Seeing a red stone staircase facing a man in his twenties, his face is like a knife, his eyebrows are like mountains, and he looks very manly with a little stubble.

Wearing a white brocade and a latosolic red cloak, it is three meters long and the wind is blowing.
A pair of extremely well-maintained white fingers with black fingers gently touched Ba Hu residue. A pair of sharp and deep eyes stared at Su E and nodded slightly. "It’s good to have such a strong alertness in the first game of the day. Are you Ji Youran?"
When Su E was stared at by him, she couldn’t help but take a step back. Her body seemed to be hit by a mountain, and her heart was very horrified. "Are you human?"
"It’s not important who I am. You have to answer my question first." Wan Haoxue is very strong, step by step, and her latosolic red cloak rolls up like a red whirlwind.
"I’m not Ji Youran" Su E soon calmed down and said coldly, "Who are you? If you take another step forward, don’t blame me for being rude to you. "
Sue came to calculate his origin, but she was noticed by the other party. A step on the ground was to shatter all the rules of heaven around her.
If Sue stopped, she would have been shocked by him.
Wan Haoxue stopped and glanced at Su E with a sneer. "Half a sacred land has the strength to kill a saint, Guo Yi woman!" Since you want to fight, I will play with you. You are a semi-sacred land, so I will also repair the seal to the semi-sacred land. "
Wan Haoxue pointed out nine divine ways with his fingers and sealed himself to reach the semi-sacred land. Although he was sealed, his domineering and kingly spirit remained undiminished.
Su E, a semi-sacred realm, has more fighting power than Guo Yi and is not the first saint.
Sue got up cautiously, and after calling the blood pool, a statue of bloody magic shadow emerged, and the force was running to the extreme, ready to send a thunderbolt.
Wan Haoxue grinned and turned into a flash of light. Blow out the blood pool and the magic shadow directly, and blow Sue out with one punch.
Sue’s face with a look of disbelief, blood flying in her mouth and her body crashing into the thick palace wall, dented the walls.
The whole person inlaid the wall and fainted directly.
Phoenix Fairy Palace is followed by a quiver.
Wan Haoxue didn’t look at the noise in her eyes, but Su E, who was unconscious, shook her shoulder cloak and marched into the Phoenix Fairy Palace.
His steps are firm and his eyes are firm!
Along the way, many masters shot at him, but all of them were directly blown into blood fog by his fist, and finally people dared to step forward.
Line to the front of the phoenix hall is stopped to fuels and shook his head and smiled "the first day so much"
The words just fell and the wind broke.
A red figure flew down from the top of the Phoenix Hall, holding a dark iron sword in his hand and cold light in his eyes. The whole person was like a sword about to be drawn.
Ji Youran stared at Wan Hao Xuedao in front of the Phoenix Hall in Li Zhuo. "People who broke into the Phoenix Immortal Palace died."
The heavenly sword suddenly came out of its sheath and burst into a sword like the Ganges River, and the light of the sword was unbreakable enough to cut a star.
Wan Hao, the snow is still and motionless, and it is cut off by the heavenly sword.
War heavenly sword scabbard Wan Haoxue handsome cheeks more than a shallow blood, fingers gently touched the blood to reveal a smile "You are the cold Yan cold sword in red, you are the master of war heavenly sword, you are the first person who can make me bleed."
Ji Youran’s face is as cold as ice without the slightest look, but her heart has already shocked her. The sword just now has been out of force, but the other party can stop it without moving.
How high is this guy?
Wan Haoxue nodded. "The saint’s first visit to dzogchen is all right! I will suppress and repair to the first place. dzogchen will fight with you. "
Wan Haoxue’s fingers are popping up again, and God has sealed himself to reach the semi-holy first place in dzogchen.
Arm burst into latosolic red light blazing and punched out one by one. Suddenly, Ji Youran’s fingers and heavenly sword were all punched by Zhenfei’s fierce fist.
Ji Youran flew like a broken kite, smashing the skin, cracking the bones and bleeding all over the Phoenix Hall.
Kick the collapsed column with one foot, and it’s hard for her to get up from the ruins. Her body is straight, and her mouth, eyes and ears are bleeding
Ji Youran has almost never lost, and she has never lost so badly.
The same realm was defeated by people with one punch.
Wan Haoxue took back his fist and rubbed his bloodstained hands. He looked around but didn’t dare to turn around the day before yesterday.
Back to the front of the gate of Phoenix Fairy Palace, he suddenly stopped, but he didn’t turn around. Lang said, "Tell Guo Yi that his real opponent has appeared. My name is Wan Haoxue."
He glanced at Sue, who was still unconscious with inlaid walls, and then shook his head and stepped on the ground. The whole size was like the Phoenix Fairy Palace in Zhongtian City, and suddenly it collapsed. The walls collapsed and nine ancient pagodas fell. All the palaces were fragmented.
The smoke and dust rolled and roared for a long time, and the whole atmosphere was magnificent, and the Phoenix Fairy Palace was wiped out.
Wan Hao Snow’s long smile is soaring and disappearing.
Chapter 79 Thirteen Masters
When Guo Yi and Sisi drove back to Qingfeng Mountain in an ancient car, Wan Haoxue had already left for an hour.
The original Xiaguang Phoenix Fairy Palace has been fragmented and the ruins have fallen to the ground. The younger brothers in the four major cities have rushed to the past, and there are people everywhere.
Guo Yi’s face changed quickly, and she saw Su E who was found out by Xiao Changsheng in the ruins. She was still unconscious on the spot, with her eyes closed and bloodshot in her eyes, and her long white hair was dyed red.
The heart was sunken and the whole body was almost pierced.
See Guo Yi hurried back Xiao Changsheng is to hold Sue up, face full of sad tears eyes spinning as if about to cry.
Guo Yi’s mood at this time is also quite bad. Su E will pick it up and hold her hand. Gently wipe the dust off her cheeks and push the force into her body.
Sue is always laughing. She bullies others, and no one can bully her.
Guo Yi’s heart was full of anger, but his face was still calm and asked, "What’s going on?"
When Wan Hao snow came, Xiao Changsheng was not in Phoenix Fairy Palace, and naturally he didn’t know what was going on.
"It’s a person who came to see you. His name will be Wan Haoxue." Ji Youran walked slowly with an iron sword, her eyes were cold and complete, but she couldn’t hide her vain footsteps. Obviously, she was seriously injured
"Wan Haoxue!" Guo Yi read the name, and there is no image in his mind. He can be sure that he never knew this person before.


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