Unexpectedly, the Rogge camp is more lively than when I came back. Many streets are busy, and people who change jobs pass by from time to time. The surrounding atmosphere seems to be a little different from usual! Bones No.1, with a bright gold saber and a bright Jin Fei axe, attracted many people’s attention, but Chufei felt strange to others and didn’t have the heart to ask them about it. He walked directly to Kasha tent.

Obviously, something happened in Rogge camp, and everyone around us looked dignified, and everyone came and went in a hurry. What the hell was going on? When Chufei arrived at Kasha tent, he found Amazon, the security guard in charge of Rogge camp, wiping a long bow. Could that special shape and dazzling light be the matriarch’s bow? Kasha, armed with a long bow in his hand, told Chufei that something was going to happen at Rogge camp.
No one else around "Lord Kasha" saluted Chufei directly. "I have finished it. You gave it to me as a token of blood and blood."
"You this little guy upgrade speed is life only so quickly! Well, no matter what token you bring, you will know from your breath that you killed Xuewu. So from today, the mercenary Lafite sister is that you belong to two sisters, and the skills are all flame arrows, which are just right for you, the necromancer. "Kasha took out two nameplates from her arms, with a vivid miniature of Lafite sister. When Chufei took over these two nameplates, it meant that Chufei had signed a contract with the two sisters. Since then, Lafite sisters have been followers of Chufei.
"What happened in Kasha’s adult camp? Everyone seems to have come back a lot." Chufei took the nameplates of Lafite sisters and put them in the locker and asked directly.
"Just from Harrogas, it seems that the abnormal appearance of the magical month is influenced by three fiends. Now several big cities have vaguely shown signs of monsters attacking the city. We should also be prepared here. Although there are not many terrible monsters around Rogge camp, if the riot is also a big trouble, it is more important to prevent some highly intelligent guys from attacking." Kasha casually said such a passage to let Chufei listen to cold sweat. Although he is not small in Rogge camp, if he meets those senior BOSS, even Andariel will be prostrate.
"It’s strange that just four years ago, the gregarious magic fortress power solved the problem of how Diablo was so quickly restored by them! However, whenever this time is a difficult time, it is easier to upgrade and equip, but it is better to live. I will tell you so much. Go to see Akara later. She can explain it in ten times more detail than I did, and this time the defense worker is also deployed by her. "Kasha said irresponsibly that you are the guard leader of Rogge camp!
Chufei is very divorced from the Kasha camp. Although I don’t know the specific level of Kasha, I can tell that the level of Kasha is definitely higher than level 70 by the handle of the hidden golden spear and the bow of the matriarch. It can make Kasha nervous and intelligent, and the monster will attack the Rogge camp. You can imagine how severe it will be. Although it won’t be too serious to see Kasha, Chufei decided to try to find an safe place. Don’t stay in this crowded place where there is no place to escape!
Shall we meet Akara first or directly with the Lafite sisters? Chufei wanted to think, but decided to go to the Lafite sisters first. After taking the Lafite sisters’ mercenary nameplate from Kasha, the Lafite sisters are much closer than the average person. Although this interest composition is not very pure, it makes Chufei feel at ease and proud because it is based on their own strength.
The Lafite sisters’ family used to live in Lu Gaoyin. Once, there was a job-changer’s father who should know more about the monster siege and the current situation. Before getting some information from them, what wrong choice should he make? Although Chufei believed that Akara would not cheat him, it was too bad to master it. He had to understand this matter clearly.
Make a decision ChuFei walked to Lafite’s sister’s house, but this time he sealed Bones No.1 into the city. Bones No.1 was too conspicuous, flying axe with one hand and saber with the other, and it was too easy to be recognized, so let’s go to Lafite’s sister’s house alone to avoid trouble.
When Chufei walked to the door of Lafite’s sister’s house, she happened to meet her sister. When she came back, she was worried about her family. Chufei suddenly felt relieved. Now Lafite’s sisters have completed the mercenary transfer, and they practice archery every day, and then they wait to be hired or become followers. They have long known that Chufei will choose what he wants, and simply concentrate on practicing archery every day and then wait.
"Lord ChuFei, you are back!" Big Lafite surprises her mouth and suppresses her joy with a face.
"Yes, I didn’t come back but also got this." Chufei couldn’t help smiling. Although there is no vows of eternal love, it is very simple to rely on seeing this little woman and still feel warm in my heart. Sure enough, men still need women to moisten them.
