"Excuse me, is this Miss Kettering?" The wrong novel network does not jump the word. After confirming that the blonde has just walked out of the export, she took the initiative to meet the other party and nodded. Turbulent Qin took a deep breath and carefully picked up the emissary.

All the way, Qin Qin was afraid that some gangster would come out of a lonely alley with a submachine gun. Although the country was not very flat during this period, it was actually a dark tide, and senior officials were constantly killed
Compared with Caitlin, she seems to be more fascinated, with a faint smile on her cheeks. It is not the first time for her to come to Myanmar. Although this situation is not as gentle as before, all this can’t affect her mood. In the three years since she left for Myanmar, she has repeatedly sent secret missions to Myanmar, and many high-level officials in Myanmar have had different degrees of contact and secretly turned against a group of high-ranking officials through various means such as beauty, money, deception and threats to form the so-called pro-American faction.
Caitlin changed trains three times all the way and traveled along Yangon Avenue, and finally came to a remote villa.
In the basement of Myanmar, Jiang Lao personally came out to meet Caitlin. This special meeting was also attended by a group of seven senior military and political officials, including Naiquan, Minister of Commerce of Myanmar, and Bai Hong, Commander of the Central Military Region. This is also the core figure of the pro-American faction, especially this Bai Hong, who was recently bought off by Jiang Lao. He knows that it is difficult to achieve great things without military support. This time, he invited Bai Hong out to meet with Caitlin, which is precisely to show the US that he already has military support, that is, they have the conditions to achieve great things.
"Miss Kettering, I wonder what surprises you will bring again this time?" On the Yangtze River, Lao squinted at Caitlin and kept looking at him.
"Mr. Speaker, I think we are all old friends here. I think you are also very clear about the current international situation. The military conflict between our new NATO and the Greater China Alliance can be said to be inevitable. Although China has developed rapidly in recent years, I think we should not forget that our United States has accumulated funds and technology for nearly a century, far from being comparable to China, which has risen like an explosion. Although we lost in the previous war, it does not hurt our roots. Now we are more advanced warships. Aircraft and artillery are constantly being produced from the arsenal. I believe that the follow-up war will be our new NATO and the world will usher in a new order. "Caitlin’s eyes are full of confidence, and it seems that she has seen the future of victory." My dear friends, the final victory will definitely belong to us. Don’t you think it is a good time? If you join the new NATO, in the near future, when victory comes, we will give you the best interests of our closest comrades! I don’t think anyone will give up such a good thing in vain, do you think? "
Jiang Lao is also ambivalent at this time. In fact, he is not optimistic about the Greater China Alliance. As Kettering said, China, which is rising like an explosion, can’t compete with the powerful American opponents. The most important thing is that even if the Greater China Alliance wins in the future, he will get the greatest benefit from it. Because Myanmar is not in his charge, he has secretly contacted China many times before, hoping to get support from China, but China didn’t give him a definite answer. They always look down on themselves, so he will note. His will has been transferred to the United States, hoping to seek support from the United States to strengthen his own strength, and to realize that he has indeed achieved it, and he has received the strongest support from the Americans. Now it is time to showdown with the real people.
"my dear Miss Kettering, as you said, we are not optimistic about the Greater China Alliance, but you know that we are not in charge in Myanmar. We are the stupid dogs of the State Peace and Development Council who will follow the trend of China people!" Jiang Lao clenched his fat fist and banged on the desktop. His eyes were wide open. His expression was very scary. "That’s why I asked our dearest American friend for help. Now is really a good time, but Miss Kettering, we are not strong enough at present. You know, if we need to meet you face to face, we need more help."
"This is no problem." Caitlin took out a check from her briefcase and handed it to Jiang Lao easily. She knew that she had reached half today.
"A billion dollars!" Jiang Lao looked at the check and couldn’t believe his eyes. Although he knew that Americans must have brought the best condolences, he didn’t expect that there would be so much money. With this money, he would be able to buy more high-ranking politicians and more sophisticated weapons, but …
"Miss Kettering, please allow me to express my highest gratitude for your sincere help." Jiang Lao’s many years of political experience made him not indulge in money for too long. He knew that there was no lunch in this world. "I wonder what your country wants us to do. I think there is nothing we can’t do with this money."
