"Look out!" Yun and Xu Fei shouted behind, but unfortunately, Chen Kai was deaf and couldn’t hear the sound, not to mention that he was in a state of rage at the moment. Even if two people shouted again and relied on being able to fight, Chen Kai could not pay attention to it. Of course, Chen Kai’s perception was absolutely sharp in the state of being able to fight. Therefore, when the hyena king’s mouth showed a strange smile, he stopped consciously, and his giant sword in his hand slammed a nearly three-meter-long quarrelling chop at the hyena king across a distance, so he was released directly against the hyena king’s body and suddenly became crazy.

"hurricane protection!" Xu Fei’s eyes flashed a little horror, because he never thought that King Hyenas could release another hurricane protector, which belongs to the seventh-order protective spell, and a protective counterattack integrated protective spell. The hurricane protector can bounce back a certain attack at the same time of protecting the attack. After the attack hit the hurricane shield, he saw the wind elements constantly stirring there, and then directly chopped most of the quarrelling and bounced back towards Chen Kai.
It was the rebound of quarrelling and beheading that directly hit the place, because ll had already flashed from the front of the hyena king at that time. When he reappeared, he stabbed the hyena ass with a huge sword in his hand. Even behind the hyena king, it was still surrounded by hurricane light blue Se.
"This is how to play ~!" Seeing that Chen Kai’s attack failed again, everyone felt a little desperate, because obviously they attacked Root Method to smash this semi-Lord-level biological defense. However, compared with other people’s despair, Chen Kai was still in a violent state, and he continued to attack the King of Hyenas. The sword was chopped again and again, and the shield of Hurricane Qing Se stirred and finally bounced again and again.
In less than a minute, Chen Kai’s giant sword chopped nearly a dozen times on the hyena, but eventually the health value decreased, not the huge hyena in the same place, but Chen Kai, a violent person.
"damn it! Armand! Aim at that big dog! " Cloud looked at this kind of situation and felt anxious. At this moment, Xu Fei had no way to make the arcane spear again, because the muzzle of the spear was half dissolved due to magic. Although he spent a lot of materials to strengthen this weapon, the result was still the same.
"I know!" Armand didn’t hesitate when he heard the cloud, but took out a thick bullet with a palm and a thumb from his carry-on bag. The spiral warhead has three sharp protrusions. When the warhead rotates, these protrusions will become terrible drills to attack the target body. Of course, the most important thing is that the warhead metal is a magic-breaking metal. This is the magic-breaking armor-piercing projectile developed by armand to deal with the caster. Because of the experiment, a limited number of bullets were made, and this is the most perfect one he thinks.
When the bullet was stuffed into the magazine, Yunyun also pulled out a half-meter-long light arrow from the backpack, reaching 10 centimeters. The whole crossbow was made of metal, and the magical runes were shrouded in the night. Compared with armand’s own warhead cloud, this crossbow was specially customized by the master craftsman of the black dwarf, and the rune light was engraved with armor-piercing and magic-breaking runes. The cost was tens of thousands of gold coins, and they also had the financial resources to make it when they were the richest. At the same time, there are so thirteen crossbows in Yunshou’s hand, which makes it a time because of the special
"Damn hyenas! I will kill you all one day! " The cloud slowly adjusted the strength of the crossbow machine, and the heavy crossbow force was adjusted to the maximum. When the crossbow was stuffed into the hair groove, the cloud started the heavy crossbow magic pattern at the same time, and the whole crossbow rune was completely activated, and the crossbow power was stimulated to the maximum in a short time.
"remember! We have an attack opportunity! " Looking at the black dwarf cloud around him, he slowly put his finger on the heavy crossbow trigger. When he spoke, his eyes did not leave the heavy crossbow sight, and so did the dwarves around him
“3、2、1! re! !” At the last minute of the countdown, Yun also dragged an English word. Of course, Armandegen didn’t know what the word meant, but he still consciously pulled the trigger of the aiming musket, including the force hitting the firing pin and hitting the tail end of the bullet. In a light roar, Yun Bolt roared out of the chamber at the same time, and the arrows and bullets kept spinning and breaking the air.
