That is, eye Mu Feng must team up with the ghost emperor to enter a progress.

The ghost emperor seems to have guessed Mu Feng’s idea. The purple eyes glanced at Mu Feng for a moment and then moved.
Listen to the alphabet geek and A negative immediately tell themselves what this team can’t enter the palace. The seventh progress turns out to be that there are not enough people, and Mu Feng has learned something about magic days and fire inflammation. Two days ago, someone entered here, and then there was no news, and they didn’t say what monsters there were. It turns out that this card can only be passed if two teams meet at the same time.
So cheat people’s setting and suddenly coming to the male show really made everyone secretly wipe the sweat, but they didn’t feel lucky. Because of this, Mu Feng will team up with the ghost emperor, and even if he passes the vice, he will definitely give them half of the rewards. If people from Mu Feng come here, he will give them more. I guess he won’t get anything good.
And if you don’t team up, then Mu Feng will enter a progress, and then you can send a team to wait. It’s the same when a team comes. There are two teams to team up to go to a progress. It’s better to team up with the ghost emperor now. Who knows if this ghost emperor will ask another team to come in and get the deputy ultimate boss? Huang Fuyi’s first kill is very profitable, and the second kill is nothing.
"What do you think? Do you want to team up with the Ghost Emperor?" Mu Feng can’t make up his mind, and it’s absolutely right to seek everyone’s opinions.
Fire inflammation stand stand hand mad cow no problem JiYue and eggplant beauty vomit vomit pink tongue small black white motionless pale fox also pouting mouth shook his head with nana quite lang said, "I’d like to and ghost emperor group team?"
Nana will anger the magic day, but the latter doesn’t blink an eye and doesn’t care what Nana says, but no one opposes Mu Feng as the default. It is more important to go to Huangfuyi.
But before the team, Mu Feng came out and said, "You heard the ghost emperor, right? Unified means that our team can form a team to enter a progress station. We didn’t ask to form a team. Of course, we have to make three chapters before forming a team. "
"Three chapters?" With a headscarf tied to his forehead, A negative suddenly felt unhappy. He was just about to yell that if you love to form a team, you can form a team or not. When you talk, you will see that the ghost emperor raised his hand. At this time, A negative also swallowed what he had to say. He seemed to think of this ghost emperor and mastered everything.
"Speak" ghost emperor looked at Mu Feng light said.
Mu Feng cleared his throat and held out an index finger. "The first is that the team benchmark is that the two teams cannot be dissolved after entering the rear of the house. No matter what reason, they must form a team until they leave the vice."
Mu Feng said that the principle is actually that the most basic thing is that two people or more than a dozen people should abide by this point after forming a team. Who knows if you will forcibly dissolve when you enter a progress and then attack Mu Feng and others in turn? Mu Feng is not afraid of them, but Mu Feng still needs to wake up for safety. Even if they really turn against Mu Feng, there is reason to refute them.
If it’s really impossible, Mu Feng will record his current speech to the forum and announce that the Emperor of Hell is the first gang of Hades. If he doesn’t keep his promise, there will naturally be a lot of players to clean him up.
The ghost emperor nodded at the same time, but the negative behind the ghost emperor was a little upset because he had been restraining others for a long time, and now he is being restrained in turn. How can he do nothing? But in the letter geek to persuade negative can not swallow this tone.
Pick up Mu Feng and put out the middle finger. "Second, everyone is going to play Huangfuyi. This should be forgotten, right? And what I want to say is that in the Huangfuyi period, everyone should go all out and not hide their strength. Once there is any non-compliance, you and I will kick that person out of the team. "
Mu Feng said that when he looked serious, he didn’t seem to be telling a lie at all. Of course. Can this be a lie? If we fight Huangfuyi desperately and you pretend to play, of course, this will not work. Of course, such people will be kicked out of the team
With that, Mu Feng took another squint at Ah Fu, whose face seemed to say "No", which led Mu Feng to say that the second treaty law seemed to be aimed at him, but Ah Fu became angry after the ghost emperor agreed.
Then Mu Feng held out his finger and stood in front of him and solemnly said, "The last and most important thing is that once you get the equipment inside, all the equipment will be handed over to the unified system to pick it up. After the deputy, everyone is not allowed to get the equipment privately."
This is the most important thing, and it is also a sense of disobedience, because you brought a group of people to play the boss. What is wrong is that you can’t get the god-class equipment at this stage. After all, people here are not short of money now. God-class equipment is what everyone wants.
Chapter 451 Huangfuyi Challenge
Mu Feng heard that Ling Soul will merge in the near future, and even all countries will merge. It is absolutely indispensable to have strong equipment to stand on the top of Ling Soul.
This treaty law, the ghost emperor agreed directly without saying anything, as if he didn’t care about Huangfuyi’s explosive equipment, and that’s not just because of his brisk and disdainful attitude. It seems that he can’t get into this vice, but Mu Feng guessed that there must be something in it before he came.
Otherwise, Mu Feng won’t believe that the ghost emperor is here to play.
Later, Mu Feng asked the Ghost Emperor to form a team. Because Mu Feng’s team was full of ten people, he sent a team instead of a player. It was commonly known as two teams-
When two teams of players team up outside, they can’t enter Taigong, but here, Mu Feng doesn’t know why.
After the two teams successfully formed a team, there were ten people in Mu Feng and five people in Mu Feng Zun Team, while the five people in Ghost Emperor’s side hung the words Ghost Emperor Team. At the same time, the two teams shared the chat channel and everyone could chat in it.
