"Brother Liuhua?" Liu took a long breath to calm the mood and turned to say with smile

"Just now, we, the delegates, got together to study a decision to attack and enter the giant city to teach those who don’t know the height of the earth a lesson. I wonder what the leader of Liu League thinks?" Liuhua asked with a smile
Although it’s uncomfortable for Liuhua to go over him directly to discuss the trip to Liu Ji’s heart, it’s hard to say that everyone is dead now. Now there is Liuhua, the early bird blocking the arrow. He is really happy and nodded. "If everyone agrees, of course, I have nothing to say. I’ll leave my ten brothers to Liuhua." Liu Ji hurriedly said, but he was talking but also pushed himself out of everything.
None of the people who fix the truth, especially these old guys, are simple. They have lived for five or six hundred years in the youngest place, and all of them have become child prodigies. Where can I guess Liu Ji’s idea? However, it is determined to command the six hundred people who fix the truth and attack the giant city. However, he forgets that these people who fix the truth are not so good as those who are sitting here, and the people who fix the truth are all talking by strength. How can the people who do not have that strength overestimate themselves?
Liuhua nodded and quietly retired. Liuhua was a person with a hurry and a line of 600 people were noisy and headed for Qingtiancheng.
"Scattered points don’t get together with each other, and it’s all over." Liuhua flew at the front and shouted back from time to time. It was really awesome, but the reaction behind him was different
"Mom, what’s putting eggs in front of the old?" Hu discontentedly told the young people around him who were blooming flowers and novels and flowers. Although they were young, they all tried their best to smile without saying a word. From time to time, they said it in the mouths of those elders, and they really could be stationed here and grow up. It was always the elders of all factions who repaired all the flowers and got the flowers.
Liuhua’s face was livid, looking at the three or five groups crowded together to fix Zhen’s brother and the elders who talked nonsense, but there was nothing they could do to make a blue face and head for Qingtian City.
"Stop" Liuhua stopped with a wave of his hand three thousand feet away from Qingtian City. This place is beyond the range of crossbows, and at the same time, the person who fixes the truth will lose his head and no one can hit him when he reaches three feet away.
"Stop here? How to fight? " Or that one with a big face of Hu Hu called to get up and a face of anger.
"Let’s settle down here and study an attack mode," Liuhua said.
"Study a fart let’s so many people rushed to kill a ball, don’t let’s drill from the ground in the past? I can’t do such a thing to show my sister. Can you do it? " Hu said to the side to the woman in red asked the woman in red followed by five women who were also dressed in all kinds of colorful clothes. Naturally, it was the door of colorful clothes.
"Although the painted doors are all women, they can’t do such things." Xiu Jie smiled while covering her mouth. Although a few crow’s feet in the corner of her eyes showed some old age, the just right texture made her look more mature.
"Hum, I’m doing this to reduce the loss. My younger brother is a purist, but he’s also among them." Liuhua frowned and said.
"It’s not that we are so afraid of three fears of death. If Brother Liuhua doesn’t dare to go before, let me strike the peak before the iron gate. Brother Liuhua please order," said Hu Guai.
Liuhua holds his fist tightly? This makes him responsible for Hu’s representative iron gate. If he rushes in or comes back intact, he can speak with three points higher. But in case of death, someone who is afraid of the iron gate will find him in trouble every day. It is also possible that the iron gate will be cleaned up. Where can he bear such a huge responsibility? At this time, he is even more headache. I can’t help but scold Liu Ji, the old guy. No wonder he won’t come out. He would rather give all his brothers to do it. I thought that there were at most 20 people here. The leader of Nine Xuanpai’s younger brother is a skinny man in his thirties, who is pulling his eyelids and copying his hands without lifting his head behind him. Nine Xuandi is also such a posture that you can do whatever you want with us.
"Line willow staff don’t talk to you about those fix true and fucking come really fucking fast," said the head of the week to throw away the hand smoke and lie prone on the mirror.
"This time, I learned to rape just after the range, as if I were fighting for something," said Colonel Zhou.
"Are you? Let me have a look, "said Liu Staff. Colonel Zhou asked Liu Staff to gather his eyes in the past.
"You say these people how to return a responsibility? Qingtiancheng is so big, why bother our third army? Can’t you just take two more steps from here to disturb the first and fourth legions? Hey, this isn’t the most unique and Jedi. These guys specialize in your head’s defense zone. I suggest you get support from the rear. There are many people coming this time. The more than 5,000 people in our first and third regiments are not enough for these hundreds of practitioners to eat, "Liu said.
"Make the military forces report to the rear to support us." Colonel Zhou wanted to think and said that although he was tough and belligerent, he did not dare to let those who fix the truth tear open from here to face those who fly to the sky and hide. Anything can happen.
When the soldiers were brought to life, Colonel Zhou turned his eyes to the anti-mirror and examined it carefully. Then he cried, "The direction is 10 degrees due south and west, and one group is at a distance of 1,500 degrees. At any time, two groups are at a distance of 1,000 degrees, and the direction of 42 is constant. At any time, three groups are at a distance of 500 degrees, and the direction of 37 is constant." Zhou Tuan issued a series of orders to make the soldiers reach the 13 th regiment, and hundreds of strong crossbows of all kinds were adjusted to be responsible for launching. Soldiers were tightly holding hands and moving poles
"What if they change places?" Liu staff asked.