"You really killed Xuewu alone. Thank you, adult. From today, our sisters are adult followers until the body dissipates and returns to the earth." Sister Lafite looked at the magic nameplate in Chufei’s hand and her eyes turned red and shed tears. Chufei naturally didn’t understand their feelings of growing up from the shadow of monsters since childhood, especially when they inherited their father’s qualifications and became job-changers. This is even more important for Lafite sisters. Only by following the strong can they break through obstacles and be guaranteed.
"Well, don’t be so excited. I’m a little hungry. Can you make something to eat?" Chu Fei actually wants to say that you are so moved. Can I eat you? However, after all, a problem prevented me from saying this sentence.
"Good Lord Chufei must celebrate today. Later, let little Lafite tell her mother that she must be happier than us." Sister Lafite wiped her eyes and smiled.
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The body of the Chapter 57 Monster siege reason
"What a beautiful light crossbow. It can be said that their sisters can make the best crossbow at present. It’s really good." Mrs. Schell, the mother of Lafite sisters, skillfully held the crossbow in her hand and loaded it with crossbow bullets, and then shot it at a small tree in the courtyard. The crossbow bullets easily penetrated the small tree and left a dark hole.
"This crossbow flash damage requires your own efforts. After you have excellent weapons, you need strict training. Don’t be careless!" Mrs. Schell tried this light crossbow on the spot and educated her daughter. Now it’s not necessary for Lafite sisters. If they are worried about distribution, because Lafite sisters’ current attributes can just make this crossbow out of date, but it’s very short. At most, it takes about ten minutes for the two sisters to take turns to take the two sisters out to upgrade, and it will be easier to control the crossbow after the two sisters are upgraded.
"Madam, the longbow should be a bright gold long fighting bow, which is also a very good weapon." Chufei was very happy to hear Mrs. Schell praise herself for sending weapons. At the same time, she found that Mrs. Schell’s longbow was also a bright gold weapon, but the long fighting bow was much better than the light crossbow. After all, she used to be mixed up in Lu Goin.
"Yes, the bright gold long fighting bow is the best weapon that I can use in my life. When I was young, I once thought about using the sharp bow, spider bow and diamond bow. Unfortunately, my dream is to stop the 23-level long fighting bow in my life after all." Mrs. Schell took her two daughters in her arms and smiled at Chufei. "I hope my daughter can realize my dream of becoming the best mercenary archer."
"It will definitely be no problem." Chufei freely promised her eyes but involuntarily gathered in Mrs. Schell’s chest. Instead, she put her arms around her daughter Lafite’s head and raised the top of her mother’s chest even higher. Indeed, this figure is still the highest among mature women. But compared with Lafite’s sisters, is it that the father of Lafite is an old cow eating young grass and marrying a teenage girl at the age of forty?
"Lord Chufei, let’s have dinner together. Lord Akara told me to let you go to her place. When you’re done with everything, you might as well come back and soak in a hot spring. My massage technique is good. I’ll help you get rid of fatigue and let their sisters study hard." Mrs. Schell seemed to notice Chufei’s greedy eyes and blushed and laughed.
"Okay, let’s eat first, and then I’ll ask Akara what’s going on. By the way, I’ll ask Mrs. Schell to tell me what happened in Rogge camp recently." Chufei felt that his mouth was watering. I don’t know if he was hungry and always felt thirsty.
Think about it. Mrs. Schell just spoke, and her massage skills are excellent. She massaged herself, not to mention that her two daughters have to follow her. It’s really unbearable for three women wrapped in towels to soak in hot springs with themselves. The broken nose is almost flowing out, and YY is a little bad, so I have some reactions. Chufei quickly got up and walked inside. These natural methods have fooled Mrs. Schell, but I still don’t want to make a fool of myself in front of the two little girls.
When four people sat around the dining table and had a happy meal, Chufei couldn’t help feeling that after the Lafite sisters became their followers, intimacy immediately seemed to become a family. I don’t know whether it was unfortunate in this world or lucky for me, but being able to pay attention to three beauties all the time still made Chufei feel very happy and proud. That’s the vanity to meet one.
While eating, Chufei asked Mrs. Schell his own questions. Now it shows that this family has been attached to him. He no longer hides all doubts except very sensitive questions. Then Mrs. Schell fought in Lu Goin and was the guardian of Rogge camp. The veteran answered Chufei’s doubts in detail, giving him a new understanding of the current situation.
Heaven and hell have always been in a hostile state, but before the invasion of the dark road, it was obvious that the three fiends led the hell, and even the hero in the angel was defeated and became fallen angels. After gaining the advantage, he tried to control the human world and complete the hell government paradise through people. Unfortunately, the three fiends miscalculated a little. They got the energy of hell from the human law, and finally human beings sealed the three fiends with the help of angels.
