Fierce battles resounded throughout the world.

The peerless war is moving rapidly into the distance.
All eyes were on the peerless figure of the king of Chu, and everyone was shocked.
"The king of Chu is a fierce man!" Zheng Wang eye dew shock way
A large number of Chu valiant generals and dukes followed the Chu King’s battlefield quickly away from the strong countries, and many of them followed to watch this peerless battle.
A group of dragons can smash a mountain with fierce tail flick.
But even so, the king of Chu still dominates the wind.
The battlefield is getting farther and farther away and gradually out of sight.
And the valley where Chu was stationed was in ruins.
Jiang Tai and Man Zhong followed Yan and Jison without talking.
Crane Immortal and Chu Zhaohou stopped and looked at the ruins and the soldiers in the mourning.
The whole Chu station is a waste.
"The ruins of the step are thousands of miles away, and Jiang Tai has lived an inch of grass!" Crane Immortal vacant way
Evil! Absolute disaster! You can do this to the king of Chu?
"I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!" Chuzhaohou angry roar loud.
Holding a sword will kill in the direction of Jiang Tai.
Yan turned his head and looked coldly at Chu Zhaohou. "They are my Qi people. How can Chu Zhaohou want to formally declare war on my Qi country on behalf of Chu?"
Chu Zhaohou is going crazy.
Crane Immortal is a pull ChuZhaoHou.
"Don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive!" Crane Immortal strong pulling crazy ChuZhaoHou call way
"Let me kill him! Let me kill him!" Chu Zhaohou is a little calm, but more hatred for Jiang Tai.
Evil will never die and never rest!
Yan laughed coldly and turned his head to ignore Chu Zhaohou, who took Jiang Tai and Man Zhong into a carriage.
The carriage moved slowly away.
Chu Zhaohou struggled hard and finally watched Jiang Taian leave.
Gradually calm down to ChuZhaoHou look around ruins face a twitch.
"Damn evil!" Chu Zhaohou is depressed and wants to vomit blood.
On the other side, Zheng Guo resident
The king of Zheng went to watch the King of Chu’s war, but Zheng Jia came out to slay Jiang Tai with a sword.
But Yan protects Jiang Tai. Jiang Tai swaggered away from the carriage.
Chu Zhaohou couldn’t hurt Jiang Tai by waving his sword several times.
"This can be all right? Motherfucker! " Zheng Jia angry roar loud-
In the carriage
"Well, don’t pretend!" Yan wry smile way
Aside Jison is also weird. Look at this fifth brother.
Jiang Tai wiped her mouth and said, "I just ate too much blood in my mouth, and I almost couldn’t bear it. I can’t make up for it, but Uncle Man is really hurt!"
"I will be fine when I have nothing to nurse for a while!" Manzhong wry smile way
It turned out that Jiang Tai was also injured, but I didn’t expect it to be overcompensated.
Jison thought for a moment, "We still underestimate this king of Chu!"
"Oh?" Look at Jison with a smile
"I can see that the king of Chu didn’t contribute and that the young dragon root was killed by the king of Chu without the trigger mark. It shows that the king of Chu means it, and I also see the ruins of the Chu station, but there is a small hut that is safe and sick!" Jison sink a way


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