and blue lights blend together at this moment, so that the three-color light gives Linze a dreamy feeling …
But at this moment, the original bow witch A Jialu suddenly raised her head and her face emerged as a strange smile!
At the same time Lin Ze suddenly felt a palpitation as if something bad had happened!
Linze suddenly looked up at the witch, Jia Lu, and Jia Lu’s spiritual body had become thorough and dissipated at this moment. She should have become a threat to herself! What, he will feel very upset now?
Lin Ze felt his body blood restless at this time, especially the Diregie blood that blended into his body! What’s going on? What on earth stimulated Diregie’s blood?
Lin Ze didn’t know that it was Ajialu who had been waiting, that is, when he put these three orbs together … She didn’t have no other cards except these three orbs. These three orbs were all Ajialu’s cards, and when they were together, they would make generate more powerful.
Unconsciously, the light from the blue sea glass beads and the fire lava beads and the ice glass beads has been integrated into the Linze body …
At this moment, Lin Ze knows the sea!
"Now we have to watch here? The attack of this witch, Jia Lu, seems to have touched the soul level of Lin Ze. She is so weird. If we don’t do it, Lin Ze may be in danger, right? "
Erosion ghosts and gods general crime some anxiously looking at carol said
However, Carlo doesn’t seem to be in a hurry. He is still firmly sitting on his black flame throne
"General crime you are too heart Lin Ze! This time it was Lin Ze’s carelessness. Since it was his own carelessness, Lin Ze should face this crisis by himself … "
Carlo’s answer surprised Priam. Although Carlo didn’t talk much, Priam knew that Carlo had always been very concerned about Lin Ze. It was hard for him to imagine that Carlo would say such a thing! Aside from Kaijia and others, they also showed the same expression as Plymouth.
Carlo shook his head naively when he saw the expressions of Priemont and Kaijia.
"It’s not that I don’t care about Lin Ze. Now Lin Ze hasn’t noticed the influence of Diregie’s blood on him! This time, Jia Jialu’s attack may make Lin Ze realize that he is abnormal. This time, Jia Jialu’s attack may also be an opportunity for Lin Ze to let Lin Ze have a chance to break through … "
"You can rest assured that if Linze is really dangerous, I won’t stop you from helping Lin Ze! However, I still hope that Lin Ze can survive this crisis by itself this time. It seems that there is not much time for us … Herder has now appeared in Arad without any scruples, and perhaps the final decisive battle day is coming soon. "
Chapter 199 Lin Ze phantom busy.
Holding three orbs, Lin Ze’s body is completely rigid! Ajialu’s spirit was not destroyed. She entered Linze Body at the moment when the three orbs closed. Lin Ze never thought that he would encounter the same experience as Diregie …
Diregie will fall into chaos under the influence of Blackie, and then save Lin Ze when he presses the key again! Now Linze is influenced by the witch A Jialu, and he is also in chaos, and it looks more serious than before Diregie. Now Lin Ze’s soul seems to be floating in the air, looking down at his body and watching another self born in his body.
This kind of situation is very strange. If it weren’t for Ajialu’s soul rushing into Linzeti, Lin Ze wouldn’t have found such a big problem hidden in his body! Lin Ze can feel that this new student has no consciousness of his own. This new student Lin Ze seems to be copied from his blue body and Diregie blood energy.
Is this Diregie’s blood awakening? If the accident of Ajialu hadn’t happened, maybe this Diregie blood wouldn’t have awakened so quickly, but it would have erupted after the other body slowly accumulated and finally reached a certain level …
At that time, the situation was really critical!
But even now, this situation is completely beyond Lin Ze’s expectation … So Lin Ze can clearly feel that the strength inside his body is constantly being transported to another body, and that another one seems to want his body to separate.
This is the last strength of Jia Lu? And the actual Diregie blood is just because of the strength of Ajialu? What does Ajalus really want to do? Does it mean that Ajalus wants to create another self and let this replica defeat him?
Now I’m afraid this answer is the closest to the idea of the evil witch, Jia Lu. Lin Ze never thought that the three orbs together would have such strange power. It turns out that the evil witch, Jia Lu, has been waiting for this moment! But where is the soul of Jia Lu now?
Arguably, if Ajialu’s soul wants to enter the sea of his own knowledge, it should be discovered by him. Is Ajialu’s hiding skill so powerful that she can prevent herself from being discovered even in her own home court?
Lin Ze can secretly sigh with emotion in his heart at this time, so he has lost control of his body, even if he thinks too much, there is nothing … He can now watch his body split into another Lin Ze like a phantom, and he knows that he will defeat the enemy later, which is this "phantom Lin Ze"!
But Lin Ze didn’t know it was the soul of the witch, Jia Lu, who was hidden in the sea of his knowledge. Carlo and others had already discovered it …
"Is it really good to leave it like this?"
Prumont looked at the dark-haired girl lying in the silver ocean and said that the witch, Jia Lu, had fallen into a coma when she entered the sea of knowledge in Lin Ze, and Carlo was his strength to help Jia Lu cover up her breath and found that Jia Lu was there when Lin Ze could not.
Although Plymouth has understood that Carlo wants to exercise Lin Ze painstakingly, he still feels a little inappropriate for him to hide the breath of Ajialu! He knew that Carlo was trying to avoid Lin Ze and directly kill the soul of Ajalus to end the battle, but he was still worried that it would put Lin Ze in danger.
However, Carlo and Linze are the absolute leaders in this world of knowing the sea, and even if they have their own ideas, they can’t remember anything! He can expect that Lin Ze can really overcome the difficulties through his own efforts this time. After all, Carlo is right, and there seems to be not much time left for them.
Lin Ze phantom busy has split up, and another Lin Ze has appeared in the original place where Jia Lu lived! Whether it’s appearance, breath or escaping power, it’s exactly the same. If it weren’t for knowing that Lin Ze across the street was his split, Lin Ze would really look in the mirror himself.
After all, this doppelganger is really no different from him …
This is very similar to that scene in which Diregie create a phantom. this time, he should face Diregie and Jia Lu, right? At this moment, Lin Ze’s soul is no longer as free as before, and his soul has returned to his body. At this time, the phantom of the black plague Diregie and the witch Ajialu emerged before his eyes.
This Lin Ze has met two enemies, and they have crossed over and United in time. Lin Ze can imagine how strong he is facing the enemy now. He now has the strength of the middle shadow and the separatist body also has the same strength as him, which means that he is facing a real shadow and the strength of the two people is not different. This is a very strange battle.
This time, what Lin Ze asked for was to defeat himself …
Looking at the opposite busy Lin Ze’s eyes narrowed consciously. Although Diregie’s blood made this busy, his influence on Lin Ze still didn’t dissipate!


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