Mu Yue asked weakly, "So big brother and big sister are not going to lose?"

Muhai and others also look pale, but they haven’t recovered from the joy just now, and they have fallen into hell again. The gap in their hearts is really unacceptable.
Although everyone is unwilling to admit it, there is no denying that it is true.
In the third generation of Bailijia, there is finally a master in the construction period, which is a great good for the family, but it is a great disaster for Bailijia.
It is not as simple as a grade difference between the end of the foundation period and the end of the practice period. It is said that three people in the late practice period can draw with one person in the early stage of the foundation period, which means that Mu Tian’s three people may not be able to defeat Mu Hong together, which is even more embarrassing. Mu Hong has also condensed into a spirit god. Although Mu Hong’s strength is not strong now, it is more than enough to deal with Mu Tian’s three people.
"Ha, ha, ha. I didn’t expect that the third generation of Bailijia actually appeared, but you kept it tight!" Although the master of the thyme army is not very comfortable in his heart, after all, it is a foregone conclusion, and he is now a master who does not show generosity. In the final analysis, it is good for the thyme family.
"Yes, Five Elders, I know that Muhong is a prodigy with amazing talent, but I didn’t expect that he was already in the foundation period at an early age. It seems that I will not be his opponent in a few years." Ten Elders, such as Hongjun, said generously
"Yes, yes, this is a blessing for my baili family!"
All the elders have also praised, even the three elders, Bai Lixiong, is no exception. From this, it is not difficult to see where the strength is always the first.
"Ah, the master and the elders YanChong MuHong, this child is naturally not fond of talking and not expressing well, but he has a special liking for martial arts. Sometimes it is common for him to study the moves for three to five months without leaving the house. He has indeed worked hard." Five elders calmly said to the elders.
When they heard it, they all nodded.
"No wonder people can reach the foundation period at a young age. This is simply a’ love of martial arts’. If their children are so hardworking, they will not be able to worry about the foundation period." The elders sigh at the same time also can not help but think of.
"Oh, I don’t know when this child will arrive at the foundation period." Speaking of these five elders, I can’t help shaking my head with a wry smile. "This child went to the Xuandong in the back hill six months before the clan meeting. To be honest, I haven’t seen him for half a year."
"So that’s it. As you said, MuHong’s kung fu in budo has left Mu Xue and them behind. So the result is understandable, haha." Thyme Army said with a smile.
"Master Ying" and all the elders said together.
"I didn’t expect this MuHong to be so talented at a young age. It seems that he is really underestimated." Thyme master looked at the plate and sat in the eyes of the middle-aged and young people.
"Yes, and he can actually condense this’ Purple Fire Crazy Lion’ life spirit god. Although this spirit god’s spiritual strength is weak, it has not yet formed a spiritual wisdom, but it can win or lose …" An "elder" around the master analyzed.
"The future of this child is limitless," said another "elder".
Fighting platform "longed for heaven"
"Big Brother"
At this moment, Mu Xue and Mu Yun returned to Mu Tian’s side, and three people looked dignified and looked at the crazy roaring "Purple Fire Crazy Lion", a feeling of extreme danger that flooded three people’s hearts at the same time.
"I didn’t expect him to break through the foundation period." Mu Xue was shocked and still couldn’t believe it.
"Not only that, but also condensed into a spirit." Mu Nai Tian said
I don’t know about this’ spiritual god’ Mu Yun, but I also know that now is not the time to ask.
"Big brother and big sister, what shall we do now?" Mu Yun asked.
"What else can I do? Of course, I will never give up if I beat you. "Elder sister Mu Xue said with wild eyes.
"Yes, the elder sister is right. Although Muhong is the foundation period, it is also the early stage. The spirit will not be too strong, and now the’ Purple Fire Crazy Lion’ does not seem to have the spiritual wisdom. Believe me, the three manpower may be allowed to fight for the first world war." Mu Tian’s fist was clenched with a giggle.
"Mu Tian is right, we will benefit from this, and the three of us will take turns to contain the other two human attacks."
"Good" longed for day MuYunQi said.
Just when everyone longed for the three men to give up, they saw three figures resolutely heading for the’ Purple Fire Crazy Lion’ and’ Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh’. The three men formed horns with each other and surrounded the crazy lion.
