"The Mongols are full of expropriation and slaughter. Look at how many places in the whole world from the east to the west are no longer ruled by you? How many orphans and widows have shed blood and tears because of your greed? "

"Although you were relatively British in the first few years of your reign, but you enjoyed the country for more than 30 years, floods and droughts were frequent, thieves began to rise, but you believed in the sacred seal, the kind of slutty monk who wantonly squandered tens of thousands of dollars and ruined the court’s profanity and virtue. Don’t you deserve to die?"
Yuan Shundi’s forehead suddenly burst with sweat flowing down his cheeks. He spoke for a long time before saying, "I have no choice …"
Although he drank a full belly of water, his mouth was still very dry at this time, and he said, "The kings of the court are not angry. If you go here every day, you will know that you beat me and I will beat you. Even if Mao comes, you can’t cure this game!"
He said here, hating and hating, "In those days, Timur Boluo was so powerful that I befriended him. He wanted an official, and I gave him an official. I gave his life to whoever he wanted. I married all my daughters, but this son of a bitch kicked his nose and gave me a banquet. He didn’t come and ate himself in the temple, and then he sent someone into the palace to ask me for some concubines that I always loved! It’ s really unbearable! "
When Qi Yufeng heard this, he suddenly remembered a story in that year and immediately said slowly, "I heard that Genghis Khan’s grandmother had seven children in that year because a group of children were digging grass roots in her territory to satisfy their hunger. She was afraid that she would hurt the grass and put these children to death."
"As a result, the children’s tribe learned that Genghis Khan’s grandmother’s tribe was defeated, but those children’s tribes killed her. Six children, some disabled women and Genghis Khan’s father Haidu escaped by luck."
When Yuan Shundi heard this, he looked up at Qi Yufeng nomads’ struggle for food from generation to generation, which was not unusual in Mongolian life. When Genghis Khan’s father died, his mother was abandoned and exiled by the whole tribe after quarreling with relatives, and an old man in the tribe persuaded the tribesmen not to do so, so he was stabbed to death by a spear.
It can be said that in Mongolia, such barbaric and cruel things as murder and arson are just like eating and drinking water. Even now, several ministers and children in Yuan Shundi often kill each other for trivial things.
In his heart, he was puzzled but saw Qi Yufeng say, "You already know the law of the jungle as they do, and there is no kindness and sympathy in your heart. The wolf is cruel and vicious. Even if you live in the world of flowers and flowers in the Central Plains for nearly a hundred years, you will still not change."
"At that time, I didn’t know Genghis Khan’s grandmother. Did she ever think that evil would be punished one day? But I guess you must have never thought that you are always the special one in front of strength. "
Yuan Shundi heard this and muttered to himself, "What am I that is not special? I crossed here from later generations as an emperor. I am rich and cosmopolitan; I am the queen of Zhao and Song Dynasties but I became the emperor of Mongolia. Why am I not the special one? "
Qi Yufeng said, "History has given you a chance, but at first you knew that the imperial examination would be resumed, and the Han people would be rehabilitated. But once frustrated, you knew that it was easy to eat people for fun and indulge in disasters day and night, but you still had to skin them, whip them and drink their blood!"
Yuan Shundi’s eye expression is staring at the darkness ahead.
Qi Yufeng saw him for a long time, but he heard Yuan Shundi say, "But after all, I have Han Chinese blood. Zhu Yuanzhang is a bastard. Sooner or later, it’s all about you two fighting. What do you want to protect him instead of helping me? Day people that is endless "
Qi Yufeng sneered, "It’s easy for people to abuse heaven and it’s hard to bully me. No matter who he is, if he is worthy of the Han people, I won’t be his enemy." I’m sorry that ten million people in China are going to behead him. "
Yuan Shundi looked up and looked at Qi Yufeng imploringly and said, "We can’t go back in this world. Only I can understand what you mean. I am old and have no ambition. Please let me continue to live." At the end, I couldn’t help crying.
Qi Yufeng heard his sentence "We can’t go back" and couldn’t help holding a sword in his heart. "Why don’t I send you back?"
Yuan Shundi was stunned at first when he heard this, and then he immediately reflected that he was overjoyed. He wiped his face and stood up and said, "Can you really go back?"
Qi Yufeng nodded solemnly "seriously".
Yuan Shundi was so happy when he heard this that he was placed in the excitement of his hands and feet. He walked around the pavilion trembling for a long time and suddenly looked up and looked at Qi Yufeng sadly.
Qi Yufeng knew what he meant, even if he deliberately asked, "Are you ready?"
Yuan Shundi shook his head and said, "No … I … I don’t want to go." He touched the carved columns and painted buildings and looked at the rippling lakes and towering buildings in front of him and shook his head. "These are all my days. Why do you want to take them away … I have lived here for a generation and I am used to luxurious life. You know, if I go back there, I can’t even get in here and want to have a look, but now I am the owner here."
Qi Yufeng heard this heart, this fellow is still a new popular soul. Immediately, he said coldly, "You can fuck off if you don’t want to leave. This is China, Han China, not you."
Yuan Shundi looked up at the northern sky and shook his head and sighed, "The desert is too bitter for me to live like that."
Qi Yufeng laughed. "I don’t want this or that. What do you want to do?"
Yuan Shundi turned his head and bowed his waist and prayed, "I don’t have a good life for a few years. I will give you the throne. Please let me stay in this palace and let my princess and I have a good life."