"Not you this staff how so stupid? Why don’t you guard the heads of the regiment? I bet they are all ready. It’s a big battle for all ordinary people. Who dares to be careless in the future? "said Colonel Zhou, without looking up, and watched carefully in the mirror.
Liuhua is riding a tiger at this time, but it is difficult to force the people to wait here and stare at the giant city without blinking.
"Brother Liuhua will wait until what time? We have been waiting for nearly half an hour, "said Xiujie, adjusting her red gown.
"Soon soon," Liuhua said absently.
"Liuhua, are you playing with us?" Hu said impatiently that the words were extremely hard and didn’t leave Liuhua noodles. All the people couldn’t help but stare at Liuhua’s reaction. Those who fix the truth pay attention to strength and face. If they disagree, they will fight for life and death. There are too many things. Liuhua Hu is a master who has a good fit, but such a master also pays more attention to his own face. It seems that there is a play and no one can see it at the moment.
Liuhua took a cold look at Hu, but Hu didn’t bother to smile. Liuhua took a long breath gently without taking this gloomy look into his heart, and then his face calmed down. "Brother Hu, be calm, mortal crossbows are very powerful, and everyone refuses to dig their faces and get close to their seats. I sent a few people to repair them, which is not bad. My brother will do this kind of secretive thing and let’s attack them when they enter the city."
"What if they die?" Hu said that it is simply a matter of doing things right everywhere.
"If Hu Xiong can’t wait, I don’t mind if you take your younger brother one step ahead, but it’s ugly. If Hu Xiong attacks without authorization, he will be responsible for how many people die in your iron gate, just like Qiao Xiang." Liuhua said with a sneer and then set his sights on Qingtiancheng.
Hu was choked to roll his eyes and clenched his fists. He wanted to lead the door, but the thought of the fourteen men attacking the Confucian Gate came back intact, and the opposite giant city didn’t hurt a Confucian Gate. Hu didn’t want to be the second Qiao Xiang.
Liuhua’s lukewarm attitude still has a general posture in mind. Although those masters who fix the truth behind him, even those who fix the truth during the out-of-body experience, are very upset, but they are not good at doing anything wrong, they can’t really kill them. In case of heavy casualties, no one will get good results. There is no way to do this. Ordinary people in the city can take people as knives so that even millions of people who die will not hurt their vitality, but those who fix the truth can’t. It is doomed that they can’t get up in 20 years like ordinary people. Stubble is like growing vegetables. Who is present to fix the truth now has not gone through nine lives and one death for hundreds of years to get to this point? If it is true, it will be so easy to die in these eyes, which are so weak that ordinary people can’t close their eyes even if they die.
Liuhua is simply satisfied with himself to the extreme. At this time, he is carrying a long suit with his hands on his back and floating in front of everyone. Although this position may be the first to be attacked, it does not affect the feeling that the leader group is at the peak of self-cultivation. Although he knows very well that his ability and qualification in this position are just for a while, he is satisfied, isn’t it? Who says fix true without desire? It’s just different levels of desire. If there is no desire, there is no need to work hard to find the immortal avenue.
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Chapter DiYiErSan Intervention fix true
"Hey three senior, can you believe it? Let’s two outstanding brothers of the Qing school actually drill like hamsters in the dark, lean but with two curled moustaches. The young man told another equally lean but horribly white young man that hamsters are a kind of small animals that are half a person’s size and specialize in activities. They often sneak into their homes to steal food and drink, but they can live for a few days even if their bodies are cut in two, but they hate it. Some women are not afraid of it, and they are afraid that hamsters made by this little thing have become a kind of swear words.
"Fifth Martial Brother, you’d better shut up. Uncle has his own reasons for doing things. If you don’t want to, go back and see how Uncle arranges you." Third Martial Brother’s white face is horribly gloomy, and his flying sword is used as a shovel, so that he can dig the soil one by one in front of the swordsmanship and then force Zhenyuan out of the body to dig the soil to the top of the walls.
"Don’t pretend to be there, third brother. I don’t believe you. You’re not dissatisfied with Master Bo and you’re willing to be a hamster here." The fifth brother said with a pout and a slender moustache.
"All right, all right, look at your Dexing, just like his mother hamster. You can do whatever you want. If you have something, you can kill Master Bo and replace him." The third brother was very annoyed by the five younger brothers’ creaking tone, which made the fifth younger brother who looked like a hamster shut up.
Digging for half an hour in front of the flying sword made a chuckle. From time to time, stone chips flew out and cracked.
"Dig the wall. Dig quickly." The fifth teacher younger brother Yixi followed the royal sword and dug the wall with a thickness of more than ten feet for a while, and the wall was dug fully.
After crossing the wall and digging for dozens of feet, the two men stopped. The third brother took the sword and said to the fifth brother with a positive face, "The fifth brother, uncle, let’s kill all the mortal soldiers who are here."