But then again, although the fiend is sealed, are these guys really so stupid? Hell and people have now merged some of the laws of the two realms, which are also common. Once the three fiends break the seal, the whole person will probably be reduced again. Every once in a while, the three major cities will always have a master to destroy the three fiends and avoid the three fiends to save energy. Relatively speaking, the three fiends will also make monsters violent monsters siege this means.
It’s always a fixed natural disaster, knowing that there will be an earthquake in your feet, but there is no place to dodge, so you can rise up and resist the way to enter the Great Mausoleum after Chu Fei slays Xuewu. The monsters around Rogge Camp will go out of their original camp and head for Rogge Camp after receiving violent transformation. At this time, job-changers will be assigned to different snipers, defensive maneuvers and so on. Mrs. Schell also gave a detailed explanation of what Kasha said. Every time monsters violently attack the city, some real monsters will appear, but the number is small. Generally, Kasha will deal with them personally, not Rogge Camp
Because monsters gather from different places and then head for Rogge camp separately, some elites will be sent to sit and be killed. Perhaps Akara wants to do something for himself, but it is in line with Chufei’s wishes. Now it is better to exert his strength by himself alone.
Aura acceleration, back to the city, small bone one long-range attack, that’s enough. You can fight and escape, and you can make meritorious deeds. You can also swallow up equipment and money alone when you meet BOSS. In general, this is more suitable for you.
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The body of the Chapter 50 Maneuver
Chufei met many job-changers on the road leading to Akala tent, and all of them were formed by teams of several people. After seeing Chufei, many job-changers stopped to greet Chufei, but from the conversation, Chufei knew that most of these people were going to help defend the small villages around Rogge camp. If there were few monsters, they would directly defend in situ. If there were many monsters, they would cover the villagers to enter Rogge camp.
Walking to the front of Akara tent, Chufei accidentally found Fini and Taize, and these two guys seem to have changed their original bad luck by taking advantage of the magical month. Now they are all blue and shining, especially Taize’s boots are shining with bright gold.
"It’s been a long time since you two met recently." Chu quickly stepped forward and patted Taize’s shoulder and pinched Fini’s cheek. This little girl bullied herself several times when she first met. Now she must take the opportunity to retaliate, but the skin is still so smooth and tender in the wind, frost, rain and snow outside!
"ChuFei is really ChuFei! You are so small! " Taize was the first to react and look at ChuFei with surprise. When this guy with bright gold color shines from time to time, he can be sure that he was trapped in the middle by two zombies. This change is so great.
"It’s ChuFei you this smelly little now! I dare to lick sister Fini’s face and you are still hiding! " Fini clutching his cheek consternation for a while, but a woman is a woman’s mind is small, and she will retaliate immediately, reaching out and pinching ChuFei’s face.
"Ha ha, I’m not the rookie now. You can’t pinch it." Chufei’s partial head dodged the Fini attack, although it’s not enough to pinch her cheek again faster than Amazon, but it won’t be easily caught again. This is the real power of the upgrade benefits.
"Hum, you are still a rookie, and now you are the hero of Rogge camp. I can’t believe what we heard about you when we came back the other day, but now look at your equipment and see that your skeleton is finally white." Fini said angrily, "You are young and developed. Just because Sister Fini saw a piece of jewelry that can be embedded in armor, you can pay for it!"
"Ha ha, Chufei, don’t mind Fini. It’s jealousy. At the beginning, none of us thought that you were so powerful. We have heard that you prepared a bright gold axe and a jawbone cap for Jeru. I really appreciate that we have been outside this time, but we haven’t prepared weapons for Jeru. I didn’t expect you to help us fulfill this wish." Taize was very grateful.
"Where is this? I didn’t know if I could live if I hadn’t met you three. If Sister Fini likes anything, just say so, but where are you going?" Chufei generously promised a piece of jewelry, and he can still support it with his current financial resources.
"We’ll go to Mons Village to defend together, and Jeru will join us. Then our three-person team will be reunited. You haven’t accepted it yet?" Taize took out a warrant, which was issued by Akara, marking the location of Mons Village and
"I’m going to see Akara now. If I’m assigned to Mons Village, I’ll definitely come to see you." Chufei hugged Taize again, and then took the opportunity to hug Fini, and the two sides said goodbye. Now this situation is not more important than the military order at all.
Chufei lifted the tent and went in. There were several job-changers in Akara’s tent, but these are obviously higher in rank. Just look at the weapons behind them and you will know that meteor hammers, sickles and knotted sticks are all over the thirteenth grade. Is it possible that Akara is calling these Rogge camps to be the current elite?


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