"Roar" Violet Fire Crazy Lion roared angrily, raised his huge front palm, and smashed it toward Mu Tian’s head. If it is solid, you must make Mu Tian into a paste.
See longed for day feet force a pedal and easily escaped.
"Right now", the elder sister Muxue Jiao chiyi.
Is behind the purple fire crazy lion two human display wushu momentum fierce fire wushu toward the crazy lion head hit.
"Bang Bang"
"Ow roar" hit the crazy lion more furious body force a jilt to see several fire rain toward three people hit three people a flash prance is not lost position.
Because just attack crazy lion and abandoned longed for day raised his huge hand to MuXue swing …
In this way, the mad lion wandered among three people, and the three of them never collided head-on. This circuitous tactic actually worked. The mad lion of Purple Fire not only didn’t take advantage, but also got several times in vain.
In fact, this is what MuHong has set up. He doesn’t have spiritual wisdom for the time being. Even if he has a little spiritual wisdom, he won’t be played like this. He has been chasing one for a long time.
Sitting in the middle of the dish, Muhong’s eyes closed and his sweat was clearly visible. In fact, he didn’t know that the reason was that Nai’s own strength was not enough, otherwise the battle would have been over.
"It’s too early for you to be happy-just now" MuHong murmured.
Just when everyone is better than Mu Tian, and their tactics will grind this purple fire lion to death bit by bit, it will suddenly change …
See has raised his huge hand to hit the longed for day crazy lion unexpectedly suddenly turned a palm toward Mu Yun to according to the tactics of three people before Mu Yun has been running pure Yang qi ready to display wushu, but this sudden scene is to Mu Yun himself a surprised.
This amazing kung fu purple fire crazy lion that potential to sink the huge hands of the flame has come to the eyes, and it is impossible to run. Mu Yun simply runs the whole body and raises his hands to make this fire lion hard to shake.
"Don’t" thyme master urgent way
"ah!" Mu Shuang Mu Yue two girls have covered their eyes and dare not look.
Everyone in the stands was also surprised by Mu Yun’s move, and he had already seen the scene of Mu Yun being shot.
At this critical moment, a figure flashed by …
"Mu Yun hide!" Muxue pushed MuYunKe to the scene, but Mu Yun’s courage was cracked.
"big sister!"
"big sister!"
"Don’t …"
"Bang" Mu Xue’s whole body was like being hit by a shell. "Poof" blood crossed a beautiful arc in the middle. Seeing that Mu Xue was shot flying, his body slipped out into a hundred meters in this warfare platform and dragged a straight ravine.
Chapter 34 Outbreak Mu Yun
"Sister!" Mu Yun hurriedly flew to Mu Xue, who was lying on the ground and dying. He looked at the messy hair and pale mouth, and Mu Xue Muyun’s heart was as painful as being torn.
"Elder sister, are you all right? Don’t scare me!" MuYun a picked up MuXueYin hoarse and said
"Poof" Mu Xue slightly opened his eyes and was about to speak. His throat was sweet and one mouthful blood gushed out.
"Elder sister" Mu Yun’s face changed, and he quickly took out a pill for Mu Xue.
A moment later, Mu Xue’s face improved slightly.
"Mu Yun elder sister all right you this Dan medicine from …"
"Elder sister, you don’t have to ask. Are you all right? You rest first and I’ll help eldest brother …" In Mu Yun’s voice, everyone screamed.
Looking back, Mu Yun was frightened to disgrace.
Here, Mu Xue and Mu Yun both quit fighting at the same time, but Mu Tian is still struggling to support it. But as far as the situation is concerned, Mu Tian is suspected of throwing straws against the wind. How can he fight against the lion?
Just as I missed a blow from the purple fire lion, I longed for the sky before I could stabilize myself, but I was directly dropped from it by the lion’s giant tail sweep and fell heavily on the platform of warfare.
Fortunately, it was swept by the tail. Besides, Mu Tian’s ability to fight is stronger than Mu Xue’s, and he is not as badly hurt as Mu Xue.
Just when people recognized that it was really possible for Mu Tian three people to win, they didn’t expect a sudden change in the situation. The crazy lion seemed to suddenly become smart and would actually divert attention from the West. Among these three people, Mu Xue was seriously injured and lost his fighting ability. Mu Tian was not as heavy as Mu Xue, but he also posed no threat to the purple fire crazy lion.


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