When this roar sounded, King Hyena’s eyes flashed with horror, but before it could move two attacks, it broke directly and directly the hurricane shield on its body surface and then penetrated its body.
"Ow ~ ~! !” This is the first time that this semi-Lord-level creature screams and appears in its body. Two huge blood holes are constantly blowing outward with warm blood.
"flash! !” Seeing each other’s body soaring out, it hurts Yungen to pull up the side directly without looking at his own achievements. armand also ran wildly. When they flashed out of their position, their original position was hit by a huge ball of wind elements, and then it was completely destroyed by strangulation in a gust of wind.
"Keep running!" Clouds and armand rolled around a few times and didn’t look back, because they knew that if they turned back, they would stop a little for a few seconds, and they might be hit harder by hyenas. Almost right behind their rush, there came a series of terrible wind blades, which chased behind their asses like a flurry, destroying everything in the camp.
Of course, because of his rage, he targeted the cloud and armand King Hyenas, but forgot to attack Chen Kai all the time. He stopped attacking Chen Kai almost soon after the hurricane shield disappeared. His eyes became even more scarlet. When Feng Wang, the hyena, roared at the camp and swept Se, he appeared again behind the other side. When the big hyena found out, the giant sword was more than ten centimeters away from its body. At this time, it didn’t respond to the hurricane shield at all.
In the end, it can rely on its own thick fur to fight hard. As a result, if it is dealing with ordinary weapons, there is absolutely no problem. However, it is absolutely terrible to have a sharp sword in Chen Kaijian’s hand. Of course, it is sharper or feather’s hand to decide the blade. Unfortunately, he is now blocking those hyenas who are trying to rush into the camp, and there is no way to get away and attack this big monster.
"kill! ! !” This is the first time that Chen Kai made a sound after becoming violent. In the angry roar, the word "kill" revealed a strong sense of murder and rage condensed in the power of the giant sword. Behind the hyena, a narrow line was drawn on the surface, and then the hyena screamed instantly. When the second attack struck again in less than ten seconds, Chen Kai’s giant sword was chopped three times in the other side, and the fourth attack broke out in a moment. It was sharper than the giant sword, and the blade was constantly converging there.
Generally speaking, a canine creature has the characteristics of copper head and iron tail and tofu waist. Of course, the tail of a hyena is generally very short, but it does not necessarily mean that its waist strength will become stronger. Of course, compared with the waist strength of a common wolf or a dog hyena, it is undoubtedly much stronger, but if it is hit by Chen Kai’s sword head-on, it will be very miserable. However, if this hyena twists its body, it will absolutely avoid Chen Kai’s blow unless it can teleport its body or release spells to protect itself. In the case that it is impossible to move, this hyena will be miserable. There is no doubt that I chose to release the spell. The hurricane shield has been gathering all the time. At the moment when the sword is about to be cut, it will gather and flow again. However, as soon as it is gathered, the wind element will be directly blown away.
Rapier chopped the fourth blow in a violent state, and suddenly boom in a violent state. Chen Kai didn’t give the hyena a chance to regret. The sword was slashed in the other side’s waist, sharper than quarrelling, and burst out in the middle. She burst out a half-moon shock wave composed of blood. Two wounds appeared on both sides of the hyena king’s body at the same time. One was cut out by the blade of the giant sword, and the other was cut out by the shock wave. At this moment, the nearly one million health points of the other side also plummeted by more than 100,000. It can be said that this sword directly cut off the other side
The first volume Chapter 24 Wild wasteland ()
Bright red and foul-smelling blood is sprayed in the water, and it rings at the same time, and the wasteland becomes Se dragon, which is extremely strange.
Because a head joint neck was cut in half by Chen Kai and the heads collided with each other, the original aiming at Chen Kai’s spell was extremely scattered at the moment, and the fireballs and arcane lines collided with each other, but it was precisely because of these spells that other ideas of trying to get close to the dragon and kill it broke down.
Of course, I don’t say that no one can hit the target. At least a few people are attacking at the moment, and the goal is to change the body of the Se dragon. The huge wound that was cut out by ll flew to Se, and the bolt bullet crossed a series of arcs in the middle. Of course, due to the firing, there were a limited number of attacks that hit the wounds that were really covered by rock and stone skin again.