"Mr. Jiang Lao, you are a wise man, and we also know that you have suppressed the State Peace and Development Council for a long time. Now that we have our support, I wonder if you can take it instead?"
"Instead? Hey, hey, Miss Kettering, to tell the truth, we often don’t want to have more strength. Yes, you know that our strength is still limited, and we are not enough to start it now. We also need more support from your friendly country. "Jiang Lao put the billion-dollar check in his pocket and squinting at Kettering.
"This is no problem. In addition, we can compensate the three standard armies for their excellent equipment. Are these enough? I think it will be of great help to you to have the best ammunition. "Kettering’s eyes seem to be inadvertently aimed at Bai Hongjiang, commander of the Central Military Region.
"Ha, ha, ha, it’s Miss Kettering." Jiang Lao looked at Bai Hong and nodded slightly, knowing that with this equipment, their feasibility would be greatly increased. "But I wonder when this equipment can equip our soldiers?"
"The day is just around the corner, Mr. Jiang Lao. I hope I can come to your country in ten days to discuss a broader cooperation."
"No problem, we are also looking forward to a better marriage as soon as possible." Jiang Lao got up, his fat face turned red with excitement, and his eyes shone with greed, which was a desire for power
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Chapter one hundred and ninety Victory in the First Battle II
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After resigning from a public institution, Ma Jun entered the insurance industry by chance, but he just started and suffered setbacks. Since then, he has attached his feelings to the network of dance academy and outlined a pair of life’s mixed feelings, fate or hatred. Ma Jun should choose his life path.
(Look all the way, brain
On February 1, 2001, an independent post in the actual control area of India in McMahon area.
"Perkins heard that your bitch is going to have a baby?" Meker, a sentry on duty at the post, propped up the people on the side of the tower. "Don’t you take a leave to go back when you are going to have a baby?" Be careful to go back late without "sex" life, "said Meikaier, laughing straight.
"You and I don’t want to fucking face those animals who don’t approve my hypothesis. The current situation is tense. China may have sex with us in the Indian war in the near future. Not only does it not approve my leave, but it also recruits a large number of young people in the local area. In some places, even children under the age of one are forced to join the army. What the fuck is this world?" That Perkins vomited and gritted his teeth and ruthlessly scolded.
"Yeah, I really don’t know what those high-ranking officials who are soaking in women all day are thinking. Now we are still fighting with Pakistan, but now we listen to the Americans’ words. It’s so easy to fight in China. Even if we didn’t fight with Pakistan, we would have suffered from China. You didn’t see it last century. It is here that our army was beaten back by China’s army."
"What are you doing? What can those senior officials do but play with women … Huh? What sound do you hear? " Perkins suddenly found that there seemed to be a roar in the opposite valley, and then the whole earth trembled. Perkins and Meker looked at the valley with five white spots suddenly appearing and dragging long tail smoke towards them.
"China people call! ! !” Perkins was the first to react. He ran to the post in a strange way. In a hurry, he forgot that there was a message directly from their company’s post at the post, and Meker ran to the post in three steps and took two steps to pick up the message.
However, he didn’t have a chance to say a word. With a roar, a shell directly hit the sentry tower, and then the guns and the big China army launched a storm
Company commander Xu Zongqi is holding a high-powered infrared telescope at the front of the position. According to reconnaissance, there is a reinforced company stationed here and equipped with six 155 cannons. Their company took this Indian forward stronghold and the follow-up troops to clear the way before 14: 00.
"Report to the company commander", the company’s signalmen rushed over because of altitude sickness. Although they only ran less than 500 meters, they still ran red. "After our first attack, we have successfully attacked five enemy towers. At present, the enemy has retreated to its second-line preset fortifications and is organizing a fierce counterattack."
"Well, second platoon leader!" Xu Lianchang shouted
"here!" A lean young lieutenant should run and get out of line.
"Look in the direction of my finger. There is a small highland a kilometer ahead. Do you see it?"
"I saw it!"
