Then I put the transfer order into my arms and casually said, "Wait for me to check it."

Zhang Hengzeng spent a long time in the border army and didn’t do well. The soldier of fortune’s habit was to learn a lot of words and make Wei Cheng angry.
At this time, it was near dusk, Wei Cheng waited for half an hour, and his anger became more and more prosperous.
His aristocratic brothers usually have a response to intrigue or infighting. I have never seen such a shameless means.
Of course, he will never know how many ways the sergeant and petty officials have to toss people up.
Wei Cheng wanted to see Wang Xuan and said.
After waiting for a while, Zhang Heng wobbled out and threw the transfer order directly to the ground and roared, "I have checked with Kang Yuancheng that Wang Ye said that he never asked for a transfer order without his instructions!"
Weicheng’s mouth twitched. "This is the order of Liangzhou King!"
Zhang Heng’s eyes blink louder. "This is Bingzhou!"
Wei Cheng finally became silent and didn’t talk nonsense. Then he turned and left.
Back in the camp, he said somberly, "I’m afraid I despise Wang Xuan’s bravery …"
After Wei Cheng finished talking about the matter, Zhou Tong immediately frowned impatiently and said, "Let’s show our identity after such a thing. I don’t believe he has the courage to do it!"
There was a sudden silence as soon as this account was issued.
Bai Gugong Bai Xuan sneered, "Zhou Xiong here is no better than the gods. People have killed more than a dozen gods, so I dare not gamble anyway."
Zhou Tong was about to refute but saw Bai Xuan touch the nose and immediately shut up.
Both of them are running wild, and they are very tacit in flirting with a good family or fighting.
This is the code list. If something is wrong, keep a low profile
Wei Cheng will move two people to see a sneer in his eyes and then sink to Haizhou Gong Luo Fengnian. "Luo Gong seems that this Wang Xuan is not slippery."
Luo Fengnian toyed with his glass thoughtfully and said, "This mistake was that Wuxiantang put his hand in Liangzhou, so we could hold it, but Bingzhou lost the right place and people."
Then he turned to an old man and said, "Chi Lao seems to be going to trouble you tonight."
"Rest assured"
The old man respectfully handed over a fine fish scale on his cheek.
At the same time, Yong ‘an Fujun camp described Wei Cheng in a colorful way, which made everyone laugh.
Li Chunniang covered her mouth and smiled. "This Wei Cheng has repeatedly been difficult for me to set up a road card at the border for two weeks since the marshal position of Bi Fangjun was succeeded by the Chen family. This time, I can’t say enough nonsense to estimate that I was so angry."
As he spoke, the conversation turned heavy and said, "But it’s not the way to go like this. Why don’t I ask someone to go and give them a step to let them leave?"
Wang Xuan shook his head slightly and sneered, "It’s not that simple. It’s better for them to come and sing in an opera than to stab in the back in the dark."
"But when the play will end … it’s not up to them!"
They looked at each other one leng.
They had the impression that Wang Xuan finally kept a low profile and suddenly turned to sex?
Fang Xiao Zhongmou seems to think and nods slightly. "Yes, it is a good opportunity …"
Before everyone asked Alfred, he suddenly barked, and then the wind suddenly blew outside the account.
Wang Xuan’s eyebrows a wrinkly strode out and saw the original clear night suddenly gathering clouds and moonlight.
"Five Thunder Dharma Altars?"
Zhang Heng was startled. How could Taiyijiao help them?
Everyone is somberly. When the Five Thunder altar comes out, they will resist it by root method.
At the same time, the thick fog suddenly rises around, and the soldiers can light up three feet by lighting torches.
Huang Yuan, the old demon, also came with the army this time to hear the Five Thunder altar frighten the hair stand on end, but suddenly his mind flashed when he saw such a scene.
"No, it’s not the Five Thunder Dharma Altar, it’s the demon king of Haizhou calling the shots!"
Chapter three hundred and fifty-four Three arrows to crush the enemy tiger fenwei
Call the wind and rain?
They listened and looked at each other.
Mo Huai said idly, "It’s very important to call the wind and call the rain. Is it certain that you can get rid of the situation with the help of the altar?"
In Huang Yuan’s eyes, he was worried and said, "When I was a child, I traveled around the Jianghu and later got to know many demons in the mountains and learned many secret things."
"Listen to them say that there is a Shuifu demon nest on the outer island of Haizhou, because it is far away from Middle Earth and has not been paid by Terrans, and the demon king has a treasure in the sea to make waves."
"In addition to Taiyi and Xuanyuan, there are those Haizhou Lich Kings who can use this method!"
Xiao Zhongmou’s eyes narrowed slightly, which was meaningful. "Although Haizhou Laurence Family was a family, it didn’t rise until the Great Wei Rebellion to manage the treasures in the sea and quickly accumulate the inside information. It seems that they have a lot of connections with the sea …"
Wang Xuan heart clear to the mo Huai idle make a wink each other immediately take out the scroll.
This kind of information is very important. If you have any clues, you can transport a lot of information to calculate.
Next to Li Chunniang laughed, "It seems that they want to run …"
"I can’t run!"
Wang Xuan, a cold hum, suddenly appeared with an ink jade bow in his hand, and drew an arrow to the misty black fog.
With Alfred growling a few times, air billow rolled the golden feather arrow and broke out, and then Wang Xuan drew the sword finger.
If the distance is too far, Wang Xuan really can’t help it, but now the two sides are only ten miles apart, and Afu can monitor at any time by moving the avatar.
It’s so powerful that the magic theory hides the secret treasure or the root method.
Sure enough, with a loud bang, black fog surged and rolled all over the sky, and the speed was visible to the naked eye.
"Looking for death!"
There’s an angry roar in the distance.


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