"Ah! Taste your dwarf uncle’s anger! You this end … damn scum! " As Xu Fei expected, armand once again forgot the name of the Se Dragon in the wilderness, but his play was very powerful and lethal. When the cloud crossbow penetrated each other’s body, his play also exploded, while when several dwarves around him collided with the rock armor, his play directly penetrated from the wound, and then a crisp sound sounded at the same time, mixed with flesh and blood.
"Right on target!" Armand felt very comfortable when he saw some dirt mixed in the flesh and blood, but in a moment, his position was hit by the frost line counterattack. Although he reacted quickly enough, he was still splashed by the frost line with freezing force, and he was wrapped in a layer of frost for a moment.
At the same time, several dwarves near armand were also wrapped in the same frost, except for the different depths due to the wave arrival. Almost all dwarves’ hands were affected by the frost force, and they were shivering in place one by one. At the moment, they even needed a lot of strength to straighten their bodies. armand tried hard to earn a frost shell. When he broke free, the whole person kept shivering. He tried hard to shake his body and froze to death. armand, a black dwarf, lived in lava city. Like other dwarves around him, he rarely saw frost, let alone felt the power of ice and snow.
"Good … cold! A-choo ~ ~ "This is armand’s only feeling at the moment. Although he broke away from the frost shell by his own strength, he still felt a great loss of body temperature. Of course, he was only covered by the force of splashing frost. He was lucky at least not to be directly hit by the frost line. Otherwise, freezing would not be the body surface but the whole body.
"armand help you kin to break the frost shell! Come on! Otherwise they will freeze to death! " Xu Fei tried to support the arcane shield on the surface of his body, and the magic in his body was injected into the shield like no money, because he had to do it, otherwise the fireball from the top of his head would completely swallow him up, even if the fireball attacked the edge in his depth.
"A-choo! I know! Horse! " For the first time, armand felt that the power of frost was so terrible, but he was still shaking and walked towards his kin. He raised his musket in his hand and smashed it at the butt of the musket wrapped around his kin. With the click sound, the frost wrapped around other dwarves was quickly chopped by armand, but every dwarf who broke away from the frost felt his body shaking uncontrollably and then his hands and feet were stiff.
"hurry up! We can’t let it continue to release spells like this! Otherwise we will be killed by magic! " Xu Fei’s body was full of fatigue, and he almost consumed all his magic because of blocking the fireball bombardment.
"But now how can close to each other! This guy doesn’t need magic and singing to cast spells! Mom! There is no need to sing spells for the roots of Warcraft! " Feather looked at the spell and changed Se Dragon’s head, scratching his head and falling into a frenzy because of injury. Monsters are the most annoying. Of course, everyone knows that monsters can’t last forever, but the problem is that they may not be able to hold on to crazy spell and change Se Dragon’s roots earlier than monsters, especially after discovering the cloud and causing harm to themselves. Spells spread to remote personnel.
At the same time, they are even more afraid that the first spell that has been hidden is finally released in madness. Although Chen Kai cut the other side’s neck so that the Se Dragon can release the spell, the head that can release the arcane SH line and the arcane shield is drooping as if it had lost its vitality. What is the last spell of the Se Dragon? Chen Kai absolutely does not want to bear this spell even if it is only an attack.
"Damn it, it’s an ice storm!" Looking at the roaring and cold wind, Xu Fei’s face, wrapped in pieces of fist-sized ice cubes, becomes the same as those ice cubes when he brushes it. The high-order spell of white water element, ice storm, is definitely the most terrible one among the range spells, because it not only has some wind element spell characteristics, but also has the spread characteristics of water element spell. The wind element spell characteristics are that the storm force is generated in the ice storm, and the wind element will accelerate the frost in the spell, making the hail formed in the storm more powerful than the spread characteristics of water element spell. To explain that water will gradually penetrate and spread around on the flat ground, there is no water in the ice storm, but snow is mixed in the storm, which will gradually spread in the air, then lower the surrounding temperature and finally freeze the ground gradually.