"Well, now I order your platoon to quickly occupy this highland and should fight in a row and stop the possible enemy sneak attack." Even after finishing the order, I made a courtesy to the second platoon leader, which made the second platoon leader somewhat unprepared and returned a salute. "Third platoon leader!"
"I order you to lead two classes to strengthen a row of battles and launch a total impact after I cover the fire!"
"yes! ….. Class Seven, Class Seven, come with me! "
"The signalman sent me to the regimental headquarters to request artillery fire support!"
Seeing that the Indian army was caught off guard in the frontier position, one by one, crouched down in the original fixed fortifications like a little puss-head, and even dared not lean out. A platoon leader Yu Hongjiang couldn’t help but burst into flames, and on the other hand, the Indian army left four 155 cannons, but blindly waved and fired "medicine" at our army. So close roots did not pose a threat to our army. It was that three heavy machine guns on the side of the artillery caused great trouble to the company’s attack with solid workers, and several rocket blasting bombs were not fired continuously.
"There is not much time for snipers to kill their mother for me," Yu Hongjiang said. He also took a sniper bullet hall and vaguely felt that he was aiming at a heavy machine gunner through the fixed fortifications. After that, the heavy machine gun finally became dumb, and two other snipers seemed to succeed one after another. Suddenly, all three heavy machine guns stopped screaming, and then the third platoon leader just came with two classes to reinforce.
"The company commander asked me to convey your life. You launched a general impact after my artillery coverage. I arranged two shifts to strengthen your platoon." Three platoon leaders shouted at a platoon leader Yu Hongjiang’s ear for fear that he could not hear the guns.
A platoon leader nodded and made a gesture to stop the attack. Suddenly, the Indian army came to the ground to sparse a few shots.
Suddenly, the Indian army was surprised to see that China’s army was out of fire. One by one, they carefully leaned out to see that they were killed by snipers who had been prepared early.
On the right-wing highland, Wan Chao, the second platoon leader, took the No.30 platoon leader and just occupied the position when he saw nearly 50 Indian Asan stealthily trying to "touch" the past from the right.
Wan Chao’s "Hehe" sneer made the soldiers in the platoon prepare for the attack through gestures. When the Indian army got close, they drank a big drink "Fight!" Suddenly, the guns were fired and the flames swept toward the hillside to "shoot" them. When Wan Chao finished playing a box of bullets, he saw that there was still a living face. Ah San, India, roughly ordered the Indian army to lose 20 bodies and ran back.
The Indian army saw that on the front, it seemed that the China army stopped its offensive. Although it was not clear what was going on, it was rare to organize personnel to counterattack immediately.
Yu Hongjiang, a platoon leader, and Fang Jin, a platoon leader, crouched behind a small mound and looked at the Indian army in a sparse way. When their chief urged them to attack us with sniper bullets, they picked up their guns in the middle of their March and suddenly swept the Indian army. It seemed that they were frightened by this kind of lai-like play. Yu Hongjiang ran back desperately regardless of the chief bid. By the way, he picked up a sniper rifle and aimed at the Indian army. The bid man was a bullet and "shot" out.
Just as the Indian army had just fled back to the fortifications for a while, there was a sharp roar and a number of shells fell all over the place. Even the enemy troops hiding in the solid fortifications failed to fortunately tear those fortifications upside down with armor-piercing blasting shells.
Just then, a platoon leader lost no time in reaching the general attack order, and the soldiers rushed past screaming like a mountain tiger.
In this battle, 2 people were wiped out, 35 people were captured and others escaped.
In Gongna town, Fu Xianghua, commander of the Second Army of the Front Line General Command of the Second Regiment, is reporting to Zong Ming, commander-in-chief of the Southwest Corps, and Chief of Staff Yan Chen on the stage warfare. "Commander, the first stage warfare of our army has ended in three days, and a total of 63 enemy strongholds have been cleared along the McMahon line, 4,149 people have been wiped out and 1,370 people have been captured. Our army has sacrificed 411 people and 120 people have been injured, mainly because of that kind of special effects" medicine ".At present, the Indian army is retreating. More than twelve thousand people in Jia, Tado, Dadong, Etorin and Varong once again formed and organized a second line of defense, but their fortifications were not solid. Please report to the commander … "
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