Coach Mike Brown Cleveland Cavaliers

Starting in the west-
Defender Chris Paul New Orleans Hornets
Guard Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers
Forward Cameron Anthony Denver Nuggets
Striker Ji Guo shame Los Angeles Clippers
Center Ji Guoqiu Los Angeles Clippers
Eastern substitute
Guard Deron Williams, Sir Utah.
Defender Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks
Guard Steve Nash Phoenix Suns
Forward Kevin Durant Oklahoma Thunder
Forward Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks
Forward Amare Stoudemire Phoenix Suns
Forward Yao Houston rocket
Center Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs
Chapter five hundred and ninety-seven Sterling words door
On February 1 ST, the Clippers will play Cleveland Cavaliers away.
Before the game, the little emperor accepted the "player of the month" award at home last month, and LeBron James won the "player of the month" award in the East. In January, the gorilla field averaged 29++ data, but it was normal for him.
James glanced at the distance without trace when holding the trophy, and the twin brothers could not help laughing at themselves. "I may be the player who won the most triple doubles in history. I don’t think anyone can compete with me for this honor."
In January, the player of the month in the Western Conference was awarded to Cameron Anthony. Poor Durant had won the player of the week for the first time in his career in mid-January. He was very eager for the player of the month, but the league still didn’t award him the award.
The Clippers lost to the Cavaliers in one game, and today they are aiming for revenge.
In the first three quarters, the two teams played very closely, which was similar to a fight, but this time in the fourth quarter, it was no longer the Cavaliers who suddenly collapsed in the last quarter. They scored 1 point in the first quarter and the Clippers finally beat their opponents 145.
The Clippers beat the Cavaliers by 33-1 in the fourth quarter, having won six consecutive victories recently.
Ji Guoqiu contributed 2 points, 14 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 blocked shots. Ji Guoqiu scored 2 points, 1 rebound, 5 assists and 3 blocked shots.
Brother Fox’s score dropped today, but the Clippers Fox played an excellent role in defending orangutans in the fourth quarter. James was humiliated by Ji Guo and scored 4 points in the fourth quarter. Although Ji Guo humiliated himself and scored 3 points in the fourth quarter, it was obvious that the Cavaliers suffered more.
On February 3 rd, before the Clippers’ away game against the Bulls, there was a sudden news that shocked Clippers fans. The recording of a quarrel between Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s Mexican black girlfriend was exposed by the local media and caused an uproar.
Sterling warned his girlfriend not to take blacks to watch clippers games in the recording, which made the topic of racial discrimination that touched the sensitive nerves of American society break out again!
However, this news has not affected the Clippers for the time being. They still beat the Bulls on the road and won the 41st victory of the season.
On February 4th, Clippers away to Atlanta to challenge the Hawks.
Sterling’s racial discrimination incident is not as thunderous as the previous ones. This time, the "racial discrimination gate" is showing the butterfly effect. After the discrimination incident was exposed, many sponsors of the Clippers said at the first time that Sterling would draw a clear line by terminating the sponsorship agreement.
A spokesman for Mercedes-Benz told the media that Mercedes-Benz will terminate the Clippers’ sponsorship as soon as possible. The Clippers signed a nine-year sponsorship contract, and arma, the largest used car chain in the United States, did say that it would terminate the Clippers’ sponsorship.
Celebrities from all walks of life have made speeches condemning Sterling. Even though many white people think Sterling is right, they still jump out and take the opportunity to show their faces in the media.
Ji Guoqiu said before the game against the Hawks that "our team is going through a hard away game and running around takes up all of us, but we don’t know much about this matter, and it doesn’t affect our game, which has kept us away from the news and focused on the away game"
Ji Guoshi said, "Our boss sometimes does something stupid that even he himself will regret, but I think we should investigate this matter first."
The Clippers avoided talking about Sterling’s troubles. The dead fox was the one who talked the most, but it was all nonsense.
The Sterling incident still didn’t affect the Clippers’ game. The Hawks are not Clippers’ opponents, and it’s still easy to defend the champion back to back away.
However, this discrimination incident is not as simple as Clippers fans imagined. Four days after the February 6 incident, the topic of racial discrimination that touched the sensitive nerves of American society fermented again.
First of all, other Clippers sponsors, such as Kia Motors, American insurance giant saefarm, energy drink brand Red Bull, China Peak, ZTE Mobile and other companies, have also indicated that they will suspend or terminate the Clippers merger.
Sterling’s casual remarks put him in an embattled situation. At the same time, many nba team owners also publicly said that they would kick Sterling out of the nba Clippers. The scenery in the past two years finally made nba bosses find a chance to fall into the trap.
Alexander, the owner of Houston Rockets, first jumped out and suggested that nba president should turn all Clippers players into free agents to force Sterling to sell his team.
Michael Jordan, the owner of Charlotte Bobcats, said, "A team owner, I obviously hate that a colleague should hold such a morbid view. Such racist remarks as Sterling’s have no foothold in a league full of most black players in the nba. We must never forgive discrimination. We should kick him out of this league and make the Clippers free, so that they can freely choose to stay or leave a boss like you can’t force players to play."
The two men’s remarks completely detonated the whole league. At one time, except for the Lakers’ old Buss who didn’t take the opportunity to fall into a hole, the remaining team owners expressed their support and thought that it was beneficial for Clippers players to leave or stay freely.