"flash! Don’t be covered by ice storms! " Xu Fei’s voice is full of trembling, because the attack range of the ice storm is too large to cover the 100-meter area. Of course, perhaps this area is due to illusion, but Xu Fei still feels that the surrounding air is filled with horrible frost.
"flash! Where to flash! " Yunyin is full of fear, because he is in the ice storm package gas at the moment, and the temperature is decreasing. The most important thing is that the hail the size of a fist is gradually approaching him.
"bang!" Just as everyone was afraid to watch the ice storm gradually land, armand suddenly struck the gun and rotated the warhead through the frost-covered area, directly exploding in the changing Se dragon, which was releasing the ice storm head.
This time, armand’s attack worked again, and the explosion directly broke the package and changed the armor of Se Dragon’s head rock, and then the huge impact of the other side directly interrupted the other side’s spell days, and more than half of the ice storm had formed, so it landed directly and hit the ground.
"I … Shit!" I feel the terrible snow and ice pouring overhead, and at this moment, everyone has a feeling that ten thousand grass and mud horses are rushing through their hearts. Of course, they are even more fortunate to escape from life, although it seems that they have not yet defeated their goals.
Pouring ice and snow hit everyone. Although the fist-sized hail lost its power driven by the storm, it still hit people’s lives because of the high fall. The most important thing is that a large amount of ice and snow poured on the ground, forming an ice and snow area with a range of only a few hundred square meters but enough thickness to drown people’s waist.
"I really am the greatest sharpshooter!" Armand roared in the snow and ice that was about to drown his shoulders, and then a hail fell from the sky and hit his head. There was a loud bang, and the great sharpshooter Mr. Armand fell headlong in the snow.
“! Kill it while it is weak! " Everyone saw that at the moment, lying prone in the snow, Se Dragon released such a powerful frost spell and was directly interrupted. Even the * * division could not afford to change Se Dragon for at least a short time, which was a terrible spell.
Although it is very difficult to run in the snow, everyone is still standing straight on the snow and roaring towards the dragon. The sword of the blade dragon gun quickly penetrated into the body of the dragon. Everyone saw tens of thousands of injuries coming out of this monster one after another, but looking at the dragon, there is still half of its life. Everyone knows that it takes more effort to kill each other.
"Cut its head! ! Come on! Only by beheading it can it be completely killed! " Xu Fei woke up and the wound was expanding, and then all the people turned their targets to the head. First, they were beheaded, which was destroyed by ll. Most of the head lost a lot of health points in an instant and disappeared directly from the body of Se Dragon.
"go on! Don’t let it recover! !” Just recovered a little bit of physical strength, Chen Kai also joined in the battle. The sword was held high, and when the feather and their weapons were recovered, it directly cut huge power and instantly broke the armor of large rocks. Then Su Xinghe took this opportunity to directly cut it along the place where Chen Kai cut it.
"Poof yi! ~ ~ ~ "foaming at the mouth and blood dyed ll their bodies red again and sprayed a lot of blood and turned Se dragon into a crazy roar. That ridiculous and strange sound sounds more and more ferocious at the moment. At the same time, there are three heads that dominate the illusion head, and the eyes shine for a moment. This head was directly hit by Zhao Tiezhu hammer, which just gave off light, and the eyes were directly closed.
"go on! Kill! !” Xu Fei condensed his remaining magic and released an Arcane Se line. The purple Arcane Se line directly exploded in the head that was smashed by Zhao Tiezhu. It was very penetrating. The Se line directly ran through the head. Of course, this did not let the head die. After all, Xu Fei released the Arcane Se line, which contained too little magic and was too slim, but even in slender spells, it could definitely cause crit damage. The leaned head was directly exposed to the feather ruling blade, and then it was sharper than the broadsword. It was a bit broken, and the rock armor was directly cut off.
When the last head was beheaded by Chen Kai and others, the surrounding snow layer remained thick and soft, but there is no doubt that the cold breath has gradually eroded Chen Kai and their bodies.
"Get out of here first! Otherwise, we will all be frostbitten! " Looking at the frost and fog rising around, Chen Kai took the lead in moving quickly towards the area not covered by ice and snow. In fact, when Chen Kai and others were running, a large amount of ice and snow melted out of control and then condensed again, turning that area into hard ice. Almost in an instant, everyone was out of the ice and snow area, and the whole earth was completely frozen.