Because the name of Mu Feng Zun Team is too roundabout, Mu Feng changed the word Zun to Mu Feng Team, and at the same time set that the monster-killing and falling equipment will be picked up by the unified team and then distributed by the unified team instead of being picked up by so-and-so or the captain. Now kicking people requires the consent of two captains. If one of Mu Feng and Ghost Emperor does not agree, it is impossible to kick people.
Just after the two teams teamed up, there was a sound in the corridor, and then "click" a black door behind the five people of the Ghost Emperor. With the emergence of a black door, there was a rotating colorful glare as if guiding the player where to go.
Seeing this ghost emperor laughed coldly and made a snap of his fingers, he went into the black door of the purchase order and never looked back. Behind him, a beautiful archer and purple yarn beauty followed closely, and the letters geek and Ah Fu followed.
Because the two teams are in a team state, Mu Feng can clearly see where the ghost emperor went, and they went to the seventh progress main hall. When they moved to the ghost emperor’s perspective, Mu Feng saw four people in the magnificent and noble palace in front of them. Because Mu Feng was too far away to see clearly, it seems that he still had to go and see for himself.
Thinking of Mu Feng grunting and then jumping into the black door, he came to an ancient palace with blue bricks and red tiles. Maybe he was solemn. After Mu Feng came here, he smelled the fragrance of a palace, but Mu Feng didn’t care about it and put his eyes on it.
This one is different from the palace and the one where Nisha the Thundercat is located. It is a shell palace with nothing in it, but this place is covered with red carpet. There is a brand-new column in the palace, and there is a step at the end of the palace with a closed red wooden door. It is estimated that it will lead to the last royal family.
And there are four people on the steps, four people with different heights, old people and small costumes. The only similarity is that they are not Huangfuyi. Ask Mu Feng where to see that they are not Huangfuyi. It is very simple because they have names on their heads.
"Ding-"at this moment, the general indicator sounded "Finally, ask whether to challenge Huangfuyi. Before the challenge, you must intercept it through rebel force, rebel body, rebel intelligence and rebel sensitivity. Especially once you accept the challenge, you will definitely kill the four rebels Huangfuyi. Otherwise, you will regard the failure of the challenge as a failure when you die. If you don’t accept the challenge, the player will attack the four rebels Huangfuyi and punish all team members for failing the challenge. If the challenge is successful, you will drop a piece of equipment randomly.
"Psst ….." This suddenly comes to show the other people a cold in their hearts. What is this? Forcing players to accept challenges? You can’t attack these people because you don’t accept the words in the field, which means that the player will accept it, and everyone will feel a cold heart when they see the failure punishment after accepting it, and they will drop their equipment after two grades.
This ….. This is really trying to calm people down. It’s hard to look at the four rebels in the palace, let alone Mu Feng. It’s magic days and fire inflammation, and several people in the ghost emperor team are hesitant.
No one knows the strength of the four rebels, and no one knows the ability of Huangfuyi, but these five guys should all be God-level boss, and Huangfuyi is even more God-level. In the face of this group of monsters with unknown strength, Mu Feng is not sure that he can defeat magic days and fire inflammation.
The letter geek and A Fu shook their fists and obviously didn’t know what to do to accept the challenge. It was too risky. If they failed, they would have to drop their equipment. If they didn’t accept it, they were a little unwilling. After all, they finally came here.
"Accept the challenge" was silent for about half a minute, and finally there was a population in the palace. It was indifferent and indifferent that the ghost emperor agreed.
A virtual screen appeared in front of me, showing that the ghost emperor accepted the challenge.
"Oh, I also accept it." The captain of the other team accepted Mu Feng’s inaction and smiled coldly. Mu Feng also agreed that there was a line behind the ghost emperor id and Mu Feng id was to accept the challenge.
Then others can’t care so much. The magic day and Nana accept the letter geek at the same time, and so does the fire inflammation and eggplant beauty. Less than a minute later, all the other 14 people accepted the challenge of Huangfuyi except the mad cow.
"Gollum ….." Mad cow swallowed a mouthful of saliva and then shot everyone with a short neck. I was annoyed in every way. It’s four God-level boss. There’s still Huangfuyi living in the royal lair behind. Are you so confident that you can beat them?
However, after a minute’s hesitation, the mad cow agreed to accept the challenge. Everyone is watching. The mad cow dare not run alone. It’s just a two-level experience of killing more monsters after failure.
"Well, everyone agrees, then go for it." When the mad cow accepted the challenge, Mu Feng finally couldn’t help but shout it out. Everyone can’t run away because of the challenge. It is equivalent to tying everyone to a boat and sinking everyone together.
Chapter 452 The Four Traitors
When the mad cow agrees, everyone’s heart will be connected. At this time, no one can leave the palace unless it is separated. Of course, the consequence of separation is that everyone will lose two levels and one piece of equipment. Not to mention how difficult it is to upgrade two levels at this stage, it is difficult for everyone to accept this punishment alone.
After all, you should cry if you lose a god-class equipment, but because the ghost emperor is in the team, it is like adding a tranquilizer to everyone. In the game forum, some players evaluate the strength of some master players through some information. In South China, the strength of the ghost emperor ranks in the top ten, so that everyone feels that this battle can be fought in the team.
If you lose, come back and upgrade, you will win. Hey, hey, I don’t know how much glory you will get then.
Mad cow, fire inflammation, nana and others couldn’t help laughing at the thought of getting super rewards after defeating Huangfuyi.


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