Everyone knows that these bosses intend to rob the animal brothers, and everyone knows what it means to get these two players. Those two-player teams will certainly not miss this excellent opportunity to dismember the Clippers.
According to the nba official website report, nba President David Stern also called a press conference in Manhattan, new york on February 6 to announce the punishment for Sterling’s racial discrimination scandal and decided to impose a fine of 250,000 US dollars on Sterling, which is the highest fine stipulated in the league’s articles of association.
In addition, Sterling will be banned for life, and he will not be able to participate in other activities of the nba board league, and he will not be able to appear in nba games and training grounds, and it is worthwhile to ban the commercial activities of the Clippers from appearing in the management of the Clippers. First, the league punishment decision will take effect immediately after it is released. David Stern also apologized to all black players on behalf of the league.
Many people in the industry believe that Sterling will face the dilemma of being forced to sell his team after the nba penalty decision is issued. It is said that at present, many consortia want to buy the Clippers, and the valuation of the major financial news Clippers is 200 million to 2.5 billion US dollars.
Donald Sterling, the protagonist of the second story, said in an interview with Fox Sports Channel that he would never sell the Clippers.
However, this matter has been out of Sterling’s control. After the league announced the decision to punish Sterling, the nba will start the shareholders of the league, that is, the owners of each team, to vote on whether to force Sterling to sell the team. It is reported that nba President Sterling has won the support of 29 team owners, and Sterling’s exit has become a suspense.
Espn analysis of American entertainment and sports network points out that Sterling’s lawsuit is unlikely to succeed, because he has signed the nba charter and regulations, and Sterling’s ruling and alliance shareholders’ voting are all based on the arbitration award of the statute exhibition.
Clippers players had already returned to Los Angeles as early as the 5th, and they were going to play San Antonio Spurs at home on the 7th, but the players were shocked by the news. They couldn’t imagine that such a big thing had happened to the team just a week ago, and the black players in the team also expressed their regret at the first time. After all, just as Jordan said that Chengdu was black Sterling in this league, it wouldn’t be as big as it used to be.
Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, who was suspended for life by the league on February 6, finally interviewed N and said that he had made a "terrible mistake" and begged for forgiveness.
"I’m not a racist. I’m a person who made a terrible mistake. I apologize here and ask for forgiveness."
This is also the first time that Sterling has been interviewed by the media after the tape of racist remarks was exposed. Sterling explained that he was "very flustered" because it happened so fast.
At the same time, Sterling also defended the words in his own tape. "I know what I said was wrong, but I never thought that this private conversation would be made public. I don’t want her to bring people to watch my game because I was jealous." When asked if he felt that he was being set up, Sterling said, "When I listened to that tape myself, I had no idea what I would say that … I felt that I was’ fished’."
Sterling’s purpose in defending and apologizing this time is of course to save the Clippers. He also shouted with grievances, "Because I made a mistake, they will deprive me of the team that I have worked hard for 32 years? I love the alliance, I love all my partners, but now I’m going to take everything away because of such a mistake? I know it was a terrible mistake and I will never make it again. "
Many people secretly gloat that you have been "fished", of course, but it is the same reason that you have been so beautiful in the past two years.
The major media also interviewed the animal brothers at the first time and wanted to hear what they thought.
Ji Guoqiu doesn’t care about his stingy boss, and he is likely to leave next season. He said, "They are all adults and must solve this problem by themselves. We don’t know why. Let the league handle everything. Our first responsibility is to be responsible for the Clippers fans. A game against the Spurs is by no means an easy game, especially after what happened to us."
Ji Guoshi said with a smile, "I think our boss has been punished enough, and now his team may not be able to keep it. This is the most severe punishment for him. At this time, of course, we have to come out and tell our fans that even if the sky falls, our two brothers can rest assured with them."
Chapter five hundred and ninety Public bidding
Ji Guo’s shame is really good. Sterling paid such a heavy price to grab the headlines, but he snatched half of it abruptly by a few words. It is estimated that he has fainted in the toilet.
However, the game can’t be used in three or two sentences. After the game, the Spurs were in good shape. Parker sent four points and two assists to help the team’s 112 innings Clippers hurriedly ask for a long timeout. After the timeout, the Clippers won three points to stop the decline.
Two top blockers on the Clippers Line then sent out a hot pot feast. The Spurs’ attack was seriously blocked. Duncan and jamison hit the basket Clippers, and the two brothers led a 197 attack wave to end the festival.
At the end of the first quarter, the Clippers led by 251
The Spurs played an extremely dull game in the second quarter. Their mistakes in the second quarter were stolen six times in succession, and they were also defended by the other side for 24 seconds. The Spurs scored 13 points in this background quarter, and the Clippers’ attack was orderly. They led a 9-attack wave to end the quarter in Ji Guojiao shame and Billups.
At halftime, the Clippers led 49+31.
Easy-to-play Spurs are already showing signs of collapse. Parker can’t control the situation after finishing the game. The Clippers have extended the difference to 25 points at 533 after a three-pointer and a basket. The Spurs were forced to ask for a timeout, and then stopped their decline slightly. At the end of the third quarter, the Clippers led by 7755.


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