"What is this?" Looking at the sudden freezing of the earth, everyone feels very strange, because although they think that the ice and snow may cool down when they melt, they will never cause this situation.
"It’s a spell! At least frost spell! Maybe it’s extremely cold, maybe it’s frozen earth! This dragon has a ninth spell! " Xu Fei’s words reveal a trace of happiness, because if they are still in place at the moment, then they can’t escape being frozen. After watching the huge ice frozen in place, everyone is afraid because they saw the ice frozen in the changing Se dragon body.
"bang!" Waving the dagger in his hand, Yunyun gently waved the dagger and knocked on the frozen ice. It turned out that this pale blue Se ice was harder and colder than they thought. Because of the contact with the ice, the dagger was covered with a thin layer of frost in a short time. If Yunyun didn’t wear leather gloves, the cold might have spread to his hand by now.
"What now?" When you look at it, it is completely covered with a layer of ice dagger. Everyone knows that it is almost impossible to collect the war profits when you want to arrive, but it is hard to kill Warcraft but you can’t make a profit. No one will be willing.
"Come on! Let’s go! God knows when this ice will melt and we have had enough waves! " Chen Kenai looked at the frozen wilderness and turned into a dragon. If it weren’t for the hard ice, maybe they could try to decompose the monster’s body to get the income. Maybe they could get the magic stone in the other person’s body if there was such a thing.
Eventually ll they chose to continue to move in the direction of the dwarf caravan from here. In the past, they were all covered with thick and foul blood at the moment. The blood came from the end that was killed and turned into a Se dragon. After ll and them, the frozen land, which was half a meter thick and nearly 100 square meters, slowly dissolved or should I say disappeared. When all the frost disappeared completely, one left a head and the wilderness turned into a Se dragon. It stumbled from the ground and looked down at the ground. Those beheaded eyes were exposed. Out of the extremely hateful light, this wasteland turned into a Se dragon. At the last moment, his main head released an illusion and deceived everyone. What’s more, he paid his other head.
Chen Kai and others didn’t find this problem, because after the battle, they didn’t even look at their own experience to get it. When the Se dragon staggered away from its original place, Chen Kai and his carriage boomed.
"I said I would come back early! Damn it! I was cheated by that monster! " Yunyin is full of anger and depression. Actually, it’s not just him, but also other people. Whoever has been deceived by a monster will be the most expression. Chen Kai, they didn’t gain experience because the vitality of Se dragon was too tenacious and they haven’t completely died. But as time went on, they felt more and more wrong, so they came back to see an idea. As a result, they came back and saw that the original solid ice disappeared and Se dragon’s body disappeared. The only thing left on the ground was four beheaded heads.
"Come on! Take these heads! I hope there are still discoveries in my head! " Chen Kenai sighed. He never dreamed that finally, the Se dragon in the wilderness could release such a terrible illusion. This illusion completely confused their vision and made them feel that everything was so real. Start the carriage again and leave the line of people. This time, it really moved towards the location of the dwarf motorcade, and the Se dragon in the wilderness was almost killed by them. It has been completely forgotten by them.
As expected by Chen Kai, there are not many things in the four beheaded heads, or the original things are of poor quality, but in the four heads, Chen Kai found four SPAR magic creatures. The magic stone is a pure magic-forming energy gem, and SPAR is a magic creature. The fast release spell-forming spell node has the magic stone magic creature with all the spell abilities of casting this element, so it can be released if it can learn and master it, but if it forms a SPAR magic creature in the brain, it can release a limited number of spells. The most important thing is that the magic stone is formed in the body and SPAR is formed in the brain.
This kind of spar is actually the best medium for magical objects, because they are naturally full of spells. Of course, the four spars contain frost elements. The spar has been completely broken, and the magic lines on the surface are incomplete. The root method recovery may be due to the release of the ice storm. The most complete result is an arcane spar with an arcane SHE line and an arcane shield still intact. It is necessary to slightly modify the shell of a spar and then add some materials and energy to become a spell prop that can release spells.


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