"I know that although they have that kind of weapon in their hands, we can kill them as we want at such a close distance." The fifth teacher younger brother said that he would not put them in his eyes.
"Fifth Martial Brother, it’s best for you and me to get started almost at the same time in our sect. Now, you should listen to the senior brother’s words and go for a while. Don’t be arrogant. These mortals can make up their minds to fix the truth. Naturally, they have the strength of their ideas. Hundreds of experts outside dare not attack you. What can you make with the two of us stealing?" Three senior primly said
"Three senior, what do you mean? Don’t the two of us stay in this face, and Master Bo won’t let us go. Although the younger brother is usually a little clever, the real event needs the elder brother to make your decision. I will listen to you. "The fifth younger brother was also serious by the face of the third brother.
"Remember, after a while, let’s kill some damage and give people outside an impact opportunity, and then hurry to the city to hide such a big giant city with a population of tens of millions. If we don’t show up, it will be fine," said the third brother.
"Third brother, I listen to you, but I want to reserve my own opinion. I still think they are no big deal." Fifth brother hesitated and said.
"Whatever you say, you will soon find that these mortals are terrible to prepare for." The third brother said with a sigh.
Five teacher younger brother nodded, and the two of them released the flying sword, which looks like an ordinary flying sword, implying that the fine mans are uncertain at the tip of the sword.
"Go …" The three seniors nodded to the five younger brothers and drank a lot. At the same time, one or two people rushed to the one or two people and praised them. Then they fell back in a muffled sound and fell to the ground. A large piece of soil almost buried them alive.
"Mom, what’s the matter?" Five senior shook his dizzy head and asked.
"We seem to have dug into the bottom of the tower. The boulder is afraid that hundreds of thousands of pounds are light. We can rush to blame and then dig." The third brother rubbed his head and sighed and said that he had just suppressed the strength and dispersed.
Two he is my brother looked at each other with a sigh and then dug forward. Although there was some small vibration, it didn’t disturb the defenders’ 16 K.
The two of them dug more than a hundred feet forward and dug a few feet, and then they stopped to rest. One or two people looked at each other again and fled, but with just a lesson, the two of them jumped up, and the momentum was not very fierce. There was a flying sword in the rotating road, and a burst of exploding, but they split a few feet thick slate and shot them out.
The location where the two men jumped out was right behind the gate tower. There were dozens of strong crossbows on each side, and they were not far from the city wall. They looked at each other and flew out to kill the defenders who were a little stunned. At that time, the crossbow burst into tears, and the defenders screamed not only at the moment, but also at the infant stage. The power of flying swords was better than that of stabbing people into mortal bodies, which made them have a hard skull and rolled off completely with a hat. Although the people in Qingtiancheng had Tianzhu Peak, which nourished their bodies, the people in the fusion stage were all better, but the gap was still there.
The 139th Regiment’s encampment suddenly became a sea of blood, and people were constantly smashed by these two men like cutting wheat. In a blink of an eye, hundreds of people were put down by three senior brothers and five younger brothers. Around them, blood was a broken body, and intestines and stomachs were everywhere. Some soldiers rushed to the ground, but their feet slipped and fell into the foul blood pile.
Wave upon wave of soldiers with seven long crossbows rushed in and fired at the two of them, but where there were so many people, the soldiers had to pile up for a while and suffered heavy casualties. If they were touched by flying swords, there would be no way out.
More than 1,000 people were killed, but three senior brothers and five younger brothers didn’t dare to float in the air and kill them in close quarters. Although there was a real protector, the blood and blood would still fall on them. At this time, their hands and feet were shaking, not tired, but they scared more than 1,000 people to be killed in a short moment. Even those who were super-minded and self-cultivated did not kill anyone like this. Even if they could get out alive, they would be afraid of being poor for a lifetime.
"Don’t run around, crossbowmen. Keep your strong crossbow and others cover the shooting … ah …" Colonel Zhou shouted with a tin trumpet, but just after the words were called, when a slain soldier’s body was broken, his fingers twitched and pulled the board, and a two-foot crossbow was shot out with unusual accuracy. It plunged into Colonel Zhou’s eyes and exploded in his head. The powerful seven-long crossbow would make Colonel Zhou disappear in the same place, and even a whole piece of meat could not be found.
"Zhou Tuanchang’s mother, dog, dog, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day, day
"There are still our people in the Chief of Staff." A soldier kicked a soldier who was scared to shrink by the side of the road and shouted and rushed into the front of the Chief of Staff.
"Miao battalion commander carries out orders to be a soldier, and sometimes we have to give up. If we don’t do this, our whole 139 regiment will be destroyed by them. After this, I will go to explain the responsibility to me." Liu Colonel grabbed the battalion commander with a face full of blood and shouted.
The Miao battalion commander shouted and raised his hand. The seven-type long crossbow pulled the board and struck a blow. A two-foot crossbow went through a soldier’s chest and plunged into the arm of the fifth teacher younger brother, and it shook unnaturally.


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