Qi Yufeng sink a way "you really not white? This Han-Mongolian War has gone through more than a hundred years. How many people with lofty ideals have died in this Han people? How many people have shed their blood? Are you going to establish the Republic of China? Do you want to stab a few tiles on the roof with bamboo poles? Even if the uprising is successful, the former governor took off his official robe and changed his clothes, and then he turned around and became a governor and governor? "
"It’s not politics, it’s not business, it’s war, it’s hatred. Even if you are willing to be Puyi, I don’t want to be a revolutionary party."
When Yuan Shundi heard this sentence, his blood immediately trembled and hoarse. "So you have to kill me?"
Qi Yufeng raised the glass to him and nodded "yes".
The two men raised their cups and drank the last sip of coffee.
Yuan Shundi knows that Qi Yufeng’s martial arts connect God with God. Few people can stop such martial arts people. Today, two people are close at hand. If Qi Yufeng says he wants to kill him, he will die.
Qi Yufeng drank it and said to Yuan Shundi, "But it’s quite a fate for us. I promise you a decent way to die. After three months, I will bring an army to attack. You can choose whether to do Puyi or Chongzhen."
Then he disappeared into the night in a flash.
Yuan Shundi sighed and thought about it, only to find that his legs were numb, but he couldn’t get up. Several eunuchs saw Yuan Shundi sitting here alone and hurried over to rub his legs, rub his legs and rub his back for a good half-day before helping Yuan Shundi up.
An eunuch opened his mouth with the help of Yuan Shundi’s right arm and asked, "Why don’t you send that big guy to fight with him today? It may not be necessary for them to win or lose?"
Yuan Shundi shook his head and said, "That big man’s success at the beginning of martial arts is not stable. Now he needs to give him more time to figure himself out before he can send a team. If he is let out like this, wouldn’t it be a pity if he dies in a fog?"
The eunuch smiled apologetically. "The emperor is really kind to be a handmaiden. I don’t know how sweet it is to have an emperor like you."
Yuan Shundi sighed and walked slowly towards the bedroom. He whispered to himself, "Although he wanted to kill me, how could I be willing to kill him …"
Qi Yufeng ran back to the tunnel. Yang Xiangqi said what he saw when he entered the palace today. He naturally left out Yuan Shundi. His secret section was straightforward. Observing this Yuan Shundi people’s mediocre preferences and mud, few people know the Jianghu, and dragging water is extremely excessive. It is not like he can do this case in Yunnan.
After Yang Xiangqi’s assassination, she became more and more afraid and knew that there were also experts around the emperor, and it was even more difficult for her to assassinate Yuan Shundi in the future.
Now, after Qi Yufeng said that Yuan Shundi was not necessarily the murderer, she was filled with hatred and naturally moved to Zhao Zhichun.
After the two chatted, Yang Xiangqi heard that Qi Yufeng was going to lead an army to attack most of them. She knew that this was the most important family and country event in a hundred years, and she couldn’t help but promise that she would break the oath that the ancient tomb faction would never leave the mountain and personally lead the faction to help the West Cool Army.
Qi Yufeng still has a doubt in his heart. He knows that Yang Xiangqi’s civil and military skills don’t look like he is a loser. Immediately, he asked, "How did Zhu Yuanzhang claim to be from Hao Zhou Zhong Li? After he started fighting, Yuan Shundi repeatedly sent people to find his roots, but he couldn’t find it?"
He is still a little afraid that Yuan Shundi’s words may be true.
Yang Xiangqi traveled all over the world, and be adept at couldn’t help smiling when he heard this sentence. "When the Yuan Dynasty was first built, it was not vulgar to have a literati who took refuge in Zhao Mengfu, but many Mongolian princes couldn’t read themselves. The custom of eating wine and meat in large pieces with bare breasts recognized that it was the real Genghis Khan grandson."
"It’s strange that an emperor with a group of straw bag ministers can sit for more than 30 days. The clock in Haozhou is Fengyang, Anhui Province, but now it’s called Sizhou Xuyi in the Geographical Records of the Yuan Dynasty, which is under the jurisdiction of Anfeng Road. It’s not surprising that people don’t often go out and confuse each other."
"Because the emperor ordered many princes to fight and rob each other of the chassis, the place name changed three times a day. The official in the capital took the map to catch an Anhui person, but he went to Jiangsu to find it. How can he find it?"
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help but feel stunned at this time. He said that the Mongolian princes would compete with each other as if they had divided the Central Plains into pieces of pasture. Once they got their hands on it, they changed their names and changed their surnames to their own turf. So if they continued to go, wouldn’t this ceremonial state become the original barbarian territory in the future?
However, it is not surprising that spies in this palace can’t tell Anhui from Jiangsu. Later Zhu Yuanzhang made Nanjing his capital, and then Anhui, Suzhou and Shanghai were located, that is, Zhili Province moved its capital to Beijing, and then changed it to South Zhili Province. The Qing Dynasty named Nanjing, the capital of jiangnan province, while the capital of Anhui Province was in Nanjing, while the capital of Jiangsu Province was in Suzhou.
Even in later generations, four-tenths of Nanjing was from Anhui. Some people jokingly called Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, "the emblem of Beijing".
But Qi Yufeng recalled at this time that since Yuan Shundi couldn’t catch Zhu Yuanzhang purely because of him, he could know, but what did the strange mother from Smecta swear that she had seen Zhu Yuanzhang in Korea?


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